(Sponsored Review) Style Aromatherapy ~ Nature Embraces Science!

Few weeks back, Henry from Style Aromatherapy sent me for hair care products for review…
I have to admit that i have never heard of this brand before..
Went ahead to do my mini research and here’s my findings!
:)In the nutshell, Style Aromatherapy deals exclusively in skin, hair and scalp products formulated with essential oils with natural anti-aging properties. Its innovative products are created as an dynamic and quality presence in the high potential world of natural cosmetics. All product lines are the results of intensive R&D, marketing studies and substantial investments. As its products are rich in professional and functional benefits, Style is becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the Personal Care Sector.

As mentioned earlier, this professional product line contains nourishing and protecting natural essential oils that pampers the hair and scalp. With carefully-chosen ingredients with high efficacy, different product ranges will help different individuals answer specific needs of five separate hair types.

Style understands that scalp condition and the flexibility, strength, texture and appearance of our hair, tend to deteriorate and become unsatisfactory as we age. Hence to address our concerns, Style Aromatherapy’s products delivers professional results while maintaining gentleness. Not only it contain the latest aesthetic technology, effective ingredients / mineral and delightful aromatherapy effects, it also has patented anti-aging benefits

This one of a kind anti-aging formulations for all its Aromatherapy Hair Products to effective answer both scalp’s specific needs, as well as providing solutions for every type of hair problem. The proprietary Natural Anti-Aging technology “NAA” is fortified with Borage Seed Oil. The Borage plant’s essential oils prevent the accumulation of free radicals and thus slow down the aging process of the scalp.

Characteristics of Style Aromatherapy Products:

The wonder of dead sea mineral inside

 Being one of the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is full of life-supporting matter. This natural sea is rich in minerals and contains the world’s highest concentration of minerals. Several scientific studies have proven that many ailments can be relieved by Dead Sea Minerals as minerals found in the Dead Sea are essential to human life itself. For eg: Circulation, metabolism, and relaxation are all supported by Dead Sea minerals.

Dead Sea minerals are also tested with a variety of skin related health conditions which shown favorable results.
The Dead Sea minerals contains 21 minerals which all exhibit anti aging properties. These natural minerals – such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron – are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin, scalp and hair. To conclude, the Dead Sea minerals will make your hair looks younger, softer, healthier with anti aging effects.

The art of aromatherapy

Since many people are showing concern on using fraganced products but will still pefer that hair products must smell nice.
Therefore to create ‘safer scents’, Style Aromatherapy haircare has used the art of aromatherapy to glorify tresses, formulating the most effective mixes and quantities according to individual hair type. Aromatherapy’s history dates back 6,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, the Israelites, and the Chinese used aromatherapy, as well as the early Greeks and Romans. Nothing beats products making use of nature itself as part of its beauty treatments.

Goodness of Borage Seed Oil

Borage Seed oil is derived from a plant that possesses natural anti aging properties. Way back in ancient Rome, people were using it to enhance natural beauty. It was even used by world class ancient beauties like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. In modern days, research has shown that Borage seed has several compositions that are very identical to the human skin cell structure and also acids that are beneficial for the skin, scalp and hair.

Being a a regenerating oil, it is rich in natural sources of gamma linoleic acid (GLA 24%), an omega-6 fatty acid. This contributes to the healthy function of cellular membranes by maintaining the stability and fluidity of dermal cells and preserving the skin’s natural water-loss barrier.

In addition, it can provide the human body with an essential fatty acid that will diminishe naturally as they age; resulting in a loss of firmness, hydration and elasticity. Acting as a very powerful anti aging agent, it helps to speed up the skin repair process and restores the skin’s youthfulness, softness and elasticity.

The genius of ‘natural anti-aging’

Style Aromatherapy is committed to using natural therapies to address concerns on anti-aging. Its methodology begins with understanding the reasons behind on why the process is accelerating, and then to offer solutions to deter this deterioration.  The anti-aging formula delivers for the first time, a remarkably effective answer to the skin and scalp’s specific needs, as well as solutions for every type of hair problem. Based on proprietary Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging technology “NAA” and fortified with Borage Seed Oil and Dead Sea Minerals that has invaluable anti-aging properties, every product category contains pure essential and aromatherapy oils to provide a targeted natural response to the specific needs of the body, hair and scalp.

As mentioned, there’s many different ranges to cater for different needs..

 Unique aromatherapy oils are added to each of the six hair categories, providing a specific and natural treatment for each hair type.

If you are looking for a range for your Dry / Thick / Severely Damaged Hair, try the Intensive Repair Range.
 It contains NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology and is enriched with natural Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Burdock Oil. Burdock is a medicinal herb and its oil extract can be used to promote healthy hair, relieve scalp irritation and improve scalp / hair condition. Also, it is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids to supply the required nutrients for healthy scalp and promote natural hair growth.

Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Suitable for daily use and say bye-bye to styling products (2 in 1 product)

Promotes softness and flexibility which allows easy styling and protection for your hair and scalp.

Hair Mask

Once weekly 5 mins treat for your hair to further enhance stronger, shiner and shiner hair.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair serum

Non-rinse formula and suitable for daily use on both dry or damp hair.

Its concentrated formula will protect and nourish hair on a daily basis.

Acts as a nice smelling hair fragrance too. Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanses, protects and strengthens hair which is mild but effective for daily use.


Restores hair’s youthful appearance and leaves behind a nice scent!

For people with thinning hair / premature gray hair problems, you can turn to their Hair Loss Control range. Often, hair loss issues are normally caused by DHT which is genetic in nature. DHT is the conversion of testosterone to a derivative known as DHT. It works to breakdown a hair follice by attracting itself to genetically predetermined hair follicles. This will cause blood supply that feeds a hair to become damaged.

Graying hair is often caused by lack of pigmentation which are mainly due to genetic issues. But external factors can also contribute to these problems with scalp becomes unbalanced, over-oily or uncleaned… Subjecting hair and scalp to overly hot heat and excessive chemicals are causes too… Lastly, stress and lack of nutrition and vitamins are contributing factors as well. 

Hair Loss Control series helps to address these problems using an unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, natural amla, gotu kola, Dead Sea minerals and borage seed oil. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is used as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It contains a longevity factor called ‘youth Vitamin X’ said to be “a tonic for the brain and endocrine glands.” It is believed that extracts of the plant help circulation and skin problems and protect from the harmful activity caused by DHT.Gotu kola extract also purifies the blood and improves the growth and the health of hair. In addition, the series contain Indian gooseberry – Amla (one of the most often used herbs in Indian ayurveda). It has a reputation of being the source of powerful rejuvenation. When used on the scalp, it helps to control hair loss, stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and also improves texture of the hair. Amla is also a powerful natural anti-oxidant (as it contains natural Vitamin C) that prevents greying and hair loss. 

Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Ingenious time-saver product (suitable for daily use)
Balances, protects, nourishes and sets hair which actively combat thinning and graying hair problems.

Hair Mask

Nourishing hair loss control mask to be used once a week to enhance the beauty of your hair while fighting against hair loss / graying issues.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.


Pamper, soften and to protect hair from damage, hair loss / graying woes.
Gives hair a remarkable shine and fresh feeling.


To be used after the shampoo, this luxuriant conditioner leaves hair full of life, smooth and silky!

If you have Colored / Highlighted HairEver Lasting Color Protector will help guard and protect your vibrant hair color.
The unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, is fortified with Everlasting Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and enriched with Borage Seed Oil. Everlasting Oil will protect color and prevents it from fading; while protecting the hair and promoting a glossy, rich appearance. The plant’s essential oils prevents the accumulation of free-radicals and thus reduce the aging process of the scalp.Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Revolutionary cream that both nourishes and styles hair at the same time.

Light and fresh texture will balance and leave hair healthy. Not only it impart shine, it will retain hair color while protecting it from external harm.

Hair Mask

Balances and nourishes hair while leaving behind a healthy sheen. 

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Apply it after shampooing for an intensive and rejuvenation conditioning experience.


Leaves hair and scalp clean while providing your hair with the needed nutrients and softness.


Natural anti-aging helper for both hair and scalp. It acts as the perfect mate for the ever lasting color protector shampoo.

If you wish to dispels dandruff for good, try their Anti-dandruff series for Total Dandruff & Scalp Care

This is the only Anti Dandruff product line to offer a complete Hair care and Styling solutions, based on essential & aromatherapy oils with advanced Anti Dandruff and Natural Anti-Aging properties for hair and scalp.The unique formulation featuring unique Naa (Natural Anti-Aging) technology is fortified with natural Botanical Cremogen Complex, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil that designed specially to give a total dandruff and scalp treatment. 

A special bland of botanical extracts (Camomile, Stinging Nettle, Coltsfoot, Horsetail, Rosemary, Melissa Balm Mint, Horse Chestnut, Sage) helps to reduce the sebum secretion and re-balance the scalp. This range also contains natural Botanical Cremogen complex that will banish dandruff and leave hair shiny and healthy. Now you can eliminate the root cause of dandruff without using harsh chemical products.

Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Moisturizing hair cream with a light texture that cares and balance your scalp.

Eliminate dandruff, reduces scalp problems, style and nourish hair all at once.

Hair Mask

Intensively nourishes and moisturizes hair. When used on a weekly basis, you will enjoy balanced scalp with no dandruff with the peace of mind of protection against UV and pollutants.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

Last step of treatment on a daily basis which provides intensive care for dandruff and scalp problems. 

It balances the scalp while maintaining hair elasticity and vitality. 

It also acts as a heat protector while you subject hair to heat with anti-pollutant benefits.

Softening and adding gloss to hair while speeding up dying and styling time. 

Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanse hair which removes dirt and dandruff which leaves it healthy, lustrous and fresh.


Solves dandruff problem while imparting a nice sheen and healthy texture for an revitalizing effect.

Curl Control series for For Wavy / Curly / Difficult to StyleHair. 

The unique formulation enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Yarrow Oil. Yarrow oil is valued for its medicinal properties, was used by the ancient Greeks to heal the battle wounds. The plant is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that keep hair flexible, replenished, glossy, and conditioned, while ensuring a well-balanced, healthy scalp. In addition, it imparts intensive moisture, nourishment and suppleness to the hair fibers. As a result, hair will be easy to style and curls will be enhanced with luster and shine.

Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

The only leave in hair product that both styles and nourishes your hair.  
Perfect to use daily to instantly style your curls while leaving it feeling soft and light. 

Hair Mask

Formulated to balance, nourish hair and promote a rich, shiny glow. 
When used weekly, it enhances curls and impart luster along with a wonderful fragrance.Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

A highly concentrated serum formulated to keep hair supple and full of vitality.

Protects and moisturize delicate brittle hair from environmental threats and from split ends. 

Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Cleanse and imparts intensive moisture, nourishment and suppleness to hair fibers.Makes hair easy to style while enhancing curls.

Protects and enhances hair by imparting luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.


Gives amazing nourishing and moisturizing results for your hair, while leaving it feeling light and refreshed using the innovative naa.
Sculpting Glaze – Curl Sculptor
Hold curls in place and also moisturize, nourish the hair shaft and make hair shine! 

Excellent for instant enhancing and styling hair and curls. It also conceals the damages of regular styling
gel or wax to the hair and scalp.

For Thin / Limp / Delicate Hair, there’s the Volume Recharge
Based on a unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology and fortified with Dead Sea Minerals and Evening Primrose Oil. Evening Primrose oil, which has aroma therapeutic properties and imparts volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers. Imparts intense luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.Products in this range includes:

Leave in Hair moisturizer

Versatile product that styles and supply hair with nutrients at a go.. In addition, it keeps hair soft and supple..

Hair Mask

Formulated to balance and nourish hair and promote a rich, shiny glow.

Up to 3 times more softer hair and knot free in comparison to regular conditioner.

Hair Serum

Softens thick and unmanageable hair.

Restores shine and softness to dull, lifeless hair

Strengthens brittle hair and promotes healing and nourishment to hair damaged by chemicals

-Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors. Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vivality.


Natural anti aging source for hair and scalp.

Aromatherapeutic properties and imparts volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers. Imparts luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.


Adds volume and suppleness to the hair, while strengthening the hair fibers.

Imparts luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.

The most exclusive range that they carry will be the Ancient Secrets – Moroccan Argan.

Moroccan Argan Oil is the fastest growing segment during the last 3 years within the professional hair care market. Argan oil produced from the nuts of the Argan tree growing in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, has unique restorative and therapeutic properties”. Containing the strongest anti-oxidant properties found in nature, and lineolic acid (Omega 6), Omega 9, Vitamin E and Squalene, this oil can strengthen and care for hair, skin and nails. Also famous for its remarkable anti-aging properties, Moroccan Argan oil is also a natural sun filter with remarkable properties that protect hair and skin cells and keep them replenished and moisturized.

Ancient Secrets unique formulations design specially to treat damaged hair, enriched with proprietary Natural Anti
Aging technology “Naa”, is fortified with natural Traditional oils, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil that effectively
protect hair and scalp.
Products in this range includes:Leave in Hair moisturizer

Versatile product that styles and nourishes hair at the same time. It also provides hair with scalp control and this new generation product will help you save time as you can now do without styling products..

Hair Mask

Deeply hydrating once a week hair mask will soften and protect hair to leave it healthy looking.

Strength hair shaft, increases volume and shine and recondition the scalp (reduces dehydration / oilness / dandruff)

Hair Oil

Maintains hair elasticity and vitality while protecting it from heat and chemical treatments.

Reduces split ends and also reduces drying and speeds up styling time.


With the natural Moroccan Argan Oil, dead sea minerals and Borage seed oil, hair will be cleanse with shine and fresh after feel.


Used after the shampoo will infuse your crowing glory with lush and light while protecting it from external damages.

If you are interested in the above products, it is exclusively available in Guardian…

Personally, i have tried the Intensive Repair Hair moisturizer for the past 2 weeks and one thing which i really love will be its sweet smelling scent… This hair moisturizer has a creamy texture which gets absorbed into the hair fast after some rubbing… After which, there is no greasy and heavy after-feel.. This will be a good alternative if you don’t like to use hair oil to keep your hair soft… After application of this hair moisturizer, my hair feels soft to touch and it really smells great! As mentioned earlier, this is a 2 in 1 product which moisturizes and also enable you to skip styling products (as it will help keep your hair in place) As my hair is rebond, it is pointy straight so i cannot really comment on the styling part. I can only say that it helps to keep my baby hair in place.. Also, not much fly-away hair is observed so my hair looks tidier.. Will recommend this as it is really light-weight which will not weight down our hair in Singapore’s humid climate.. 🙂

Have a good week everyone!

5 thoughts on “(Sponsored Review) Style Aromatherapy ~ Nature Embraces Science!

  1. Budi Handoko says:

    Hi Jermaine, my name is Budi, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’d like to try Style aromatherapy procare anti aging shampoo (hair loss control), but don’t know where to buy(not selling in Jakarta). I’ve search the computer that singapore guardian store do sell this product, but can’t get there. Can you help me?? or you do selling this product?? Please reply to my email: hsmnhdk@yahoo.com. Thx.

  2. S says:

    I am from the United States, but I just returned back from Israel and I LOVE the curl sculptor but I don’t know where to get more. Please help! I’ve searched and searched online.

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