Week 14: It’s the Easter Long Weekend!

Hey Guys and Girls, How’s your long weekend?
Mine was a good but busy one…Kick-start the long weekend with some drinks @ Tawandang German Brewery (Suntec)
This innovative microbrewery originates from Thailand and it focuses on ‘East meets West’ concept by offering German Beer and modern Thai Cusine. Beside this, there’s Eastern and Western Live Band Performances – Thai Songs, English Song, Chinese songs etc etc…

Ordered the Weizen Beer ($12 for 0.5L) as i heard it is their best selling house beer… Not one of the cheapest but it was really easy to drink beer. Texture was very smooth and foamy with a fruity taste which ends off with an ashy after-taste.. For the ladies, this will be the beer you might wish to try…

Ordered 4 dishes to share among the four of us

Phad Thai
Mixed Sausages
German Pork Knuckle
Rice with Prawns

What’s Thai Cusine without Phad Thai?? Simply love their as it was really tasty… Kuay Teow was not too sticky and oily and tasted very flavorful (as it was fried together with dried shrimp and pork lard)… They were really generous with the fresh prawns as well.. Delicious!

I love sausages and this Mixed Sausages were so-so.. Only one which i really enjoyed would be the cheese sausage.. I love all cheesy stuff.. 🙂

This has to be one of the best German Pork Knuckle around.. Portion was huge and the skin was really cripsy.. Meat was cooked to perfection as well while retaining the moisture level (it was juicy and not tough). Ohhh, I really love the fried corn sides – sweet yet crispy! Yummy!!

Did not try this Rice with Prawns dish so i cannot comment much but the guys said that it tasted quite ordinary.. Prawns were fresh and sauce were rather savory..

One thing to shout about would be their services.. Their service crew were really attentive and food were served fast…
Liveband was good as well and bill came up to about $190 which IMO is a little pricey… Will recommend it if you don’t mind the price tag as this place offers decent food, good beer with fabulous live band entertainment.

(Photo credits to Yahoo’s image)

Went to my Church’s Easter Presentation on Friday together with D..
Was ‘saved’ during the Easter presentation 3 years ago and it was such a memorable day for me..
I’m glad that i have  sharing the joy with me this time.. 🙂
Thanks for accompanying me and i hope you have enjoyed yourself during the ‘Passover’ Experience..
I’m really in awe as each individual dish & procedures in the Passover meal held so much significance…

Anyway, here’s my beauty loots for April…
My skin is really screwing me as i’m dealing with the worst outbreak ever since i stopped my acne medication…
Please please do not ask me what happened to my skin if you happen to see me as i have no freaking idea what went wrong this time…

Decided to give Mario Badescu Skin Care another try as it helps to clear up my condition previously..
Don’t think i want to go back to medication because of the various side effects..
Ordered it from the US site and delivery is really fast this time..
Placed my order on Wed and it has reached me on Sat!

Will review it in due course 🙂

Alright everyone! Enjoy your sunday before a really busy week awaits all of us..
Stay cheerful and have a good week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Week 14: It’s the Easter Long Weekend!

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