Week 17’s Highlight: Not so nice experience at Alli Oli…

I don’t know about you but what irks me the most will be poor customer service..

Having said, i was from customer service line previously and i know how some unreasonable customers can be a pain in the ass.. But nevertheless, they are still customers so they must be treated with due respect…

Recently, i visited a cafe and was so pissed off by the ‘services’ render till i have to rant.. Come! Let me tell you more…

(Photo from Google’s image)

Name of the cafe / deli is Alli Oli located at Marina Bay Link Mall (8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-45) and it specialize in Spanish-style deli food items. My bf bought this Groupon deal online as they serve all day breakfast and i’ve always love hearty breakfast…

The deli is located beside a super market and the whole place looks very crampy. There are very little tables and chairs which are positioned really close to each other… But that’s not the whole point, my happy mood as dampened by the poor attitude of the service staff… Upon stepping in, we were ‘greeted’ by a waiter who was not exactly friendly and appeared rather impatient.

He pointed to a table for 4 and while making our way in, he raised his voice telling us not to occupy 4 seats.. The cafe was not even 1/4 full and why bother to signal us to such a big table when it wasn’t intended for us in the first place?

Waited for 5 mins and still no menu in sight.. I was really hungry so my bf asked for the menu.. Guess what? The waiter replied us with: Yes Yes i know, it’s coming… Unwillingly, he handled us the menu and once again, he was quite reluctant to take our orders…

Many of our requests were turned down:

We wanted to order Salad (NO SALAD)
We wanted to order sides (But he told us that we cannot order as we were using the voucher.. Hello! No such term and condition was stated in the vouchers)

Throughout, he was really grumpy and he served us damn unwillingly.. Most of the time, he mentioned about the vouchers many time.. At this point of time, i was really pissed!! Since your mamangement is using Groupon as a source of marketing, you should not provide such substandard services.. If not, all plans will just backfire and go down the drain…

Enough of the ranting, i was hoping that the food will compromise for the poor service.. We ordered one large bowl of mushroom soup, one American breakfast set, one beef set, a pot of tea and a cup of iced latte worth a total of $40.40.

The best item will be the mushroom soup and was the saving grace to a otherwise disappointing meal. Although soup appeared to be watery, it was flavorful and smooth with lots of mushroom bits. Although we ordered large, portion was a little on the small side so it wasn’t enough to share..

My bf had the beef set and he said that it was average. The mushroom gravy had good portions of mushrooms but the beef was a bit tougher then he would like. The waiter did not ask him how he will like the beef to be done, and he was also not sure if there was an option to start with. To be fair, the side salad was fresh and tasted good.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me in order to have a good start in the morning.. But sad to say that the worst item was the American breakfast set which we ordered. I love my breakfast to be hot but most of the items (the set consists of scrambled eggs, toast, baked beans, sausage, hash-brown, bacon) was barely lukewarm… The scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage was dry and the beans looked and taste exactly like the canned version you can get from supermarkets.

To make things worse, this set which cost $12+ was served on a takeaway tray which reminds me of food served on the plane (which tasted much better!!!). Come on, we deserve something better right????

Ice Latte?? Tasted more like iced Milk and luckily we had our much needed dose of coffee at home before heading out…

The organic berry tea that i have ordered tasted good but i can easily purchase it from supermarkets..

Sad to say, i won’t be returning to this place after such an unpleasant experience.. Overall, I would say that you can get better food and services elsewhere easily…

One thought on “Week 17’s Highlight: Not so nice experience at Alli Oli…

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