(Announcement) Have a Blooming Beautiful Day with ZA total Hydration BB Cream UV.

All of us have our lazy moments but do you know you can still look good without putting in much effort?

Yes! I’m talking about having radiant looking skin without applying a lot of products. Here’s how you can do so..

ZA has launched a 12 in 1 BB cream which will give you a healthy glowing look.. Yes! All in just a bottle!!! 

Retailing at only $15.90, this affordable 12-in-1 BB cream will comes in handy whenever you are feeling lazy or rushing for time..

It promises to:

(1) Conceals Dullness (2) Conceals Pores (3) Creates Healthy Skin Tone (4) Evens Skin Tones (5) Brightens Skin (6) UVA

(7) Moisturizes Skin (8) Makes Skin Smooth and Translucent (9) Non-Sticky Formula

(10) Livens up Skin (11) UVB (12) Perfects skin for make up

This product also has Triple benefits – Skincare, Foundation and Sunscreen Benefits

Skincare Benefits:

1) Contains Amino Mineral Complex which helps deeply moisturizes to guard and strengths skin’s protective barrier to make it more resistant to damages.

2) Prism Enhancer will smoothly removes excess surface cells and supply skin with needed moisture.

3) Non-sticky finish to keep skin fresh with sebum absorbing powder.

4) Has Vitamin B Derivative to energizes the skin’s inner cells so that your skin will glow healthy.

Foundation Benefits:

1) Pore-less Powder diffuses light to reduce uneven skin-tone and unsightly large pores.

2) Oil Control Powder Spreads Smoothly and Pleasantly over all skin types.

3) Has Color Control Powder which will perfectly ‘sits’ well onto skin to give it a natural looking finish while correcting dullness , conceals imperfection and uneven skin tone at the same time.

4) Acts as a make-up base / foundation.

Sunscreen Benefits:

1) SPF 43 PA+++ Firmly Protects Skin from Harmful UV rays

2) Despite of high SPF, it is non clogging and dermatologist tested.

Its dainty girly packaging contains 20g of BB goodness which made it so convenient to bring it around.

Usage is simple as well – Just take an appropriate amount on fingertip and dot on both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. After-which, smooth over the entire face with your fingertips from the center outwards.

During the event, we had a comparison test done between Brand X BB cream and ZA total Hydration BB

Color Test!!

ZA BB Cream: Pinkish Tone 
Brand X BB Cream: Grayish and Ashy Tone

Point given to ZA as Pink Tone will suits Asian skins more to give it a more lively and healthy look.

Coverage and Finish Test!

ZA BB Cream: Covers well and has a Matt finish.
Brand X BB Cream: Sheer and finishes off with a slight sheen.

Point given to ZA as it can really covers better and has a matt / non-sticky finish.

The ZA BB Cream is only available in one shade as it will settle down and oxidizes to match all skin tone.. Unless you are really very tanned, this BB cream will blend into your natural skin tone well after sometime…

Thank you ZA for the small and cozy event…
Also, remember to stay tune to their FB page as they are running a contest soon..
More details will be furnished once available!

Now with the ZA total Hydration BB, you can have a blooming beautiful day even in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.. 🙂
Do grab one when it is launched in May 2012

Have a happy day everyone!! 😀

2 thoughts on “(Announcement) Have a Blooming Beautiful Day with ZA total Hydration BB Cream UV.

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