(Sponsored Review) AFC Green Beauty – Green is the New Beauty

Do you suffer from the following??

(Image credits to Google’s image)

(Image credits to Google’s image)

If you are suffering from the above, do not fret as you can kill two birds with one stone!!

I’m excited to inform that AFC (Lifestream Group) has launched a new product – AFC Green Beauty and they have sent me a box for review! Thank you! 🙂

I’m sure you have heard of this phrase – You are what you eat! 

Often, our skin will suffer as a result of poor diet (too much fried food and irregular meals etc) and bad lifestyle habits (like late nights, insufficient sleep, not exercising and smoking etc).. As a results, your skin decides to go on strike and obvious tell-signs like blemishes, dull, aging, rough and sallow complexions starts to surface.

Poor diet and bad lifestyle habits not only affects the skin, it affects the inner state of your body.. In the long run, toxins are accumulated in our body and our body will have to fight really hard to maintain a healthy state..

So how to treat your body and skin better? Beside leading a healthy lifestyle and having a balance diet, you can also choose to get rid of your daily toxins for a better well-being..In the nutshell, regular detoxification will restores glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. 

AFC Green Beauty helps to support detoxification by boosting body’s natural detoxifying process, clearing wastes and supply nutrients needed by the skin and body. Overtime, AFC Green Beauty will built up your skin’s and body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and reduces the harm brought by toxic buildup.

How will this product brings about dual action detoxification and nourishment??

The secret lies in its composition (100% Natural from Japan) as it contains both natural detoxifying greens and highly absorbing micro-collagen peptides which targets and works on the problems on your skin and body.

 It also contains a superb blend of Organic Barley Grass, Kale and Shizuoka Green Tea which cleanses and alkalinizes the body naturally to restore its healthy balance. 

One important ingredient will be the Barley grass as it contains vast skin-beautifying nutrients. Its natural state is rich in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) that neutralizes free radicals emitted from various sources like the sun and pollution. SOD can help to reverse skin scarring and barley grass also provides chlorophyll that facilitates detoxification for clear and radiant skin. 

Functions of the AFC Green Beauty:

Its unique and powerful two-step system will make sure that it get rids of body toxins first so that the cleansed body is able to absorb the 2,500mg Micro-Collagen Peptides and other nutrients for optimal cell and skin rejuvenation. 

Step 1: Cleanse and Alkalinize your Body

Step 2: Repair and Nourish your Skin

1) Promotes cellular repair and skin renewal to reduce skin’s imperfections.

2) Supply essential nutrients for better skin health and stimulates collagen production to improve skin firmness, clarity and hydration.

3) Alkalinizes acidic body pH and aids removal of acidic wastes for improved vitality. Enables the body to maintain a healthy pH balance and enhances the natural detoxifying process to rid of accumulated toxins and waste

4) Protection from free radicals and anti-aging effects 

Suitable for all ages, it is best for individuals with imbalanced diets or those who feel lethargic easily or people who wants to beautify their skin naturally (daily dose will provide stressed, aging and unhealthy skin a new lease of life).  

Unlike other regular green juice products, AFC Green Beauty has an easy absorption formula which allows micro-sized collagen (1/60 the size of normal collagen molecules) for effective absorption by the skin and body. This formula is a result of an unique ultrafine blending method from Japan which ensure better solubility while retaining most nutrients and keeping the taste + texture.

As you can see from the picture below, the brand X green juice on the left has residues at the bottom after leaving it to stand for 10 mins..

However, AFC Green Beauty (on the right) dissolves fully in water and does not separate even after leaving it to stand for 10 mins.

As i have mentioned above, the exclusive technology retains most nutrients and enhances the texture and taste. Hence, Green Beauty is the ideal beauty beverage that blends well with water, soy milk, milk or yoghurt.

For the normal daily dose, you can take 1 sachet which will provide you with goodness that you need. If you think that you wish to have a more intensive dose, you can take 1 sachet, two times daily (morning and night). 

I’m taking 1 sachet on a daily basis and i prefer to mix it with cold water as i find this more refreshing.. The powder is really very fine so you need not worry that it won’t dissolve well.. It tastes and smells like green tea with added sugar.. Personally, it is a little sweet to my liking but i can minus the sweetness by adding more cold water… 

As i have mentioned it many many times, i am having a bad skin outbreak after stopping my acne medication.. No matter what i do, pimples and clogged pores will never fail to attack my face so it can be really depressing.. I tried to lead a healthy lifestyle by taking up Yoga and also eating more healthy food but the results are really minimal. 

After taking the AFC Green Beauty for a week, i observed that my skin is less sensitive and less patchy.. I’m still suffering from outbreaks but the amount of pimples popping out seems lesser.. Also, those existing pimples heals faster and overall my skin looks smoother.. At first, i thought that my eyes are playing a trick on me but people around me have affirmed this…

Few weeks back, i went for an event so HuiTing and Shumin from Vibes communication have seen me before i took this drink.. Two weeks later, they saw me again and both asked what did i do to my face as it seemed much calmer.. 

Beside this, i’m also doing my ‘big business’ on a daily basis (Frequency was 2-3 days once in the past) so bloated stomach and constipation are kept at bay!!

Hurray!! I hope that i will see more results once i’m done with the 30 days dose..

I’m really pleased with the results and will definitely repurchase it for my daily body / skin’s maintenance needs.. If you are interested, you can purchase it at Watsons from 17 May 2012 onwards.. Each box contains 30 sachets and it costs $64.90 per box.. So it works out to $2.16 daily which i feel that it’s worth the cost since it is so beneficial to both my skin and body..

If you think that visiting a phyical store is cumbersome, you can actually order Lifestream’s products ONLINE too!

Personally i feel that you should give this a try if you feel that nothing seems to work for your skin.. Same like supplements or medication, you have to give this product sometime before you can really see the final results.. Although it doesnt stop pimples from appearing, it does slow down and reduces the formation of pimples + clogged pores.. Thumbs up!

Do give it a try and let me know your experience! 🙂

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