Week 21: Milestone with UCD – 毕业了!!!

After 18 months of pure determination, hard-work, sleepless night and intensive mugging, i have finally ‘ORD-ed’ from school!

Being a part time student, it wasn’t an easy journey but i did it with flying colors!!!

Was really surprised when Kaplan called me up informing that i had earned myself an achievement award..

Try spotting my name! 🙂

D gave me a nice graduation bear which the gown matches with mine!

(If case you are thinking that i’m trying to AA with my hair, i’m not! Was my friend’s hair model thus this explains the bold / wild colors)

Introducing my proud parents!! Before i embarked on this journey, they were the ones who kept encouraging me to upgrade and improve myself… Thank you for being my pillar of strength! Without you, i won’t have a clean and conducive environment to study and nice food to feast on which helped me to de-stress!

Anyway, the convocation was held @ Fullerton Hotel and the furnishings are really beautiful..

Forced my dear to take this picture! hahahaha!

Thank you for being such a sweet and caring bf as always.. 🙂

Will also like to extend my appreciation to my study group mates as well (YC, Billy, Wendy and Riah), thank you for the effort and hardwork put in for all projects.. Will miss you guys!!

Oh! Not forgetting my friends as well as they were the one helped me stay calm and maintain my sanity during those stressful periods! Many thanks to my ex-cell mates who kept me in prayers consistently! Indeed, with God everything will be possible…

“For NOTHING is impossible with God.” ~Luke 1:37

Thank you to everyone who congrats me IRL and on FB!!! You guys rock!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Tuesday ahead!

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