(Sponsored Advertorial) Say No to Fog with OPTIFOG lenses!

Do you often face this situation after you alight the bus / cab / car / MRT?

Yes!! I’m talking about fogged up lenses!!!

I don’t know about you but i find this situation embarrassing.. So often, i’ll wipe it off asap!

So why does fog forms on our lenses? Did some reading and here’s my findings:

Fogging occurs when an imbalance formed between the air temperature and relative humidity (Like when weather is warm or cold). This imbalance leads to water vapor molecules forming on lenses in molecular form. When many of such vapor molecules combine together, an opaque film will form over the lenses resulting in a blinding effect that hinders vision!!!

(Picture credits to Google’s image)

So no matter you like it or hate it, Fog happens anytime and anywhere.. Especially in hot and humid climate like Singapore’s, fog will form very easily which leads to an unexpected blindfold that greatly compromising the clarity of vision. 

As mentioned earlier, fog occurs from quick cold-to-hot temperature changes in humid environments due to different situations like:
1) When you step out of a cold environment like air-conditioned offices or vehicles and shopping malls etc.. Fog will attack when there is rapid change in the environment and temperature.2) When you are engaging in indoor activities (like drinking hot drinks, eating hot food, boiling a pot of water or opening the dishwasher).

3) Any outdoor activities (like sweating when playing sports) which in turn obscures vision and affects performances.

It can also be a persistent problem in many working environments, especially those in which safety or precision are a priority, such as surgeons wearing masks or workers with protective goggles.

As fog is part of our lives and bring about many problems, an overwhelming 75% (Out of 1.6 billion eyeglass wearers worldwide) have expressed a desire for anti-fog solution for their lenses to improve their vision. As such, Essilor being the worldwide leader in opthalmic lenses which helps millions of people daily to see the world better has came up with a product which help battle fog! 

Know as the 1st high performance and durable anti-fog lenses – OPTIFOG, this eyeglass lenses are the result of 

breakthrough technology that offers immediate and efficient protection against fog.
Optifog lenses + Optifog Activator = Fog free lenses

To activate the fog repellence feature of the Optifog lenses, a drop of Optifog Activator is to be applied on each side of the lens.. After which, gently wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth in order to coat the entire Lens’ surface..

So how does it work?When the Optifog lenses join forces with the activator concentrate, the hydrophilic properties of the lens’ top layer prevent fog from happening. The Optifog Activator applied on Optifog lenses prevents water created by temperature changes from condensing into tiny droplets and instead, spreads the water uniformly as a thin film on the lens surface, making it invisible. Therefore when water droplets of fog form, they will spread over the lens surface and create an uniform film of water invisible to the wearer.  This ensure no distortion of sight until water evaporates naturally

The advanced technology helps to efficiently repel fog on the lens on the spot so eyeglass wearers will have better vision and long-lasting relief from fog. 

In addition, the anti-fog molecules will retain the concentrate on a long-lasting basis which further prevents fog from appearing for up to one week, under normal conditions + regular dry cleaning.. Do note that water-based liquid / cleansing with water / repeated wiping / exposure to heavy rain will reduce the effect over time.. To activate the anti-fog effect, simply just repeat the process above.


Apart from anti-fog capability, the premium ophthalmic lens is also associated with maximum protection against other vision enemies such as scratches, dust or glare so you can have crystal clear vision.

Optifog is available in clear and tinted sunglass lenses. You can also opt for the option of polarized or transitions lenses. With its many possibilities, Optifog will suit all types of lifestyle needs thus providing a versatile vision solution. 

As such, Optifog will be suitable for all with different types of vision correction needs which can be adapted to different styles and personal taste. 

So i’m back at IEC for my eye-check and Optifog lenses prescitpion…

Read about my past experience HERE!

Before my eye check starts, we did a little experiment over at IEC..

One side of the Optifog lens was applied with the activator and the other side without.. After which, you can see the side with the activator stays fog free after being exposed to steam.

Then it was time for my eye-check and i’m glad that my shortsightedness did not deteriorate.

Anyway, i collected the specs on Friday and i wore it out the next day for my convocation…

Such an important occasion and the last thing i want will be blurred vision due to foggy / inferior lenses… I did a lot of running around after the ceramony for photo taking (In and out of the hotel) thus subjecting my lenses to sudden temperature change (from cold to hot).. However, i did not experience any foggy lenses so no wiping was needed before photo-taking! (YAY!!)

I have also asked for an additional Transitions coating by Essilor on my Optifog lenses to block out harmful UV rays! The coating will automatically adapt and protects eyes from damaging UV rays to give a more comfortable viewing experience. Therefore, my pair of specs acts as my sunglasses as well to give me clear vision – so much convenience! (Btw, the tourists behind should also consider making Essilor their choice so they can skip wearing sunglasses as well. haha)..

Comparing it to my normal lenses, Optifog lenses made my vision much clearer and it does not get ‘dirty’ so easily.. Even if it does, dust / smudges can be wiped off very easily.. Only downside is that after intensive rubbing / encounter with water, the anti-fog’s feature will vanish and i’ll have to reapply it.. Not much issue with this downside as it is rather hassle-free to reapply it and it is afforable (5ml @ $5).. 🙂

Now i can wear specs during Hot Yoga without worrying that i’ll fog up my lenses! 🙂 

Still not convinced? I did a little experiment…

Boiled some water and i placed two different spectacles over the steam…

Fog formed immediately on my normal lenses..

But when i placed Optifog lenses over the steam, no fog occurred…

No wonder 79% of wearers are satisfied with Optifog! 

Before you go, here’s a quick run through about Essilor:-

Established in 1972, Essilor has a strong-hold in the market by offering premium eyeglass as a result of more than 150 years of advanced research, innovation and technology. Due to its expertise, it is the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coating and dispensary technologies. It offers a wide range of lenses under the flagship Optifog® Varilux®, Crizal®, Essilor® and Definity® brands to correct myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. It has subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and is represented in more than 100 countries with major production centers in Europe, North and Central America and Asia. 

For more information on the brand (Essilor), please visit http://www.essilor.com.sg
For more information on (Optifog), please visit www.optifog.com. 

Thank you Vibes Communication and Essilor for giving me another chance to try this new innovation! 

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