(Sponsored Review) Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm

Hello everyone, i’m back from Krabi and i can’t wait to share my experience with everyone!!

It was a memorable trip and i’ll share details soon (If you are following me in FB and Twitter, you would have known what took place.. hehe!)..

Alright! Back to the main topic.. EK Media has sent me some lip balms from Mentholatum lip care for review

Mentholatum, the #1* Bestselling Lip-balm Brand in Japan has added a new Organic lip-care range to its existing product line… What’s so special about this new lip-balm lies with the Highest Eco-Cert accreditation which makes it Organic…

What you can expect from this range will be:

1. It is free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants.

2. As such, it will be healthy, safe and gentle (Even on sensitive lips) to bring you healthy lips.

3. Lastly, it is recyclable and biodegradable.

In this range, individual lip balm is made from 100% natural origin, 97.84% from organic farming – using only nourishing blend of natural oils from renowned organic farms globally.

This new exciting range has two nice tasting flavour:

Mentholatum Organic lip balm in Lavender & Orange.

 Mentholatum Organic lip balm in Raspberry & Strawberry flavour.

This lip-balm only uses organic ingredients to pamper and protect your lips. These organic Ingredients are sourced from Internationally renowned organic farms and they include:

African Organic Shea Butter
> Helps to soothes and heals dry lips
Spanish Organic Oil
> Prevent ageing and chapping of lips

Argentinean Organic Jojoba Oil
> For long-lasting hydration

Columbian Organic Coconut Oil
> Softens skin to reveal silky and smooth lips

Beside this, it contains Vitamin E which acts as antioxidant to repair dry chapped lips and prevent fine lines. The flavor are also made from natural source for a safe and refreshing sensation.

I don’t know if you are aware of this but before you can claim that your product is organic, the products will have to go through verification. As such, the Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm range is certified Organic by GZCC Organization in China so you can be rest assured of its authenticity.

Packaging is simple which further emphasize on Organic and each lip-balm contains 3.5g of lip-pampering goodness.

As mentioned before, i’m a avid user of Mentholatum Lip Balm so i’m quite excited about this new range!!! After my trip from Krabi, my lips are chapped from too much sun exposure and sea-water so the lip balms came in handy!! As my lips are really tender / sensitive, i’m glad that the lip-balm are of a creamy texture which glides on smoothly onto my lips… After applying it consistently for a few days, my lips isn’t as dry anymore.. Another plus point lies with its non-sticky formula and it won’t make your lips appear greasy… Personally, i prefer the Raspberry & Strawberry flavour lip-balm as it smells and taste really ‘berri-lious’! The Orange & lavender one will be good if you want a more relaxing scent.. 🙂

If you wish to purchase any of the lip balm, it is priced at $7.90 each and available in Watsons, Guardian, Supermarkets and Departmental stores.

Or if you wish to try out this lip balm before getting the retail size, please go to the Lipice (Sg) FB page to redeem a trial size LipIce Fruity lip balm.

Go Organic with Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm today! 🙂

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