My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (Surgery procedures & post surgery experiences)

Hello everyone!!! Finally i’m able to find time to blog about my double eyelid procedures.. It has been about 6 months post surgery and i’m really happy with the results.. People have been telling me that it looks really natural… About the scarring, all i can say is that unless you stand really close and stare hard at my eyelids, then you can see the small scar.. 🙂

Took this picture about one week ago while i was in Krabi.. Even with Zero Make-up, my eyes look so much awake and bigger..

So now, i’ll touch on the surgery procedures… I’ll try my best to recall and pen down each and small details.. I’ll suggest that you read the first post before reading this and here’s Part One in case you have missed it.. As i was’t allow to take pictures in the clinic, the following will be full of words so please bear with me..

1) As mentioned, i went to the clinic for consultation and it lasted for about 45 mins… I chose to do the surgery right after consultation as i would not be spending many days in Taiwan.. The nurse got me to fill up some consent forms and after which, i made the full payment of NT25000 (which includes the consultation charges, surgery fee, medicine and aftercare).. In case you are wondering, i paid for everything in full and this is not sponsored!


2) After more briefing of the procedures by the nurse, they led me into a room to change.. They handled me a warm and fluffy pyjamas and i was told to remove all jewellery (so as not to interfere with the medical equipment in the room).. I also spent some time trying to pin up my hair… When i was done, I was brought to see Dr Chen he explained the entire surgical process to me. Next, he confirmed the height of the crease that i wanted and made a making on both lids.. To make sure that the creases are even, he told me to open and close my eyes a few times to double confirm.

3) Next, i was led into the surgery room which is really big, clean and not intimidating… Was told to lie down and the nurse really put at ease by covering me with blanket and making sure i was ok.. My hair and ears were covered with a antibacterial cap. While the nurse and doctor Chen prepared for the surgery, they explained the procedure to me again to keep me prepared. My ankle was also strapped to a machine which i have forgotten to ask what is it for.. haha! At the same time, Dr Chen started to sterilise my face with alcohol swabs.. Once again, he explained the procedure to me again and told me to voice out if i experience any discomfort during the surgery. He was wearing a surgical mask with a blue dot and i was told that i have to open my eyes during the surgery and stare at the blue dot .. I was told to practice doing it a few times and he told me that the surgery would commence shortly..

4) When i was ready to start, he told me that he would be using very fine needle to administer LA to my eye area.. He also told me that this would be the most painful part of the surgery. As you know our eyes are really sensitive but Dr Chen was really very gentle during the injection.. The needle is also very fine so i don’t find it painful (Felt like tint ant bite) when he injected the LA into the outer corner of each eye (just uncomfy due to the sourish sensation when the fluid was being injected)… The nurse told me to relax and try not to tense up as this might result in bruising…

5) After the LA jab was administered, i was told to close my eyes and rest for 15-20 mins for the LA to take effect..  The nurse stayed behind and attend to me.. She chatted with me about Taiwan and the procedures while massaging my eye areas to speed up the full effect of the LA…

6) After sometime, Dr Chen came in the room with another nurse and he informed me that he was doing to start the operation. Once again, he told me to relax and just voice out if i experienced any discomfort. He also reminded me keep my eyes close gently and open it whenever i was told.. He proceeded to make sure that the LA was working and when i told him i cannot feel a thing, he started the operation..

7) Dr Chen started on my right eye first and I couldn’t felt any sensation at all on my eye area.. All i experienced were some movements on my eyelids.. Before Dr Chen started on anything, he informed what he was gonna to do next… Throughout the entire process, he kept reminding to relax as i tensed up really easily…. He also checked with me constantly as to whether I felt any pain or discomfort…. During the 1 hour procedure, my mind was blank but i remembered that he told me to open my eyes wide to look at the blue dot on his mask to allow him to check on the height of the creases..

8) The only discomfort part was during the fats extraction part where i felt a slight tugging and achy sensation.. Informed Dr Chen immediately and he dripped some LA on it… Another part of the operation which i disliked the most would be the stopping of bleeding and closing of incision part.. An equipment with a buzzing sound was used and after which i could smell my ‘burning’ flesh (smells like chao-da chicken wings.. haha)… It was repeated a few times during the surgery and i was trying my best to put up with the charred flesh smell.

9) The surgery was done really fast (was told that it was one hour) and the nurse adjusted the bed so that i can sit upright… Dr Chen told me that the surgery went on really well and i was handed a mirror… To be frank, i was quite surprised to see the newly created double eyelids as the creases seem high and unnatural.. Dr Chen told me that once the swell goes down, the creases will look more natural… He also showed me two big piece of fats extracted (It was yellowish and reddish and it looks really bouncy)… Dr Chen said that my left eyelid has more fats so he extracted more and therefore i will have more swelling on the left.. Hence, my left eye will be more swollen than the right so the crease will be higher too… But Dr Chen rest-assured me and told me that the crease will balance out after the swelling goes down in 1-2 months..  He also show me the two tiny wound which were neatly stitched up..

10) The nurse led me out the room to change and they called my bf as he went out for coffee.. After changing, the nurse did cold compression for me and told me to rest for 15-20 mins.. After which, I was led back to the consultation room and Dr Chen briefed me on the aftercare.. I was given 2 days’ supply of oral antibiotics, painkiller, one tube of antibiotic ointment and 2 cold packs.. The nurse demonstrated to my bf on how to apply the ointment onto my wound. The ointment can be reapplied whenever the wound area feels dry.. I was also instructed to keep the wound dry and to do cold compression every hour to keep the swelling down…

11) The nurse also scheduled an appointment on 6th day (post-surgery) for the removal of stitches… After making sure i was okay, the nurse bidded goodbye and told me that i can call them anytime if i experience any abnormality…


Day One

(One hour after surgery)

This picture was taken 3 hours after surgery and crease was high and unnatural.. Swelling has already started to kick in and i did not experience any pain… Eye area felt a little sore which cold compression helps to reduce the sore sensation..

At night, i did not experience any pain and i ventured out in search for comfort food… I’m not supposed to do this since i have to do cold compression and rest my eyes…  I won’t recommend that you follow what i did but if you really want, please remember to shield your eyes with spectacles / sunglasses and apply a thick layer of ointment to protect it from dust / water.

Day Two

The creases increased in size due to the swelling but i was prepared for it… It is very important to be mentally prepared so that you won’t feel lousy as negative thoughts / anxitiy will slow down healing.. The swelling made it a little hard for me to open my eyes totally and my bf kept saying i looked sleepy.. wahahaha! But despite of the swelling, no pain was experienced..

I increased the frequency of cold compression (every 45 mins once) to reduce the soreness and swelling… Therefore, do prepare more eye-masks so that you have enough masks to ‘ice’ the eye area often… How to do cold compression? Just make sure that the eye-mask are cold (Not freezing cold) and put a clean piece of tissue / gauze on your eye area.. After which, put the eye-mask over and make adjustments so that the mask covers your eye area properly.. Leave it on for about 15-20 mins.. After removal, make sure that you apply another layer of ointment (if most of it went onto the tissue/gauze).

I went out at night since i was feeling so bored!!! Applied a thick layer of ointment and i did mininal walking.. My poor bf has to carry my stuff for me as i was told not to exert too much force (Excuses.. hahaha!)

Day Three

Still swollen but swelling went down a little.. As being told, my left eye would be more swollen and i saw some red marks on my lower lids.. Brusing was taking place (damn it!!!)

Increased the frequency of compression again to reduce the swell and bruising…

Went to explore Dan Shui in the evening and apparently there’s ‘Han Liu” so temperature was only 10 degree.. Now i can have natural cold compression.. LOL!

Day Four and Five

Swelling went down significantly but the amount of bruising increased… Called the clinic and they told me it is normal and i just have to keep doing compression.. Even on normal circumstances, i obtained bruises very easily so i told myself not to get too alarmed! Wound area started to get itchy (signs of healing! Yay!) and there’s a tight sensation whenever i blink..

Went to Beitou for Hot Spring which IS NOT RECOMMENDED as hot spring will increase blood circulation which will increase swelling.. Please do not follow my bad example.. 😀

Day Six

Bruising continues to ‘travel downwards’ but i told myself to ignore it… Went to the clinic to remove my stitches and i was told to proceed to a room for cold compression in order to numb the area (No LA will be used for stitches removal)… After 15 mins, Dr Chen came into the room and told me that the wound healed very well.. Dr Chen sterlized the incision wound with Alcohol and i heard him making a snip on the thread.. After which, the thread was removed swiftly and it just felt like ant bites.. After the removal of stitches, the annoying tight sensation was gone and the nurse applied the ointment onto the wound area..

Dr Chen also taught me an eye exercise which will help to strength the eyelid muscle, reduce swelling and enhance the end result of the double eyelids.. The nurse also told me that this exercise will increase the size of my eyes… All i have to do is to slowly roll up my eyeballs as high as possible without tilting my head and raising my eyebrows. Only my eyeballs are supposed to move and i must feel the tension on the eyeball and upper eyelid. I must maintain it for a few seconds and after which slowly roll my eyeballs down… I’m suppose to do it 20 times or more every hour. 

Sound simple but i kept raising my eyebrows while doing it… He told me that i can one fist to ‘feel’ my eyebrows (so that i won’t raise it unknowingly and use another fist to aid my eyeballs. To end the session, Dr Chen also told to avoid rubbing my eyes, not to engage in strenuous activities and bending forward for the next 1 month. I was also given 2 tubes of anti-swelling cream which can only be used 1 month after the surgery.. Before leaving the clinic, the nurse repeated a summary of what Dr Chen said and told me that i can call them when needed.. She also told me to pay them a visit the next time i am in Taiwan..

To sum it up, I will highly recommend Regent Clinic and Dr Chen as he is really meticulous and passionate in his work.. Not forgetting the really good service and care that i have received from each and everyone in the clinic… If you want to get double eyelids with more natural results, affordable and does not compromise on quality, i’ll really recommend this place!!

This is how i look 10 days after surgery.. I resumed the use of make-up but i practiced extra caution during make up removal..

The creases became balanced after 1.5 months and the double eyelids became very natural after 5 months.. After the surgery, applying eye-make up to obtain dolly eyes is a breeze! 🙂

Some tips to help prepare you for the surgery

1) Do sufficient research so that you can be mentally prepared on what to expect.. Please note that you will be awake during the procedure but try to keep your thoughts positive.. It is really not as scary as you think.. 🙂

2) Prep your body for the surgery, check out this post on what i did before surgery.. Personally, i feel that Pineapple juice / Pineapple helps to reduce swelling so try to drink / eat it after each meal.. In Taiwan, you can find it in their food court or night market.. Also, try to reduce your salt intake as this will increase swelling.. Do ask for an extra pillow so that you can sleep with your head elevated to help reduce swelling..

3) Get a travel buddy to accompany you and take care of you during your stay in Taiwan.. Since i cannot bend forward, my bf was the one helping me to wash my hair.. He was also the one helping me with my luggage and giving me mental support…

4) Do keep skincare procedures as minimal as possible.. Makeup is a big no no so please avoid it.. Just cleanse, tone and moisturize to keep skin clean.. Splashing your face with water is impossible so you can wipe your cleansing foam with Sponge after massaging your face with cleanser.. Follow up by your toner and moisturizer… As for the residue built up on your eyelid area, you can cleanse it gently with a wet cotton bud to keep the area clean.. Remember to apply a clean layer of ointment after doing so. 🙂

5) Personally i feel that it is much better to get the surgery done during their winter season.. Weather will be cold and drier which i fekt that it aids healing better as you won’t sweat as much (also face won’t get oily that fast)… I really dislike the weather in Singapore (HOT AND HUMID) and i gave up applying the ointment in Singapore since it will literally ‘melt’… I have oily eyelids so the ointment will just ‘melt’ and it will get into my eyes.. Very very Annoying!!!


That’s all for now and I’ll add in more details if i manage to recall it.. But please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.. 🙂

26 thoughts on “My Journey to obtaining Double Eye Lids (Surgery procedures & post surgery experiences)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, they do not need to tape your eyes with eyelid tape? i saw some people in SG need to tape their eyes after the surgery, and u can open up your eyes so well jus 1 hour after the surgery…

    • jermaineeee says:

      Hi, there’s no taping done.. As the ointment is oil-based, it is impossible to tape it as well.. The ointment acts as a barrier and prevent the wound from getting in contact with water / dust.. Actually i can open my eyes well immediately after the surgery..

  2. Anonymous says:

    just one question.. pls advise

    hi there, i just went for the surgery 5 days ago.. and like you my eyelids are now swollen, puffy and with bruises. but somehow the size of my eyeball became smaller than usual. did it happen to you? i’m very worried because i thought double eyelid surgery is supposed to make our eyes look bigger. i’m not sure if it’s because of the swelling that’s why my eyes looks smaller. called the clinic and the recept told me to wait, but i’m still very worried that i couldn’t slp. please advise.. thank you!

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: just one question.. pls advise

      Hello! If you can see from my picture, i have ‘sleepy looking eyes’ due to swelling… The swelling also made my eyes look smaller.. I guess you have to give your body time to heal as after all it is a surgery.. Meanwhile, please do not worry so much and get sufficient rest so that your body can recuperate.. Just make sure that you are following doctor’s instructions (like cold compression etc) and you’ll do fine..

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: just one question.. pls advise

        thank you so much for the reply and encouragement. i’m praying very hard now. wish me luck. and congrats on your successful transformation.. hope it happens to me too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Double eye lid

    Hi Jermaine

    How do you look like before sugery, and after surgery (without specs)?
    Did you do cathoplasty to enlarge the eyes? Does Dr Chen do this surgery?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Excited for a new look

    Thank you so much for your informative post. I have already booked an appointment slot with Doctor Chen next month after reading your blog. I have just seen your recent eye picture without makeup ( only one eye ). Do you think it’s possible to post pictures of both of your eyes now without makeup and glasses? How long did it take for both of your eyelids to even out?

    Thanks a million! Your help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi there!

    I have made an appt to do the surgery after reading your blog months back. I’ll be doing in jan next year. Would like to check if it is possible to make up at all (to hide swelling etc) after the stitches are removed, like the 8th day or sth? Or can the stitches be removed earlier?

    Are the bruises and swelling very obvious after the stitches are removed?

    • jermaineeee says:

      Hello! You can check with Doc Chen on when you can start to apply make up on your eye area.. For me, i did not apply any eye make-up for one month…

      As for the bruises and swelling, it will depend on individuals… You can check out the pictures i took after the surgery as a guide.. 🙂

  6. anonymous says:

    Hi, I am wondering why you did not respond to my enquiry after such a long time..
    may I know if it’s possible to wear contact lens throughout the procedure and/or right after the procedure?
    Also, may I have the clinic’s email add?

    • jermaineee says:

      Dont think you are allowed to wear contact lens during the procedure. After that you cannot wear contact lens for sometime too. I cannot remember the exact number of days but u can call them up tp check.

  7. Iris says:

    Hi, happened to browse thru your blog and saw ur double eyelid nicely done. Care to share the full address and contact for Dr Chen.

  8. Nat says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience it is incredibly helpful and answers so many of my questions. I am located In Australia and don’t speak Chinese, but I noticed the website of the surgery you went to doesn’t have English. Do you know if they have English speaking nurses there?

    Many thanks in advanced 🙂

  9. joy says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting this! It made me so excited and I am going to make an appt in may. Your eyes looks so natural already.

    I would like to ask how long after then did you wash your face normally as in no need to avoid that area or use cotton bud for cleaning?

    • jermaineee says:

      Hi Joy,

      Thank you! If i never remembered it wrongly, i washed my face as per normal 2 weeks post surgery… Before that, i avoided that area and just use cotton bud for cleaning.

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