(Sponsored Review) My INOA hair experience with Salon Vim.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with hair coloring?? 

For me, i do!

I love having a new hair color but i really hate the process.. What i really cannot stand will be the odor emitted by the hair dye which will lingers on my hair for days… If you share the same sentiments as me, continue reading!! 

L’Oreal Professionnel has a revolutionary hair color series which will change the way on how conventional haircolor works.  Introducing INOA ODS2, a new and unique technology that answers the unlimited color desires of many (Minus the discomfort).. 

With more than 50 million in-salon applications in 2 years, 90000 INOA Salons and more than 200000 colorists using INOA, no doubt INOA will become the color of the future.. So what’s the secret behind it?

Unlike conventional hair color brands which uses ammonia-enriched water based formulas, INOA has a new breakthrough color process using ODS2 technology (Oil delivery system). This revolutionary techology utilizes the wonders of oil to optimize color performance using minimal concentrations of MEA (an alternative alkaline agent to replace Ammonia). 

So i have decided to get my INOA hair color done at Salon Vim as this salon is highly recommended by my fiancé (Yes yes! His status has upgraded but more about that the next time).. 

 So here am i at Salon Vim @ 313!

(Photo from Salon Vim’s FB)

Located in 313 @ Somerset (Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 Singapore 238895), its simple yet modern furnishing and soft lighting put me at ease.. One thing i love about the salon will be the superb service and its operating hours! I find it really hard to find a salon that will open till 9.30pm which enables me to fix appointment even after work.. 🙂

Opening Hours : 
Monday to Friday 11am – 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am – 9.30pmTel: 68847757 / 68847767(Photo from Salon Vim’s FB)

Entered the salon with my ‘Parrot-lookalike’ hair (As someone has claimed) as i was helping Yvonne in her hair competition… As such, i have a few colors on my hair which most of it have faded off + ugly black roots on the top… 

In order to obtain the result that Yvonne wanted, my hair was bleached twice and colored / highlighted straight after the pre-lightening. Hence, my hair is really really dry and brittle.. Before the appointment, i was telling my fiancé that the hair stylist will find it challenging to cover up my hair color due to the different color tones (Esp the pink highlights)..

Katherine was assigned to do my hair and i was glad as she is an expert in the balayage hair color technique..Getting a trusted hair color expert is really important so he/she must have the skills to transform the hair color into one’s unique feature.

Before the hair color was done, Katherine showed me the palette of colors in the INOA series and told me that she will use the Balayage hair color technique on my hair… I told her that i wanted a more subtle look and that she can play around with red colors… 

If you are interested to know what is Balayage, here are my findings (Extracted from Salon Vim’s FB)
‘Balayage is a technique that is great for anyone who appreciates a little versatility in their color but who doesn’t have time for a lot of maintenance. It also works well for the client who likes a more sunkissed… or natural look. It is a great technique for shoulder length and longer hair. Balayage is the perfect color technique for all seasons, as it offers the same benefits as someone who would be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, it is not recommend it for someone with a lot of grey or shorter, finer textured hair.
The technique, that is becoming more and more popular, definitely offers many advantages. It is a foil free color application in which your stylist hand paints your highlights. Picking up layers and “sweeping” the color on different sections of the hair allows the stylist to move more quickly and efficiently while picking the proper placement for the color. It focuses more on the base of the hair shaft rather than concentrating on the root area. Thicker sections will lead to a more bold highlight while smaller will do the opposite’
(The end result will be something like this)

Katherine has chosen a dark purplish tone for the upper portion of my hair and a more obvious reddish tone for the bottom…

Once i have given her the green light to go ahead, her fast and furious hands started to work magic on my hair..

As mentioned, the technique doesn’t requires any foil to be placed on my hair to create the gradients on my hair… So it doesn’t take a long time before Katherine is done with my hair…

Look at my pretty hair and i really love it!!! Katherine is really professional as she is able to use the right combination of shades which adds depth and dimension at the right place… Most important of all, she chose exactly the right color to suit my complexion. 

To sum it up – My Experience at Salon Vim and INOA is good as no bleaching / pre-lightening is needed to cover and even out the colors.. With the Balayage technique and 2 different INOA colors, it is sufficient to create nice looking gradients on my hair…  Initally, i thought my hair will be patchy due to the different toned of highlights i have on my hair but i’m glad it didn’t.. Upon application, i did not sense any odor as INOA doesn’t contains ammonia so i had unsurpassed comfort during the process.. At the end of the session, i am quite surprised that my hair texture isn’t as dry as i thought and hair is smooth to the touch..  Hair looks conditioned, shiny and color is vibrant .. I’m really pleased with the end results as IONA brings about vibrant colors without bleaching and it doesn’t leave hair damaged and dry.

INOA also doesn’t irritate my scalp as i did not experience any burning sensation during hair coloring.. I have to highlight that my scalp is very sensitive after the last bleaching session.. My hair is really smooth and i really cannot keep my hands off it.. 

Katherine also told me to extend the perfection of my vibrant hair color by using color shampoo and conditioner.. L’Oreal Professionel also sent me their new dimension of hair-care products formulated in synergy with the INOA hair color. 

With Argan Oil to help restore lipid and  Anti Oxydant Green tea which protects the external layer of hair colored with INOA, the hair-care range will help supply 5 times more nutrition to the hair which will in turn extend the color intensity and shine. 

You can choose from RINSE-OUT PROTECTIVE CONDITIONER (150ML, $28) –  On surface film that wraps around the hair, fibre by fibre
Suitable for fine hair 
PROTECTIVE CREAM SHAMPOO (250ML, $22) – Generous and creamy compact lather 
For all hair types 
SULFATE FREE RINSE-OUT PROTECTIVE MASQUE (200ML, $38) – Classic airy lather 
Suitable for thick hair 

The Protective Cream Shampoo has a creamy texture and shampoo doesn’t contains sulfate (cleansing agents generally used in shampoos). Instead, it contains a gentler cleansing agent which is more tolerant and won’t disturb the orginial state of the hair and scalp. The shampoo works into a rich and gentle lather so it enables me to cleanse my hair easily… The shampoo has a nice scent which gives me a excellent sensory experience. The shampoo is really gentle and it cleanse well as i do not experience any itch in scalp (Normally my scalp will protest by itching / flaking if the shampoo is too harsh)..  After washing it off, hair is smooth and there isn’t much tangles. 

After which, i followed up with the protective conditioner which helps to keep my hair soft and supple.. The texture is creamy but non-oily so it can be cleanse off easily…. Love the fact that it leaves my hair smelling very yummy!!  The only thing that i dislike will be the packaging as the shampoo will just flow out easily which results in wastage… To resolve this, i have to place the shampoo in opposite direction…

Thank you L’Oreal Professionnel and Salon Vim for giving me awesome looking hair!

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