(Sponsored Review) Introducing the Midnight Recovery Dream Duo By Kiehl’s..

Insomnia – Often experienced by many and it is classified as having problems falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night…

Reasons leading to Insomnia includes:

– Jet lag
– Going to bed at different timing each night
– Sleeping too much during the day
– Poor Sleeping Environment (Noisy / too much lights)
– Uncomfortable room temperature
– Facing stressful situations in life
– Insufficient exercise
– Too much caffeine
– Reliance on Sleeping aids

Etc Etc Etc

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Despite having insufficient sleep, we still want to look our best the next day….

Puffy eyes, dark eyes circles and dull complexion are our main concerns if we have insufficient sleep so here’s my advise on how to minimize it!

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I’m also someone who faces Insomnia problem due to high level of stress at work which results in my mind being too active during the night… Sometimes i’ll use sleeping aids when i have to really tryhard to sleep but cannot (WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED).. Sometimes, i will just do some reading in order to make myself very sleepy…. Sometimes, i will just lie on my bed till i fall asleep….

As i’m a really vain person by nature and i want to wake up looking good, i’ll make sure that i apply eye-cream and my skincare essentials before i head to bed… Therefore, even with insufficient sleep, i won’t want to look so haggard the following morning..

Recently, Syek Yi From Kiehl’s has sent me 2 products from their midnight recovery range which will help with skin restoration overnight!! After experiencing with the 2 products, they are really my life-savior when it comes to looking my best with little sleep…

Introducing Midnight Recovery Eye and Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Firstly, i’ll start off with the introduction of the Midnight Recovery Eye which promises to give younger looking eyes in the morning by just using two drops overnight.

As our eyes are often tell-signs of the life-style we are leading, the Midnight Recovery eye is introduced as a companion product to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (99.8% naturally derived botanical elixir which is favored by customers due to its ability to restore skin overnight).. The specifically formulated eye-cream will help to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by morning by diminishing puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles… Beside this, the eye cream is Paraben-free, fragrance-free and mineral oil-free so it stays gentle on the fragile skin around our eyes.

Dr. Adam Geyer (Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist, and founder of Tribeca Park Dermatology in New York City) recommends a nightly regimen, saying, “Much of the skin’s energy during the day is used to protect itself, with less energy to spare on repair.  Therefore, the primary activity of the skin during the night, when one is sleeping and not exposed to as many damaging free radicals, is to repair itself, especially in the fragile eye area, which is prone to puffiness and early signs of wrinkles.”

Because of the unique vulnerability of the under-eye area, puffiness is one of the leading skin concerns of women as it  affects all age groups. This issue is often accompanied by fine lines and wrinkles on eye area first, as early as age 30… Therefore, proper skincare at night will aids as an overnight prevention measure..

As such, the main benefit of this eye cream helps to soothe and calm under eye skin to reduce morning puffiness as it contains Butcher’s Broom.

One main ingredient inside this recovery eye cream will be the Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus aculeatus) – which origins from the Mediterranean areas of Europe and Africa in areas of high altitude, in fields, forests, shrubberies and mountains. This fruit of the plant (a red berry) is high in bioflavonoids which helps to improve cutaneous micro-circulation and reduces inflammation.. It has been traditionally used used for centuries by old-world pharmacists to combat edema – a swelling of skin due to water retention caused by weak blood circulation. It enables strengthening of blood vessels which increases blood circulation which reduces swelling..

Same goes if the cream is used on our eyes, it helps to increase blood circulation which decreases puffiness of our delicate eye areas.

Other active essential and botanical oils in the Midnight Recovery Eye formula are Squalane, Evening Primrose and Lavender.

Our under-eye area is only 1/3 as thick as other areas on our facial skin and contains the fewest sebaceous glands on the face.. If our delicate eye area isn’t well taken care of, it will lead to dehydration and leads to a weak barrier (which increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)..

As such, this unique blend of oils in the Midnight Recovery Eye is rich in Fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) and it help to strengthen the thin skin under the eye. It also has a restructuring benefit which also helps to reinforce the protective barrier and slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..

Therefore, with all active ingredients stated above, this eye-cream is mild on the eyes while it helps to reduce puffiness and strengthen the delicate eye area overnight.

Retailing at $72 for 15ml of eye-cream, this product has a creamy texture and non-sticky formula which can be easily absorbed into the skin.. As mentioned, this eye-cream contains an unique blend of oil and some of you might be concerned that this will lead to the formulation of milia seeds.. To prove the fact that the eye-cream is non-oily (Despite containing oil-based ingredients), i used 3 drops on my eye area (Recommended amount is 2 drops) with each application at night… Despite this, the eye-cream still stays really light-weight and can be easily absorbed into the skin after some massaging on my eye area… Proven and tested by me, i doubt that this product will lead to Milia seeds due to the non-oily texture if this is one of your main concern… Another thing which i love will be the lavender scent that the eye-cream emits which provides a soothing and sensual therapeutic effect..

When i took this picture, i have puffy and swollen looking eyes due to late nights / insufficient rest…

After applying the cream overnight, you can see the results for yourself.. Eye area has reduced puffiness and skin looks more supple / softer.. My picture don’t lie! 🙂

As many of you have known, i have really sensitive and oily/acne prone skin so i have my fair share of rich eye-cream woes as it often results in painful pimples around the side of my eyes and eyebrows..

After testing the Midnight Recovery Eye for a week, i did not experience any break-outs around my eye area… I have to say that despite being light-weight, it works wonders for my eyes… Highly recommended for anyone who wants a non-oily yet highly effective eye-cream to pamper their delicate eyes.

Syek Yi also sent me Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is their star product as they are one of the first facial skincare companies to launch a 99.8% naturally-derived, paraben-free, water-free powerhouse concentrate of active botanical and essential oils… This award winning formula is recognized by top editors around the world as the Best Night Treatment..

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is specifically formulated to repair the skin during its peak recovery period between 12 – 4 am.  The concentrate work with the skin’s natural nocturnal activity to instantly penetrate deep down and dramatically restore skin overnight.. Secret lies behind its complex blend of naturally replenishing botanical oils including moisturizing Squalane and Evening Primrose (rich in Omega-3 fatty acids), and a blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic, balancing and antioxidant effects.

Kiehl’s has gathered feedback from their customers who have  incorporated Midnight Recovery Concentrate into their daily skincare routine… Till date, they have received many testimonials about the benefits of this unique formulation (including helping to heal burns)

One testimony from customer as per follows:

“I experienced a remarkable result applying it on a blistered burn on my thumb.  I am an avid cook, and experience burns on my hands from time to time.  I have never seen such an impressive result in healing, even with products specifically for burns. Thank you for this product, it has great value.”

Retail Price: $90.00 for 1.0 oz/30mL

After two years of research on the repair activity of essential and botanical oils, Kiehl’s developed this “water-free” concentration of Squalane, night-blooming Evening Primrose and essential oils including therapeutic Lavender. The formulation also contains Coriander and Rose Hip Seed Oils, which provides a complete blend of Omegas (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids have a restructuring benefit which reinforces the cutaneous barrier, therefore keeping the epidermis hydrated.

As such, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a potent Botanical Elixir which is formulated to be used at night when skin is most receptive to recovery / repair and helps to restore skin overnight. This powerful concentration, it was specifically formulated to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair during the night.  During the day skin needs to constantly protect itself against internal and external aggressors. Hence at night, it is important to allow it to to regenerate, repair and replenish what is has lost. Hence, this powerhouse blend of active botanical and essential oils will work all night to replenish lipids for a fresher and more radiant appearance by morning

Key Ingredients in this concentrate contains a powerful blend of essential and botanical oils that are extracted from natural sources. These naturally cultivated oils are powerful skin re-generators and will help to reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier

Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile substance extracted from plants  (aromatic herbs or aromatic plants). The oil also carries the distinctive scent (essence) of the plant and the essence are mostly commonly extracted using the steam distillation technique.

Botanical oils are oils obtained from plants that are fatty, dense and non-volatile which many contain proteins, minerals and vitamins.. These oils are extracted from the root, stem/bark, leaves, flowers, seeds or fruits of a particular plant, tree or shrub, usually cold pressed or extracted by heat.

In the past, i have this misconception that skincare products that contain any type of oil will make oily skin oilier which will lead to acne and congested pores. But Kielh’s has busted this myth as they discovered that the skin’s moisture level directly relates to the amount of oil that the skin naturally produces. Therefore, using a skincare product with purely derived essential and botanical oils, which mimic the same oils that occur naturally in the skin, can be extremely beneficial to all.

As mentioned earlier, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate contains essential and botanical oils are rich in healthy skin essentials such as moisturizing fatty acids (including Omegas 3, 6 and 9) which strengthen the inter-cellular lipid layer and helps stabilize skin’s natural oil production. Long-term consistent application of such oils will improve skin’s natural barrier function, resulting in a smooth, supple, hydrated, and clear complexion.

The essential and botanical oils used by Kielh’s have a small molecular structure which allows easy penetration into the skin to the dermal layer, unlike synthetic, petroleum-based oils (which we call Mineral Oil) which sit on the surface of the skin and can cause pores to become blocked, leading to breakouts.

The essential oils inside the Midnight Recovery Concentrate can also treat various skin conditions.. In my case, it is acne! The lavender essential oil is ideal for acne prone skin, as it’s shown to have disinfecting properties that help to unclog pores and balance the production of sebum within oil glands.

The bottom line is that all skin needs oil… If skin is too dehydrated, fine lines, lack of luminosity and inflammation can arise (including breakouts due to an over-stimulation of the oil glands to overcompensate for dryness). The key to maintaining a youthful, clear complexion is to replenish skin with oils that promote healthy skin function as well as feed skin oils that regulate its innate oil production

Anyway, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate has also been put to the test and participants in a consumer test* noticed significant results (after four weeks) including:

. Restores skin’s natural appearance by morning: 85%
. Improves the appearance of facial contours by morning: 85%
. Nurtures and replenishes skin: 85%
. Skin feels more hydrated: 85%
. Skin feels softer: 85%
. Skin appears less tired and well rested: 80%

* included 47 women; 20-67 years old (with 41% with sensitive) completed this four weeks use test
* Evaluation: Dermatologist evaluation at baseline & after four weeks of use.

Packaging is in a Recyclable glass bottle, dropper and plastic squeeze top which enable mess-free application…

Application is as per follows:

1. Two-three drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate to be apply using clean hand.

2. To ensure even application, Tap fingertips gently on your facial skin to optimize penetration.. Please remember not to rub the product onto your skin..

3. Use it once daily in the evening (Before your moisturizer) and strictly avoid contact with eyes.

I had a hard time trying to capture the texture of the product as it is quite runny to begin with.. Since it is oil-based, please do not spread it with your hands as it will make your skin really oily as your skin isn’t able to absorb the product quickly..

To combat the oiliness, simply just increase the penetration of the product by PATTING it gently onto your skin… After patting, there will be a slight sheen on your skin which will disappear after 5-10 mins.. After which, there won’t be any greasy after-feel but instead your skin feels softer (picture below is taken after 5 mins after patting the concentrate into my skin)…

After stopping my acne medication, my skin gets really sensitive so i only did a ‘patch test’ for this product… I only used it on my forehead to see how the product will react on my skin… Initially, i have some little white heads resurfacing which i believe that it is the purging process.. Left it alone and now it has all dried up… After using for a week, the skin on my forehead seems less bumpy.. Will monitor it for a longer period and if everything goes well, i will apply it on my whole face.. Ohhh~ The scent of the product is really soothing and it helps me to relax… I’m kind of tempted to use it as a massage oil as i have some back-acne.. Will let you know how it fares… hehe!

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned products, Kiehl’s Since 1851 is available at:

Robinsons Raffles City t: 6338-3457 | VivoCity #01-11/12 t: 6376-9017 | TANGS Beauty Hall at TANGS Orchard t: 6732-
5394 | Tampines Mall #01-29 t: 6785-7610 | Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, #B1-33 t: 6732-9695 | ION Orchard #B3-54 T: 6509-8941 | Plaza Singapura #01-29 t:6454-3457| Parkway Parade #01-29 t: 63461276| Bugis Junction #01-13
t:63369022| Robinsons Marina Bay Sands t:6688-7254

Have a good week ahead and sleep tight everyone! 🙂

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