Quick MYOH Shout Out! The importance of a good pair of flip-flops

Before i share my proposal story, let me share something really embarrassing… During the Krabi trip, i wore a pair of new slippers (No brand cheap slippers) which i assumed that it won’t give up on me..

But sad to say i was wrong!!! After subjecting the slippers to too much ‘elements’ during island hopping, it started to disintegrate.. The strap decided to snap apart during a very very wrong timing!!! It happened after the beach side dinner which was part of the proposal plan (The dinner was a smokescreen so as to give the staff enough time to decorate the room)


Therefore, i was sulking all the way back (what a mood-damper right??)

(Photo credits to Google image)

No amount of super glue is going to help.. 😦

(Photo credits to Google image)

Oh well, i got over it after seeing this.. Awww! How can i say no right? 😀

Anyway, i should have bought a more reliable brand like Havaianas and wear it during my Krabi trip!! This brand from Brazil is established since 1962 and it is well known world-wide for its iconic and successful foorwear products.. Havaianas footwear is famous for its strong original Brazilian flavour of colour, vibrancy and positivity; its charm lies in its exclusive rubber recipe, which makes Havaianas flip-flops buttery-soft, flexible and durable. Do you know that all the Havaianas in the world origins from a single factory in Brazi? This made it a strong testament to the brand’s originality while retaining the high quality standards..

Since 1962, Havaianas continues to win over new generations of consumers with its never-ending series – from limited edition series, unexpected designs, to brand collaborations paying homage to fashion capitals of the world.. Even celebrities cannot resist it as Havaianas has graced the feet of everyone, such as designers Christian Louboutin and Michael Kors, supermodels Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, sports icon David Beckham, to royalty such as Queen Silvia of Sweden.

(Photo credits to Havaianas Singapore FB page)

2012 marks a sigificant milestone for Havaianas as it celebrates 50 years of rich brand heritage and iconic history.  Turning 50 is a big deal for Havaianas as since its humble beginnings in Brazil in 1962, Havaianas has evolved to become a vibrant global lifestyle phenomenon and ‘fashion must-have’, all whilst retaining its rich Brazilian heritage! 

(Photo credits to Havaianas Singapore FB page)

To mark of this significant milestone, Havaianas is launching the inaugural ‘Make Your Own Havaianas’ (MYOH)customisation event for Singapore Havaianistas this July 2012.

The MYOH is a manifestation of innovation by Havaianas, which has been at the core of the brand since it was created in the 1960s. Today, Havaianas continues to infuse its brand with innovative ideas as it embraces consumer lifestyle and introduces refreshing and engaging activities like the MYOH event.

For the very first time, you can unleash your creativity in customising your own Havaianas flip-flops at the MYOH event. With a wide variety of colourful soles, straps and decorative pins, you will be spoilt for choices as you mix-and-match to create your unique pair of Havaianas. This event promises to give you loads of fun as you can witness the ‘birth’ of your extraordinary Havaianas flip-flops, assembled and delivered instantly before your eyes!

The MYOH event is a hit world-wide as it is coveted by A-list Hollywood celebrities and throngs of fans who queue for hours in order to get their customised-Havaianas flip-flops. The success is seen in countries like Brazil, New York and Philippines. All these made MYOH in becoming an annual one-week extravaganza highly anticipated by the media and Havaianistas nationwide.

Rachel Ang, Marketing Manager of Havaianas Singapore, is excited about the initial launch of MYOH here in Singapore. During the interview, she said that ever since the first flagship store in 2009, Havaianas has been growing and expanding from one to five h stores in just 2 years.. She is also thrilled about the brand’s 50th anniversary this year and she strongly believes that the MYOH will be a hit among Singapore’s fashionistas as this never-before experience will allow them to create their very own statement pieces.

(Photo credits to Havaianas Singapore FB page)

Therefore, come join the first ever MYOH event in Singapore, it will happening across two days from 14 – 15 July 2012 in the h store located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B1-38..

(Photo credits to Havaianas Singapore FB page)

Will tell you guys my experience over at the MYOH event soon!
Till then, take good care of yourselves! 🙂

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