(Sponsored Review) Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser

SKIN79 – Sounds familiar?

Whenever i think about SKIN79, BB cream will be the first thing that will appear in my mind…. I’m sure you can see their comprehensive of BB cream ranges in Watsons that caters to different needs.. In Korea, Skin79 is the very first skincare brand to introduce BB creams into the skincare category.. Ever since the launch, Skin79 incited a worldwide BB cream craze and also constantly staying at the top of the skincare charts in Asia (Like Korea, Japan and Taiwan)

Beside its extensive range of BB creams, BB packs and BB concealers, Skin79 also carries a full range of  whitening, acne-care, men’s solution skin care products.. 

(Photo credits of Skin79 Singapore’s FB page)

Recently, Skin79 also has a change in their ambassador (Previously was Jolin Tsai from Taiwan).. Now Brown Eyed Girls, the Award winning Korean girl group will be their new brand ambassadors. The Brown Eyed Girls consists of four members – Jea, Miryo, Narsha, and Gain. They are debuted as an R&B/ballad vocal group in 2006 who challenged themselves with different music genres. The group rose to popularity in 2008 with with ‘L.O.V.E.’ and retro dance music ballad ‘How Come’. 

As a form of commencements and to welcome the new ambassadors into the Skin79’s family, they have developed a new product which many are anticipating.. Introducing the long awaited O2 BB Cleanser with its various yet effective qualities.

Thank you StarAsia for sending me the new product for review.. 🙂

I know that BB cream will be more gentle on the skin (as compared to regular base make-up) but without proper removal, it can lead to clogged pores and the formation of imperfections on the skin… Personally, i will only use BB cream that feels light on my skin as due to my sensitive skin which gets clogged up easily…. To be on the safe set, i will only used cleansing oil to remove it thoroughly.. However, many of us ladies (including me) actually dislike the use of cleansing oul so i’m really glad that Skin79 has come out with the first self-bubbling 6-in-1 BB cleanser to remove all types of BB cream, including the toughest ones..

The SELF-BUBBLING BB cleanser contains only Eco-cert approved ingredients which protect skin from damaging external environmental factors.. It is is not only fun to use but also brings about 6-in-one benefits.
1) Its compact and rich bubbles eliminates any BB cream make-up (even those with full coverage) 
2)  With 3X more dense O2 Bubbletox system, Maackia Fauriei and OBFN ingredients, it works better to deliver brighter skin  
3)The micro O2 Bubble particles will help detox skin, clear up sebum and dead skin cells. 
4) It increases skin elasticity as the cleanser delivers plenty of moisture while creating a skin barrier with Chia seed and Oatmeal. 
5) The self lifting massage with soft rolling effectively delivers the Acacia collagen ingredient to the skin with elasticity. 
6) It is low in stimulation with a Free Formula System. It also contains no Parabens, Colour and Pernicious ingredients from minerals or animals. 

The ingredients in the BB cleanser and here are the main ingredients:

1) Chia Seeds Extract – Moisture and Nourish skin
2) Acacia Collagen – Nourish and improve skin elasticity
3) OBFN (Pomegranate, fig) – Improve skin vitality
4) Wichihagel Extract – Soothing and hydrate skin
5) Oatmeal Extact – Hydrate and form protective layer on skin
6) Maakia Fauriei – Defence against toxic and brightens skin

My Verdict

I love all things pink so the packaging really captive my heart.. hehehe… The pump bottle makes dispensing easy and helps prevent wastage.. Each bottle contains 100ml of cleansing gel …

When you first pump out the cleanser, you will discover that it has a gel based texture which will foam up when it gets in contact with air…

Equipped with Skin79 BB Cream, i’ll do a small experiment to show you the cleansing power of the BB cleanser.. I’ll also go through the steps on how to use the BB cleanser

To emphasis on the cleansing power, i will be applying a thick layer of BB cream on my hand….

After pumping out the gel cleanser, Spread the cleanser and gently massage it so as to ‘activate’ the bubbles.. As you can see from the photos, the bubbles have turned beige (Which means that the BB cream is being cleansed off).. Continue to massage it in circular motion in order to remove the BB cream thoroughly. When the foam has turned really fluffy, it is ready to be washed off.

With the BB cleanser, it works as a make-up removal and also your regular cleanser. So there’s no need to do double cleansing after you strip your make-up off.. To prove that it really works well and i don’t have to double cleanse, i will use a toner to see if it picks up any residue..

However, no make up residue is spotted on the cotton pad!

As i’m currently facing bad skin crisis (sensitivity and breakouts), i have steered clear of make-up for the time being.. So i’m using the Skin79 O2 BB cleanser as my regular cleanser in the morning… Personally, i prefer to use the cleanser on my dry skin.. After spreading it across my face, i’ll wet my hands and massage my face.. As the bubbles are being activated, there’s a slight tingling sensation… Then i’ll leave it on for it to work its magic while carrying on with my other shower routine.. After one min or so, i’ll wet my hands again and massage the foam till it turns fluffy.. To end the cleansing process, i’ll rinse off the foam with warm water..

Despite of my skin’s sensitivity, the BB cleanser doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight.. It also doesn’t leave behind any greasy / sticky film after cleansing.. Instead, it leaves my skin soft and supple.. Also, skin felt fresh and i did not observe red patches on my skin (Which i will normally get it if the cleansing product i used is too harsh for me)…

To sum it up, i’ll highly recommend this cleanser as it is mild on skin and has good cleansing power. if it works on my sensitive skin, it’ll work for you too…  

This affordable Skin79 02 BB Cleanser is retailing at $24.90 and you can buy them in Watsons, Sasa, John Little and BHG.

3 thoughts on “(Sponsored Review) Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser

  1. Anonymous says:

    for outbreaks

    Hi Jermainee,

    I just came upon this entry after browsing thru all. I’m currently facing breakouts & super dehydrated skin like yours.

    I’ve consulted a couple of people in regards to my situation & i’m glad my skin tamed down n started to clear off n back to healing stage.

    According to the lady from my facial, BB creams are easy to clog pores & is not advisable to us, people who prone to have sensitive skins to use =) it will make it worst & difficult for us to heal.

    I’ve been using these products from ROSE SKIN, it’s really wonderful. Probably you wanna give it a shot! Let’s hope we can have wonderful skin tgt =) n not forget to mention i’ve contact the Doctor in taiwan whom you went recently. I hope my eyes will be as pretty as yours too =)

    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: for outbreaks


      Thanks for reading my review.. I’m not using any make-up for time being in order to let my skin heal.. Currently going to My Cozy Room for facial and skin is improving 🙂

      For ROSE SKIN products, are they harsh? My skin is so sensitive and have outbreaks and redness if products are not suitable for me..

      Good luck for your upcoming double eye-lid procedure, i’m sure you’ll have pretty eyes too..

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: for outbreaks

        Eh… I’ve tried ROSE SKIN for a week now! MY skin is perfectly fine & more radiant as before. so probably it will work for you too =)

        It’s very gentle to my skin & has a very nice scent of smell!!

        I’m doing home-based facial at AMK too & helps to improve. Maybe you wanna try as i feel the price is pretty reasonable compared to gg salon parlor.

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