(Sponsored Review & Giveaway) Goodbye to Bad Intestinal Health with CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System.

During cell, Marilyn (one of my cell mate) suddenly tugged at my dress and exclaimed:

‘OMG Jermaine, why is your tummy so flat???’ 

**In my mind i was thinking: hehe! All thanks to CHO Beauty!! 🙂 

Thank you Lifestream / AFC for sending me another great product – CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System

Product summary as per follows:

1) Aids with inner cleansing

2) Powerful formula as it contains heat-resistant 101 billion friendly bacteria which is clinically proven to eliminate accumulated wastes and toxins.

3) It also helps to accelerate the slimming process if you are on diet.. Overtime, you will have flatter tummy, brighter skin and stronger immunity..

But of course, you are what you eat so you have to complement CHO Beauty with a healthy diet.. While on detoxification using CHO Beauty, i also watched my food intake and tried to stay away from oily / sinful food…

Dr Yang (Medical Doctor and Scientist at Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory and AFC Japan) said that many healthy, weight and skin problems are due to poor digestive system and intestinal regulation… Overtime, if your internal body isn’t clean due to the waste buildup in intestines and along your intestinal walls; it will lead to an increase in bad bacteria, parasites which affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients..

So how do you know if your body is clean and intestine are working fine? Simple! Just observe the state of your ‘output’.. hahaha!

Sad to say, i belongs in the bad intestinal health category..


Beside this, if you are experiencing any of the 3 symptions below, your intestines are not in the good state of health..

◦Acne, dull or sallow complexion

◦Constipation or diarrhea

◦Bad breath

◦Poor immunity

◦Sluggishness and lethargy

◦Bloated discomfort


◦Thinning hair

◦Yeast infection

◦Inability to absorb nutrients

Sharks! I’m nodding my head for most if the symptoms stated above! 😦


Face it! Due to our busy lifestyle and poor eating habits, it is rather difficult to cultivate a healthy body.. Therefore, supplements or health products can us boost detoxification. 

Back up by 20 years of research in collaboration with Harvard University, leading Japanese Universities and medical centres, AFC has developed a breakthorugh product which is proven to show results in just 5 days. This product is a safe and effective gastro-intestinal detox product which will help fine-tune your health state, beauty or slimming regime.

Known as the AFC CHŌ BEAUTY, users get to experience a new level of detox, beauty and slimming.. It contains 101 billion friendly bacteria, a powerful clinically-proven combination of patented heat-treated FK-23 and Bifidus bacteria, as well as essential prebiotics. 

AFC believes that good health begins from healthy intestines with excellant disgestive process.. Our intestines are made up of both small and big intestines which house about 100 trillion of bacteria that closely regulates the intestinal environment.

There are three types of bacteria, the good, the bad and the neutral. Striking a balance in the bacteria colony depends on individual’s lifestyle and diet.

AFC CHŌ BEAUTY will help strike this balance as it contains 101 billion friendly bacteria, clinically proven to cleanse and eliminate harmful toxins, to restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract and balance the intestinal environment.


CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System also works more effective than other probiotic formulas as most its probiotic formulas are heat-sensitive. The uniquely, patented heat treated FK-23 bacteria is stable and powerful to survive harsh stomach acid to reach the large intestine to effectively eliminate toxic intestinal waste. In this way, it can reach the intestinal tract safety and won’t be destroyed by stomach acid. Its formulation are 3 times more powerful than live culture and is awarded with five patents. 

Another reason why the CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System is more effective than other probiotic formulas is due to the fact that it contains better ingredients. Mainly, the are the Heat-treated Enterococcus faecalis FK-23 extract and Bifidobacterium longum (101 billion), dietary fiber, inulin, oligosaccharides and Champignon extract..


Advanced FK-23 Bacteria

It is 100% pure FK-23 strain and patented with an unique heat treatment. This made the powder very stable and long-lasting to survive harsh stomach acid.. In this way, CHo Beauty is able to reach large intestine and effectively eliminate toxic intestinal waste.. As it also contains more than 100 times of Proliferate bifidus and lactobacillus,  it will make sure that the digestive tract restores its natural balance of good bacteria.
Bifidus Bacteria

It also contains the largest colony of intestinal good bacteria that helps release energy and nutrients from food.. This resistant probiotic strain has the unique ability to bypass stomach acid conditions to reach the gut intact for effective intestinal regulation. 
It also works synergistically with FK-23 bacteria to regulate the intestinal environment

Prebiotic (Inulin)

This ingredient helps multiples good bacterias and help reaches out to the large intestine intact to balance healthy gut flora.
Soluble Dietary Fiber

Lastly, it contain this bulking agent to help soften stool and bind toxins 10 times better for better bowel movement… In the long, it helps supports excess fat removal and promotes healthy weight loss.

After 8 weeks of CHŌ BEAUTY Routine, it is proven that users will have improvements like:

1) Removal of accumulated intestinal waste which reduces bloating, organ fat, and promotes healthy weight loss.

2) Better complexion and skin clarity.

3) Reduces in constipation and diarrhea. There will be regular bowel movement and better digestion.

4)  Jumpstarts sluggish system and increase in energy levels.

5)  Reduces bad breath and a better immunity 

My little journal on Cho Beauty routine:

Before i accept this sponsership, i made sure that this product will not lead to any bad laxative effects.. For me, i’ll always get very bad stomachache if i take laxative pills or diet tea.. Once, i almost fainted from the pain and ever since i have sweared off diet tea… Despite being on the slim side, i have a small tummy due to bloatness and constipation issues… Sometimes, i will only do my big business every 3 days.. -__-

To be frank, i was a little worried when i first start the Cho Beauty routine so i have decided to start the daily cleasing routine first (1 sachet in the morning on empty stomach).. If you are wish to kickstart it with a more intensive detox routine, you can take 2 sachets (morning and night) on empty stomach for eight weeks.. You can repeat regime 2 – 3 times yearly.. Between each cycle of intensive detox routine, you have to make sure that you carry out the daily cleansing (1 sachet a day) as a form of maintenance..

You can take it by pouring it directly into mouth and drinking water in between.. If not, you can add the powder to 150ml – 200ml of water (Please do not use HOT water)


I chose to take it by pouring the powder directly into my mouth and drinking sips of water in between.. As the powder is very fine with a sweet grapefruit taste, it doesn’t take much effort to swallow it…

Day One – After few hours of taking it, i did not experience bad stomachache so i went ahead with kite-flying at Marina Barrage.. Throughout the day, my stomach felt a little tight as there was quite a fair bit of wind inside.. Since i was constipated at that point of time, i understood that this sensation was normal and that the Cho Beauty was performing its cleansing magic. At the end of day one, i’ was still constipated but i continued drinking a lot of warm water to speed up detoxification.

Day Two – Took the 2nd sachet and i managed to poo poo after a few hours! What a great relief!! Bloatedness and the tight sensation in my stomach were now reduced…

Day Three – Now: I took one sachet everyday and i’m able to do my big business everyday.. haha! Maybe due to the fact that there’s not much waste in my body, the tight sensation + wind have now ‘gone with the wind’.. As my bowel movement is now more regulated, i do not have bloatness and constipation.. As a result, my tummy seems smaller as well.. 🙂

I’m into my 15th sachet and i have a flatter tummy as a result of decreased constipation and bloatness.. As for improvement in complexion, i cannot comment much as i have some breakouts as i used a mask that was too harsh for my skin..

To sum up – If you wish to get rid of bloatedness, tummy and constipation, i will highly recommend this product as it is gentle yet effective.. This product definately won’t cause very very bad stomach churning / stomach ache so you can be rest-assured that it won’t disturb your normal lifestyle routine..

Price and availability are as per follows:

1)      Retail Price: $74.90 per box of 30 sachets (15g each)

2)      Available at NTUC Unity, Robinsons, John Little, OG, Nishino, selected Watsons & Guardian

If you find difficulties in locating the point of sales, you can order it on their online store as well.. 🙂 

Right now, i’m giving away 5 travel packs to 5 lucky readers..

Just be the first five to tell me why you want to win this and leave down your name and email address…

**Leave the comment + name + Email address using the comment function at the end of the post…

 I’ll close the giveaway once i have five comments.. I’ll send the items by normal postage.. 🙂

Fastest fingers first! 😀

6 thoughts on “(Sponsored Review & Giveaway) Goodbye to Bad Intestinal Health with CHŌ BEAUTY Inner Cleanse System.

  1. peachbubble says:

    Travel Pack!

    Hi! I’d love to win this and try out how good this is. I love to try out health products and this sounds really good, but my stomach is quite sensitive and so this travel pack will really help to determine if it’s something I can embark on!

    Name: Yvonne
    Email: peachbubble@gmail.com

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