Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser..

Happy Birthday to my Love!

Another Year Older, Another Year wiser!
May the Lord bless you abundantly in all areas of your life 🙂  

It’s the 2nd Birthday that i have spent with him, more to come i know.. But decided to make his day really special so i was squeezing my brain juice trying to make the day memorable..

Decided to rope in his friends as part of the celebration and so we kick-start his birthday celebration one day earlier.. Originally, we were supposed to meet his friends (monthly gathering) but i decided to spring a little surprise.. Told Xiao Yun and Gang that he was craving for the food in Putien so ‘hush hush’ arrangement was made.. His friend treated as if they had forgotten about his Birthday and we were so glad that he did not sense anything amiss…

Yours truly arranged for a cake to be served after dinner and he was caught by surprise.. We were caught by surprise too due to the ‘cheesy’ birthday song that Putien played while the staff brought the cake to our table.. hahahaha!

photo (10)

The next day, we went to Sentosa early in the morning for a staycation cum trip to USS..
Decided on the USS package in Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa which consists of the following:
(Will blog about the hotel soon in another post)

Deluxe room accommodation (king or twin) for 2 people
Buffet breakfast for 2 people
2 one-day passes for Universal Studios Singapore which can be used on weekdays as well as weekends
2 one-day passes for the Maritime Experiential Museum™ (including admission to the Typhoon Theatre)
Complimentary Monorail Sentosa Island Pass for two for the duration of your stay
20% discount on food and beverages during your stay, inclusive of in-room dining

Since it was his birthday, the hotel staff actually allowed us to check in early (at 9.30am).. Bummed around in the room and hotel’s facilities before heading to USS..

The hotel is located opposite Imbiah station (monorail) and we have to take one stop to the Waterfront Station.. Upon reaching USS at 10.30pm, it was already so crowded!!!

First Stop: TRANSFORMERS The Ride @ Sci-Fi

Although we were there early, waiting time was about an hour.. In the midst of waiting, there was technical fault and we waited for another 15 mins.. But the wait was worth it as the ride was really awesome!!! During the ride, we ride on an Autobot called EVAC and we zoomed through tunnels, buildings and down the rooftop.. All 3D movies should be made this way! hehehe!!

After the ride, we decided to get the express pass ($50 per pax) as we did not want to waste much time q-ing… Previously, i missed out a lot of rides due to the long waiting time.. The express pass was really worth it as we get to experience all the rides (minus the wait).

After the transformer ride, it was already 12 plus so decided to head for lunch… He find this ‘ship’ really cool so it deserved a picture shout-out.. It rained shortly after this picture was taken (arghh, the cranky weather!)

Had lunch at Chili’s outside USS and food was really good… Ordered my favorite Buffalo wings while he ordered the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger… If you are into spicy and sour stuff, you’ll love the buffalo wings.. Most important of all, you must compliment it with the blue cheese dressing.. Simply yummy!

As for the Burger, portion is big so you can actually share it… The beef patty is really yummy and juicy (in fact, it is the best burger which i have eaten).. Gosh! I’m actually feeling very hungry while typing this..

After lunch, we decided to take things slow so no exciting rides until our food gets digested.. So off we go to the Merry-go-round, River tour (A Crate Adventure), Madagascar Boogie, Shrek 4D etc..

At 3.50pm, we proceeded to the water world where he wanted to sit at the splash zone! -_-

He truly enjoyed the show but there was a gitch so there was a rewind right in front of our eyes.

Last stop: The Lost World..

Did not get to try most of the rides here during my last visit and i was glad that we did not have to q forthese rides:

Canopy Flyer


Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Had a little accident during the rapids adventure as i was too gan chiong.. Both of us ended up with ‘Ba lu ku’ on our heads.. hahaha!


At 6.30 pm, the rides came to a closure in order to make way for the parade.. Personally, i preferred the ones in HK disney land as it is bigger in scale and there’s more interaction.

We left USS at about 7pm and proceeded to the Beach station.. Chanced upon this restaurant and it is highly raved for its delightful ambiance… It is located near the beachside in Rasa Sentosa (On a side note, we almost chose this as our wedding venue but due to the cranky weather in Singapore, we decided not to take the risk).. 

Requested for the alfresco seats on the deck whereby we can have a romantic dining experience (Imagine this: having a panoramic view of the South China Sea while we dine)… Initally i was worried that we were under-dressed but some patrons also wore causal attires (So i guess it is a norm?)

As i’m a small eater, we ordered 2 sides and 1 Main to share (he ordered red wine to go along with the mixed grill).. The caesar salad is fresh and i really love the crotons! I forgot the name of the other dish but it consists of prawn, scallop and crab meat.. Not only it looks pretty, it taste really good as well.. All items on the plate are fresh and juicy… As for the mixed grill, it is definately value for $$ as portion is pretty big.. The meat are grilled to perfection as well – tender and Juicy.. Most important of all, the lamb doesn’t have any weird taste.. Yummy!

The dinner costed about $130 and i had 15% off due to DBS card discount.. Will definately recommend this place to anyone as the ambiance + food is good and you don’t have to break the bank while doing so.. 🙂

My dearest Derrick, Hope you have enjoyed yourself on this special day..
Now, can you tell me what wishes did you make? 


** I’ll be contacting the winners for the CHO Beauty giveaway soon.. Keep a look out.. 🙂

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