Food Review @ Award Winning Tonny Restaurant

Groupon has to be my fiance’s favourite online site for good food / shopping deals..
Few months back, he paid for a deal which includes 5 Course Abalone Set Meal for Two at Award Winning Tonny Restaurant.. 

Value of this set meal costs $43 per pax but he only paid $21.50 for One Groupon deal (So it’s $43 for 2).. Before getting the deal, he went to Hungrygowhere to check out reviews and it seems not bad.. In addition, he found out that Tonny Restaurant is awarded as being the Top 100 Gourmet Restaurants in Singapore and it is opened by Chef Tonny Chan  (from Hong Kong)..  For every dish, it is made only with fresh ingredients by Chef Tonny himself.. Impressive!

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Located at 325/327 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427582, this restaurant near Dunman Food Centre and can be easily located (the signboard is red in colour and has a mini glass of fame – There are many pictures of Mr Tonny taken with many different celebrities)..

Upon stepping in, we are quickly shown to our table with smiles.. The interior furnishing looks casual and it gave us this no-frills dining experience feeling..

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The 5 Course Set includes:

Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil
Double Boiled Soup with Hong Kong Wonton
Butter Sauced Escargot and Fish Fillet 
Braised Fresh Abalone (Ten Heads with Broccoli and Fried Rice)
Chilled Lemon Grass with Snow Fungus

First Dish: Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil

Not only the presentation looks good, it taste really delicious! The finely cut yam is nicely fried till perfection – Crispy and non-oily.. With the touch of the Truffle oil, each mouthful is flavourful and yet not too over-powering in taste.. This dish can be easily washed down with tea without any oily after-feel..

Second Dish: Double Boiled Soup with Hong Kong Wonton

To be frank, i’m a little disappointed when i lifted up the lid of my soup bowl.. Basically, the bowl was filled up to the brim with chicken soup but there’s only one wonton… 😦

The double boiled chicken soup is sweet and concentrated so i guess the chef has boiled it for hours.. Since i don’t feel thirsty after the meal, i can conclude that NO MSG has been added in the process.. Nothing to shout about for the Wonton but i’ll really appreciate if more wonton can be added..

Third Dish: Butter Sauced Escargot and Fish Fillet 

Lightly battered Fish Fillet is slightly soggy due to the butter sauce.. Fish tastes fresh but i just dislike fried items that are soggy when i bit into it… This dish will be made better if grilled fish is used instead.. On the side note, the escargot is sweet and butter sauce is savoury.

Fourth Dish:Braised Fresh Abalone (Ten Heads with Broccoli and Fried Rice)

Fried rice, to start with does not even look like fried rice. It is presented in a yellow looking form with bits of eggs and gravy over it. The gravy, while making the fried rice soggy, serves to give the otherwise tasteless fried rice some flavor. The fried rice is not oily though, but somehow that leaves me thinking if it is steamed or fried. I am not a big fan of abalone and I hardly eat them. I can only say that it looks quite small, is chewy enough but not rubbery. 

Last Dish:Chilled Lemon Grass with Snow Fungus

Refreshing taste but i find this desert on the sweet side.. Will prefer that the desert comes with a stronger taste of Lemon Grass and with more snow fungus..

At the end of the meal, we paid $8++ for a pot of tea and wet tissues.. Whether or not we are returning to the restaurant for the second time, we are actually sitting on the fence for this.. 

Overall, we are quite happy with the quality and taste of most of the dishes.. In addition, the place doesn’t charge GST and service is good.. However, we have the feeling that we are being short-charged as we are using Groupon.. If we have to pay the full price of $43 for this 5 course meal, then the food portion doesn’t justify for it… Maybe we will give it another chance if we are around the area as their crab congee looks good.. 

Till then!! Blessed Weekend ahead! 🙂

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