ZA and Les Affaires’s Kissy Kissy Kiss! Blogger Event!

Last week, i attended ZA’s Kissy Kissy Kiss! Blogger Event.. 

Charmian has mentioned about this new product launch during the ZA total Hydration BB Cream’s event and i’m really looking forward to it.. Thank you Charmain for the kind invitation once again!


Event is held at Les Affaires (Wisma Atria) which is the flagship boutique in Singapore..

In case you have not heard of Les Affaires, its product line includes comfy, fashionable and versatile Sleepwear / Loungewear..  

Over at Les Affaires, they strongly believes that everyone deserves a good night’s rest which will leave us truly revitalised.. After a long and tiring day at work, bedtime should be the time to indulge in tranquillity and rejuvenation.. This is why Les Affaires focuses on French-inspired sleepwear which oozes European exuberance and love for life. 

Les Affaires’ sleepwear / Loungewear are designed in a way that it is comfortable and yet gorgeous..  They are all designed and made with love using quality fabrics with lovely details and exquisite designs.

Each piece of sleepwear / Lounge wear is so well-designed and pretty so it is versatile enough for you to wear it out (i’m kidding you not!!).  Gone are the days when sleep wear are just meant to be worn while sleeping! 

Its exciting sleepwear / Lounge wear includes romantic chemise dresses, bridal-theme sleepwear and chic camisoles etc.. if you wish to find out more about Les Affaires, you can check out their website (Psst! Online shopping is available for your convenience) 

Anyway, new lip products from ZA will available for purchase from 30 August 2012 onwards. 

Products include Lip Drop (Lip-Gross) and Pure Shine (Lip stick) in 10 exciting colours..

In addition, there will be new colors added to the Eyes Groovy collection which is launched in Feb.. Ring a bell? If not, read more about it here!

After all the exploring and photo-taking, it’s time for me to take a rest and indulge in some light refreshment before the event starts.. To my surprise, i was given a really cutesy cup of Tiramisu (known as the Cuppa Hero from The Tiramisu Hero).. Not only it looks good, it taste Yummy as well.. I’m not a big fan of cakes (normally i’ll only have a few mouthfuls) but i managed to ’empty’ the cup…     
The Tiramisu is moist and not too sweet with a slight tinge of alcohol.. Very balanced i must say!

Too bad the hotel doesn’t allow us to bring in 3rd party food, if not i’ll love to order it for my wedding luncheon’s cocktail. 😦

So what new products will ZA be launching this time?

As you can see from the picture below, one of the item will be Lip Drop which will plump up your lips with its glossy and dewy texture.. If you wish to define your lips with color, ZA is also launching their Pure Shine Lip Stick which will jazz up your lips with juicy-looking colors.. Not forgetting, ZA is adding new trendy colors to their Eye Groovy Collection to give you alluring eyes.

Kissy Kissy Kisses with ZA Lip Drop

Lip Drop will provide all users with dewy, glossy and plumped up lips without leaving behind a sticky film (due to its ‘Drop Seal Prescription’).. The lip gross will provide lips with long-lasting high shine and moisture as it contains collagen complex and moisturizing agents. Moisturizing agents includes Hylauronic Acid and Primose oil to supply and retain moisture on lips.   

Each Lip Drop is Dermatologist tested and it contains lip-caring Vitamin E derivative.

Lip Drops are available in 10 different girly shades and each tube is donned in limited edition floral packaging to evoke the images of love. Beside looking good, it smells good as well as Lip Drop has a ‘Floral Fruity’ Scent derived from an unique blend of Orange, mixed fruits, Jasmine Rose and Fenugreek seeds.. 

Since there are 10 different shades, you can now dress up with lips to match your LOTD (Look of the day)

For example: If you have an important meeting with your bosses, you can make use of Shade 08 or 09 to maintain your professional look..

If you are meeting your special someone after work, shade 01 and 10 will be suitable to keep his eyes on you.. 🙂

Each shade has a love theme and it will be the perfect gifts for your gfs as well. Spread the love aye!

Kissy Kissy Kisses with ZA Pure Shine

For a high definition lip color, you can count on ZA Pure Shine to give your lips a pure color of with its prismatic red pigments. This range of lip colors contains moisturizing agents like Collagen Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Evening Primrose oil. All these will help prevent lips from drying and replenishes your lips with long-lasting moisture + gloss..

The packaging of Pure Shine is slim and compact which fits into any makeup pouch easily for fuss-free touch up on the go…  
Pure Shine will be suitable for everyone (including those with sensitive lips) as it contains ZA’s signature ingredient Vitamin E and it is dermatologist-tested.

Pure shine also comes in 10 different shades to suit the unique you.. If you are looking for a natural looking color to enhance your lip’s tone, you can check out Shade 02 and 04..

If you want a brighter-looking pucker, you can shine with Shade 01, 05 or 08.. To make a statement with bold red lips, Shade 06 or 09 will give you sexy lips.. For a sun-kissed look, you can count on Shade 03, 07 or 10.

Alluring Eyes With ZA Eyes Groovy

Eyes are the window to the soul and with ZA Eyes Groovy, you can create a three-dimensional look on your eyes effortlessly with its carefully selected color range.

Previously, the Eyes Groovy is available in 4 colors to cater to different needs:
1) Lady Brown – For that Feminine and chic look.
2) White Illuminator – Unleash the rock chick style in you..
3) Icy Smoky – For Cool and Stylish Smoky eyes for that big night out.
4) Aqua Squash – Its vivid and fresh colors will brighten up and makes you lively.

As mentioned, there are 2 new shades added to the collection and they are Mauve Berry + Glamorous Gold… The ZA Eyes Groovy are made to create hi-fidelity colors and clear definition using Brilliant Powder Complex. The eye shadow contains micro fine powder that allows easy blending for a long-lasting Brilliant finish.. In addition, the powder are made from skin-fit formula which spreads well and adhere close to eyelids which allows a beautiful color graduation.. 

During the event, the Les Affaires’s ladies also shared with us on how to complement the different shades of lip drops with its fine selection of sleepwear.. In addition, they also shared how we turn their selection of sleepwear into ‘street-wear’.. At the end of the event, each of us get to bring home a piece of their apparel and i have chosen a sweet baby doll top (Will show you towards the end of the post).. Apologizes for the blurred photos as my camera cannot function well under low-lights condition..  😦

The two lovely ladies who accompied me during the event and brought me so much fun.. Thank you babes!

Presenting the Sleepwear that i have chosen from Les Affaires’s newest collection (Fall / Holiday 2012)

Have chosen Pink in order to match my new ZA lip products.. 🙂

Babydoll Dress with lace is available in Peach Blush and Whisper White (S/M/L) and it belongs to Les Affaires Premium Bridal range 

Made of absorbing and soft Modal Fabric (95% modal, 5% spandex jersey), the material feels really soft and comfy to the touch… I I have a long torso so it is too short for me to wear it as a dress!!! Will need to go back to get a matching bottom.. LOL!! 

At the end of the event, i also brought back the newly launched ZA products for review.. I’m a big fan of pinkish shade for lip products as they will make me more demure (i cannot carry off dark shades as i’ll look really mature).. So i have chosen Shade 03 for the Lip Drop and Shade 05 for the Pure Shine Lips as the pink is on the soft / subtle side..

Rating for Lip Drop (LP)  and Pure Shine (PS) Lips:

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥ (For both)

LP – Very feminine packaging with floral prints so it enables you to locate it easily in your make-up pouch.. The easy-to-squeeze tube packing will enable you to control the amount of lip-gross you wish to dispense (minus the mess).. Also, the tip has diagonally cut so it allows application closer to lips (So there’s no need for any brushes to ensure even application)

PS – Slim in size, it won’t occupy too much space in your makeup pouch… The pink ZA logo on the pearly white casing made the lipstick looks sleek and chic..

Texture: ♥♥♥♥♥  (Full marks for both)

LP – Lip Glossy isn’t very sticky so it won’t cause any form of discomfort and can be cleaned off easily.. Previously i was using Majolica Majorca’s lip gloss and it find it quite sticky (Sometimes when the wind is strong and my hair gets into the way, it will end up sticking onto my lips!!!).

PS – The lip stick is creamy so it is very easy to glide it on.. Also, the color is pigmented so you don’t need to apply a thick layer for the color to show up.. After application, it has a shiny finish but doesn’t feels sticky.. However if you prefer your lip-stick give you matt lips, then Pure Shine won’t be the appropriate product for you..

Scent: ♥♥♥♥ (For Lip Balm), ♥♥ (For Lipstick)

LP – Lip gloss smells sweet – floral with a nice touch of fruity scent.. Love it when my lip gloss smells nice so that my finance won’t complain that my lip products smells weird.. =x 

PS – Just smells like all other lipsticks.. Will be better if it is as nice smelling as Lip drops.

Moisture Level: ♥♥♥♥ (Full marks for both)

As my lips tends to crack easily, i cannot do without lip-balm..However, these 2 products can replace my lip-balm as it helps me to prevent chapped lips.. My lips stays moist (No cracked lips) even after the products goes off (after eating / drinking).. No need to use any lip-balm prior the application of these 2 lip products! Love it! 🙂

Lip Drop retails at $11.90 and Pure Shine at $17.50 (Available exclusively at Watsons from 30 August onwards)


Both products contains glitters and i hope you can see it as it is quite difficult to capture the details…

Look at my Juicy and Plump-looking lips!!! The pinkish tint is so Kawaii, don’t you think so?

Some people said that black framed spectacles will actually make one looks very stern and serious.. But with a pink pout, i believe it will help to ‘break’ the seriousness.. Am i right? 🙂


Rating for Eyes Groovy:
Note: The Color Swatch is from Left to Right

As you can see from the swatch below, this eyeshadow will be suitable for people who prefers a more natural-looking make up.. Maybe i’m used to using UD’s eyeshadow (you should know how pigmented is it) so i find the first three colors very subtle… If you prefer the colors to be more obvious, the colors are buildable (you just have to swipe a few more times in order to get more pigments on).. Love the fact that the color combination goes on well so you don’t have to worry about having weird looking eye-make up after blending.. Eye Groovy is shimmery and is rather long-lasting (I had eye-primer on) as most of the colors can still be seen at the end of the day…

Eyes Groovy retails at $18.50 (The new colors are available exclusively at Watsons from 30 August onwards)


**Special thanks to Les Affaires and ZA for hosting this lovely event! 

Hope you have enjoy reading my reviews and have a nice day everyone! 🙂

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