(Sponsored Review) V-facts about Lactacyd White Intimate and Revitalize

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Are you a fan of tight clothing? Tight Shorts!

Tight mini-dress (Often with G-string as you don’t want any VPL)

I’m someone who cannot live without my short shorts and mini dresses but wearing them over pro-longed period has resulted in my bikini area to darken.. Darkened bikini area occurs when you perspire and there’s excessive friction from tight clothing. To prevent it, you have either ditched your tight clothes or try not to perspire (Which is impossible in Singapore)..

But hey, good news for us! Do you know that there’s a new product which will aids with lightening of dark bikini area?

Lactacyd has introduced the first ever lightening intimate wash in Singapore which is proven to show results in just four weeks..
Besides cleansing your sensitive V-zone, the intimate wash also contains skin lightening benefits with its natural ingredients.. The whitening effect has been tested and proven during the product test as 90% of the Asian ladies have experienced visible lightening after 3 weeks and 67% in just four weeks..

Lactacyd has sent me their new products for review and now i can have a fair and flawless V-zone! Thank you! 🙂

Lactacyd has more than 30 years’ experience and presence in many markets which makes it the top feminine hygiene wash brand in the world.  Its strong presence has been seen in Hong Kong and many Asean countries like Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.. Lactacyd is discovered and developed by Sanofi, a global and diversified healthcare leader that focuses on patients’ / consumers’ specific needs. Its consumer healthcare portfolio in Asia Pacific includes many renowned brand names for Vitamins, minerals and supplements etc. For more information on the company, you can visit http://www.sanofi.com….  

In the past, i have this misconception that using body wash is sufficient to cleanse the V-zone and that feminine wash is only required in the event of Yeast infection..  Noob I know…
One might argue that body wash will provide basis cleansing for your V-zone but sometimes the product might be too harsh that it disturbs the PH level (which will leads to infection).. Therefore, a reliable cleansing product for the V-zone is recommended to maintain a balanced and ‘pink state’ of V-health… 
In the event of vaginal infection, relying on feminine wash solely will not cure an infection… Regular medications by healthcare providers like topical creams, suppositories and antibiotics will be needed instead…  Feminine hygiene products will help to reinforce the effects of these prescribed medication by speeding up recovery and reduces recurrence of the infection.. Therefore in any circumstances, it is always important replace the use of body wash with feminine wash for your V-zone.
So what’s reliable? The feminine hygiene line must go through a series of clinical test to ensure it fight against possible irritation of your V-zone.. The feminine hygiene line must be made from mild and natural ingredients to fight against itch, irritation and odour. You can always keep yourself clean and fresh, and at the same time be worry-free about your vagina’s health. 
Lactacyd is able to meet the requirements stated above which makes it one of the most trusted brands in personal intimate care. Each Lactacyd product is made with mild and natural ingredients (lactoserum and lactic acid) to re-assure users of favourable V-zone treatment.. Moreover, Lactacyd is highly recommended by doctors when it comes to feminine hygiene.

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Introducing the latest innovations from Lactacyd to further meet the needs of ladies – White intimate and Revitalize..

Lactacyd White Intimate is developed to meet the increased needs for skin lightening products in Asia. As such, this new launch will motivate users to pay more attention and pamper their V-zone.. The white intimate is derived from natural ingredients (Marine based Algowhite, plant-based Actipone-B and milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid).. Lactacyd Revitalize is another new product which will make its debut in Singapore.. This new youth reviving feminine wash will rejuvenate skin to leave it supple and firm.. In addition, it contains gentle cleansing and anti-ageing properties like Vitamin E, collagen and Trehalson to ‘restore’ the healthy state of the V-zone.

These two products are dermatologically tested safe to be used for the intimate area on a daily basis… 

Lactacyd Revitalize is a youth reviving feminine wash which has moisturizing and firming proven efficiency…

(80% of women witnessed moisturizing effect in 4 weeks and close to 50% experienced firming effect in 4 weeks)
** Product test on 120 Asian women during April to June 2011

The key features includes:

1) Firming and moisturizing
2) Made with Natural Ingredients
3) pH level of 5.2

Natural Ingredients includes:

1) Vitamin E: Antixodiant and destroys free radicals

2) Collagen: To hydrate and delay signs of ageing

3) Trehalson: Long-lasting deodorant moisturizer which helps retain moisture

4) Lactoserum: Milk-based revitalizing and moisturizing agent.

5) Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing and anti-itch agent.

The Lactacyd White Intimate is the first intimate wash with lightening properties to be introduced in Singapore.. To initiate fairness, natural ingredients which are proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area are used..

1) Algowhite – Marine-based whitening agent that reduces melanin synthesis and lightens. It also exfoliates by activating the cell to reduce dark areas and protects skin by inhibiting free radicals.

2) Actipone-B – Another marine based whitening agent that lightens skin by slowing down production of melanin that causes skin darkness.

3) Lactoserum– Milk-based agent that moisturize and revitalize.

4) Lactic Acid– Natural, soothing and anti-itching agent.

Product test is conducted on 100 Asian ladies from September to December 2011 and it has been found that 90% have visible lightening in 12 weeks while 67% has visible lightening in 4 weeks.

My Verdict


Lactacyd White Intimate

Lactacyd Revitalize



Refreshing Ocean Scent

Refreshing Ocean Scent


Ease of Use

Thumb-size amount is sufficient to ‘cover’ the V-zone.. The foam can be washed off easily

Thumb-size amount is sufficient to ‘cover’ the V-zone.. The foam can be washed off easily

Both products comes in a easy to squeeze 250ml bottle.


Feminine wash is gel-based and it will become foamy upon contact with water..

Feminine wash is gel-based and it will become upon contact with water..

Upon contact with the V-zone, there’s a slight cooling minty sensation.

For best result, thumb size amount to be used 2x daily.

Because i have to review both feminine wash, i have been using each on alternate days for the past10 days… As such, i cannot comment much difference on the whitening / firming aspects due to the duration… Personally, i will prefer the Revitalize wash as it has an additional cooling minty sensation.. I’m happy with both products as it leaves my V-zone clean and i observed that there’s less itching (Especially if i’m wearing non-cotton undies as it allows less ventilation)..

Beside the White Intimate and Revitalize, Lactacyd also carries other types of Feminine Wash to cater to different needs..

1) Lactacyd pH 3.5 – $2 for 60ml and $11.90 for 250ml

During the time of the month, you can make use of Lactacyd pH 3.5 to help pro-balance elevated PH level.. This range contains Lactic acid (from natural milk extract) which will help soothes and prevent itchiness.. With regular usage, there will be lesser odour and irritation and it helps vaginal PH to be balanced.. Because it is hypo-allergenic, it will be suitable for everyone (including people with sensitive skin).

2) Lactacyd Nourish – $6.90 for 150ml and $11.90 for 250ml

For the extra moisturizing fix, the nourish range contains 10% more milk extract to boost hydration for your V-zone.. At the same time, it helps prevent odor and irritation…

3) Lactacyd Wipes – $4.95 for 3 packets (10 wipes each)

If you need that extra comfort on the go, you can turn to the Lactacyd wipes for freshness on the go.. The wipes contain Lactic acid from natural milk extract to help maintains normal PH and prevents odour + irritation.

If you wish to try the feminine wash, you can now redeem a Lactacyd Trial Kit at their FB Page from 17th August to 17 September 2012.. 


1) Click the ‘Like’ icon.
2) On the right hand side of the page, you should be able to see ‘Free Sample’ and click on it…

3) Fill up your particulars and if possible, please list my blog (http://jermaineee.livejournal.com/) as your referral! 🙂

Lactacyd Intimate White and Revitalize can be found at all leading pharmacies and sold at a recommended price of $13.90 (250ml)..

Thanks for reading and remember to grab the trial Kit (remember to indicate my blog address as your referral!) 🙂


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