(Review) Combating Acne with Facial @ My Cozy Room

After enjoying 8 months of clear skin with the aid of Accutane, acne / pimples have decided to attack with a vengance again!! Due to the nature of my problematic skin, i knew that this was coming but i can’t help but feel depressed…

Before i started the first course of Accutance, Dr Chua told me that results will vary from individual and on average people will stay acne-free for at least a year.. I’m one of the unlucky ones who suffers from a releaspe so soon.. Sigh!

Because of the horrible side effects, i have decided not to turn to medication to improve my skin condition.. Because of the medication, my skin also became very sensitive with red patches on many parts of my face.. Not only that, acne and bumps kept emerging on my skin and i tried to salvage it by switching to acne prevention skincare products but to no avail….

As you can see from the pictures below, i’m Ms ‘Dotty’ with an ‘abundance of pimples and acne’ on my face…

Because of the persistent breakouts, i have stopped using most of my base make-up (Except concealer) as my pores tend to clog very easily…  Although i knew that concealer will clog my pores, i needed something to cover up my imperfections in order to face the world… My skin condition took a turn for the worse after i came back from my vacation in Krabi and my friends have suggested facial to clear those imperfections…

After gathering some recommendation from fellow beauty bloggers (Vivian, Valerie and Melissa), i have decided to give to My Cozy Room a try.. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is located at 56A Cairnhill Road (Behind Mount Elizabeth Hospital)..

(Image from Bing Maps)

Nearest MRT will be either Orchard or Somerset station.. Walk towards Paragon Shopping centre, locate the taxi stand and continue to walk straight ahead towards the traffic junction.

At the traffic junction, you’ll be able to see Fraser Residence on the opposite side… Cross the road and continue to walk..

From Fraser Residence, you will be able to see one row of shop-house. My Cozy Room is located at the shop-house on the outer left-hand side..

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa offers services dedicated to pamper one’s face, body and nails.. At this one stop spa sanctuary, one can expect services to pamper the face, nails and body.. Being an award winning boutique spa, My Cozy Room strives to restore one’s well-being through a serenity and cozy spa experience.. During each treatment, you’ll be pampered with highly quality natural products with experienced therapists.

My Cozy Room is located on the 2nd floor of the shop house.. After climbing up the stairs, you will enter into a quiet and cosy lounge area.. Just like its name has suggested, My Cozy Room is furnished with a vintage victoria style setting with many girly white furnishings with warm lights.. Upon stepping in, you will be welcomed by friendly and pretty Celine and everyone will make you feel at home…

If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of a stressful environment, you can indulge in some ‘ME’ time… Beside facial, My Cozy Room offers other spa services like massage and nail services.. For the brides-to-be, My Cozy Room also hosts Bridal Spa Party for you to pamper your girlfriends!

Beside skilful therapist to carry out the facial routine, quality products to address your skin condition and concern is important too.. My Cozy Room uses products from Babor as it is the pioneer in professional skincare and the leading brand from Germany. BABOR’s products are derived after innovative scientific research and made from high quality and effective natural ingredients.
Babor’s R&D work begins with a beauty concern and researches are targeted to find the optimal solutions to address it… The R&D Team is made up of different teams of interdisciplinary experts (including dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, doctors and diabetes specialists) while working closely with renowned universities and scientific establishments. After the findings, the knowledge are translated with the finest and natural active ingredients before turning them into luxury and effective skincare products. Because the products are highly effective, Babor has won many beauty and spa awards world-wide..

Due to Babor’s expertise and years of research, many product lines which are suitable for different skin concerns are launched…
Its extensive product lines are of top notch quality and some ranges include:

1) Cleansing – HY-OL and Phytoactive, the natural and unique bi-phase cleanser for the all-important cleansing routine.

2) Beauty Fluids – Highly concentrated and quality Ampoules.

3) Basic care – Skincare for the young.

4) Pure – Removing imperfections and getting skin into the healthy state.

5) Pure Select – Targeting imperfections on more mature skin.

6) Babor Men – Skincare for the males who wants skin full of vitality.

7) Suncare system – Embrace the sun and your skin.


Because i have sensitive and acne prone skin, my anti-acne facial will be incorporated with products from the PURE range (To target my acne / pimples) and Beauty Fluid (Ampoule) to calm the sensitivity…

Facial is done in a cozy room and comfortable room ‘hidden’ on the upper floor with a lot of privacy.. Previously, i did facial at B.B (go figure the name) and i had to share the room with someone (Not a pleasant experience).. The facial will take approximately 2 hours and the procedure are as per follows:

1) The therapist (I’m alternating between Iris and Violet) will start off with the cleansing process with Babor HY-OL to remove all grimes / tinted pimple cream on my skin.

2) Depending on the sensitivity of my face, a layer of enzyme cream to remove dead skin cell will be applied and left under steam.. Once pores are opened, Iris / Violet will massage and cleanse the enzyme cream away..

3) Now comes the most hatred part which is extraction to decongest my pores… Due to the nature of my skin, i must say that Iris / Violent is really thoroughly with the extraction and normally a lot of impurities are extracted… I’m not going to deny the fact that extraction is painful as facial skin is highly sensitive.. All i can say that extraction is not as painful as compared to my previous facial experience as Iris / Violet will try to minimize the discomfort.

4) After an hour of extraction, high frequency machine will be used to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface.. During the process, you will experience a slight ting-ing sensation which i dislike.. =/

5) Next, ampoule will be applied and ‘icing’ will be done with a roller to soothe the skin.. I love this part the most as the cooling sensation will never fail to calm my skin down..

6) While the mask is being left on for 10-15 mins, Iris / Violet will pamper me with scalp, back and shoulder massage to loosen my tight muscle knots.. After the mask is cleaned off, Babor products (Normally the pure range) will be applied on.

My skin is very sensitive and any slight friction will leave it red (Even blotting my skin gently will result in red patches on my skin).. Therefore, facial will not be an exception as i will certainly get very red and swollen patches all over my face…

Although quite a fair bit of extraction was done By Iris / Violet and it took about an hour to extract the gunk from my pores; the state of my skin wasn’t as bad as i thought. Took this picture straight away facial and this is the first time i’m not looking like a walking swollen pig head…

The next day, there wasn’t much red patches on my skin and red marks were seen only on those big pimples.. With only one session, there’s so much visible results as my skin looks so much smoother and healthier! Because of this, i signed up a package with My Cozy Room on the spot 😡

Till date, i have gone for about 4 sessions and i’m pleased that my skin condition has improved vastly. Together with my new skincare routine with Babor products (I will share more on it in another post), my breakouts are more controlled and i’ll only get some minor breakouts when approaching the time of the month… Picture below is taken by Jones and i only had tinted pimple cream, eyeliner, mascara and blusher on my face… You can see that there is lesser angry looking acne and skin texture is much smoother…  Really happy with the state of my skin now as i don’t to rely on medication to maintain a healthier looking skin.. .


If you are looking for a place to do your facial without any form of hard selling, you can give My Cozy Room a try as you won’t be pressurized into buying anything… In My Cozy Room, treating your skin concern is their main priority so you can be rest-assured that the facial experiences will be nothing but the best…
If you wish to try out their facial, My Cozy Room has offers first time trial at $88 which includes choice of Radiance/ Anti-Acne or Calming Sensitive Facial, depends on the skin conditions + Sensational Eye Treatment.. You can book the appointment via email (info@mycozyroom.com.sg) or you can give Celine a call @ 6732 0030..
Thanks for reading and do let me know your experiences with My Cozy Room 🙂


15 thoughts on “(Review) Combating Acne with Facial @ My Cozy Room

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    • jermaineeee says:

      Re: Vivian

      Hello Vivian,

      I’m using Babor Tinted Purifier Cream..

      I find that the coverage is good (Can hide the redness). In addition, it will heal my pimples at the same time..

      One tube is 15ml and can last a long time..

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. hc says:

    Hi, are you still visiting my cozy room? I wish to know if its works well as I have acne skin. Was deciding between chemical peel, facial or carbon laser. could you advise.

  4. Tonry says:

    Currently, there are so many acne medication out there and most of them are grouped as antibiotics and anti-inflamatories. Regular soap is great for cleaning the surface of the skin. Topical vitamin B3 is really a great anti-inflammatory for acne.

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