(Advertorial & Review) Senka and Ma Cherie exclusive preview launch

Want sweet smelling, manageable hair and healthy skin with products from Japan?
No, they are not gonna burn a hole in your pockets..
If you are interested, just continue to read on…

(Picture from http://www.shiseido.co.jp/macherie/index.html)

One week ago, Charmian from Shiseido Singapore has invited me to the preview launch of her two new ‘babies’ – Senka and Ma Cherie. Although the preview launch fell on my anniversary day, she was kind enough to extend the invitation to me and present to me first before ‘releasing’ me for my anniversary dinner (So touched!! Thanks for being so sweet and understanding.. hehe)

Anyway back to the topic, event was held at OCTA HOTEL @ MILLENIA WALK.. Initially, i thought that it is a hotel but it is a restaurant in actual fact.. Hahahaha! Pardon my ignorance…

Did a quick check online before the event to understand more about the two new product lines.. Will first start on with Ma Cherie first.. ūüôā

Ma Cherie first originated from Japan and this hair care product line promises to address all hair concerns in a sweet and luxurious manner. Ma Cherie meant ‘my sweetheart’ in French and its products will leave hair soft and silky with romantic fragrance that lingers.

The first secret to smooth hair lies in its Champagne Honey Gelee’s composition that gives hair long lasting smooth texture. The composition includes champagne, honey and other moisturizing ingredients (see below) that will retain moisture thus preventing flyaway hair..


I know many ladies will prefer hair products that will leave their hair smelling nice for as long as possible.. Me too! Especially in Singapore’s climate aas i’ll tend to perspire a lot.. Besides giving you smooth hair, Ma Cherie’s long-lasting romantic fragrance secrets lies in the sugary harmony of its unique ingredients. This ‘special mix’ has a sweet and fresh aroma with a hint of musk that smells like fresh fruits in the shower. After the hair is dry, the scent will settle down into a sweet floral and sensual scent…¬†


Under the Ma Cherie hair care series, there are two types of ranges: Air Feel and Moisture.

The Air Feel Range will be suitable for ladies who want to achieve hair with volume. This range will give flat hair volume while leaving it smooth without weighting it down.

The Moisture range will be suitable who has dry and damage hair that needs extra moisture boost.. This range will help treats dry ends and leaves hair manageable and silky smooth.

The Air Feel Range consists of Shampoo (200ml/500ml), Conditioner (200ml/500ml) and treatment (180g).. Prices range from $10.90 Р$19.90 respectively.

The Moisture Range consists of Shampoo (200ml/500ml), Conditioner (200ml/500ml) and treatment (180g).. Prices range from $11.50 Р$20.50 respectively.

If you wish to try out the basic cleansing products first before getting the retail size, there’s travel set available for both ranges (shampoo & conditioner 50ml) @ $8.90..

Beside the products that you saw above, Ma Cherie has other additional products that will address common hair issues like frizzy flyaway hair, SOS for last-min bad hair day and also fighting against odor. Some products that caught my attention and are considering getting:

1) Hair Fragrance – This will come in handy if i go to smokey area for lunch / dinner because i’ll really smell like the place after i walk out.. This hair fragrance will give my hair lingering delicious scent and fight against odor…¬†

2) Aqua Energy Mist РCatchy name! I have heard of facial mist but not energy mist for the hair! This product is actually a mist leave on treatment to tame Frizzy hair.. Since moisture level is 3/5 stars, it will leave hair tame and smooth.

3) Perfect Shower Moist¬†– As the name has suggested, this product is to be used ‘to replace to state of hair after shower’ as it is a bed hair fix.. Just have to¬†apply¬†it onto frizzy hair (meant to be applied on dry hair) and it will act as a leave on treatment to refresh hair instantly.. No more excuses for bad hair days.. ūüôā

4) Aqua Dew Energy EX РAs you know i have very dry hair due to multiple chemical treatment and sensitive scalp, so i cannot use too rich products on my hair.. This Aqua Dew Energy EX is actually a gel leave on treatment for damage hair (To be applied on dry hair).. With 4/5 stars of moisture level, it will add gloss and treat dryness of hair instantly.

5) Air Feel / Moisture Treatment – Beside daily conditioning of hair using conditioner, it is always good to apply intensive treatment to hair at least once weekly to restore shine to hair…¬†

6) Hair Oil РI was using hair oil previously due to the damaged state of my hair (if not i cannot even comb it properly!). This oil leave on will help treat damaged hair as it is highly moisturizing (5/5 stars) and it will revive extremely stiff + damaged hair strands.

Beside the products above, there are more under this product range. For the full misc products list, you can refer to the picture below..


Next up, introducing Senka ¬†– ‚ÄėThe Skincare made for you‚Äô.¬†
A little background information on Senka ‚Äď The project team is established and products are created from the requirements of its customers. Senka strongly believes that skincare is something necessary to use on a daily basis and this is why one should select the optimal products that will address individual‚Äôs skin concern. This is why Senka is¬†dedicated¬†to develop products that will enable users to enjoy the beneficial effects after regular use. Senka‚Äôs aim is not to develop fly-by-night products but to build long-term relationship with everyone because they care.

The 5 promises of Senka
1)To thoroughly research and identify your needs.
2)To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology
3)To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan
4)To focus on product quality rather than packing frills
5)Our products will be kind to the environment.

Senka offers 4 different product ranges:

1)¬† ¬†Senka Hoshitsu Lotion ‚Äď The one step solution to Hydrating

2) ¬† Senka Whitening Lotion ‚Äď The whitening¬† lotion comparable to serum

3) ¬†¬†Senka UV Protection ‚Äď Complete protection against UV

4) ¬† ¬†Senka Cleaner Range ‚Äď Effective yet gentle cleansers

The first range will be the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion which will be the one step solution to moisturizer.  This range originated from customers who want products that have excellent moisturizing capabilities without adding on the number of products to their daily skincare lotion. After listening to more than 4000 people’s wishes and many trial and errors, the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion is now borne to provide everyone with the 1 step only moisturizing lotion
Under the Hoshitsu Lotion range there are three products:
1)Hoshitsu Lotion (Moist), 200ml @ $16.90
Suitable for normal to dry skin
To be used after cleansing, the unique SENKA micro-moisture manufacturing process will allow rich level of moisture to reach deep into skin’s layers.
2)Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh), 200ml @ $16.90
Suitable for normal to oily skin
To be used after cleansing, this lotion made from moisturizing cream will lock in ultimate hydrating power to reveal elastic skin with no sticky after feel
3)Hoshitsu Emulsion, 150ml @ $16.90
To be used after lotion, the light texture will help retain moisture for a long period of time


The key to moisturizing the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion lies in the Micro Moisture Manufacturing process and its ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly GL).
The Micro moisture manufacturing process helps to achieve the moisturizing level of a cream in a lotion by using an original emulsifying technology. In this technology, plenty of concentrated moisturizing cream components are combined into the water-soluble moisturizing liquid. As a result, products are non sticky and super hydrating.
The key ingredients also bring about double goodness in moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid is well known for its moisture retaining properties and SENKA has integrated two types into the lotion. The first type has sticky characteristics and the second helps to retain the lotion longer into the skin. This combination will help improve the lotion’s texture when applied and also the moisturizing properties.
Royal Jelly provides effective properties that are not too heavy for daily usage. In addition, Royal Jelly is packed with many good effective elements which are beneficial to skin. The ‚ÄėGL‚Äô stands for glycerine, a moisturizing agent which will further adds on to the moisturizing capability of the lotion

Next, it’s SENKA whitening lotion¬†and this range of whitening lotion will give results comparable to serum. With the expertise accumulated from the research and development of the SENKA Hoshitsu lotion, the team worked on these whitening products using¬†feedback¬†from many customers in the market regarding the existing whitening products in the market.. As such, this range will provide an one stop whitening effect and moisture supply to the skin without hefty price tag..

Like the¬†SENKA Hoshitsu lotion, the whitening lotion also has the same Micro-moisture manufacturing process to better enhance serum effect of the whitening lotion… In addition, usage of Vitamin C in SENKA whitening lotion will further accelerate whitening capability.. With Vitamin C as another key ingredient, it will prevent the¬†appearance¬†of new spots and freckles by slowing down the production of melanin. As Vitamin C will become fragile when in contact in water, SENKA has use a stable derivation of Vitamin C to ensure optimal whitening effect as Vitamin C.


Under the ‘Lotion made from Whitening Serum (The SENKA Whitening lotion range) there are two products:
1) Whitening Lotion (Fresh), 200ml @ $17.90
Suitable for normal to oily skinTo be applied after cleansing on a daily basis, this whitening lotion will help achieve hydrated, visibly brighter and luminous skin.. With formulated progressive release Vitamin C, this whitening lotion will guard against melanin production and pigmentation. 2) Whitening Lotion (Moist), 200ml @ $17.90
Suitable for normal to dry skin

To be applied after cleansing on a daily basis, this whitening lotion works the same as the Whitening lotion (Fresh) to bring you the best whitening + Moisturizing results. Most important of all, both products do not contain fragrance and artificial colors.

Any skincare brand won’t be completed without a product with UV protection so SENKA is not an exception.. The research and development of SENKA UV protection took 5 years before discovering a technique to create a gel that can be used with SPF 50 rated products. Why did SENKA go through the trouble of R&D for this unique gel?¬†Because¬†with a gel form SPF 50 UV protection product, the texture won’t be sticky and it will spread more evenly over skin. As such, anyone who uses this product will enjoy the¬†pleasant¬†feeling on skin during application.¬†

The SENKA UV Protection range will reliably blocks strong UV rays for long period of time (Both UVA and UVB).. As such, skin will be protected against harm like dryness and pigmentation formulation. The UV Protection gel has a mineral water based texture (as it contains 100% mineral water) that can be absorbed fast into the skin without leaving a white cast. After application, there will not be any greasy film leave but instead silky smooth finish.. The UV protection range also act as a pre-make up base for a smoother application of foundation.


The UV Gel comes in two types of SPF – SPF 50/PA++ and SPF 27/PA++.

The Perfect UV gel (SPF 50/PA++) retails at $16.90 for 40ml. It is suitable for people who engage more in outdoor sports / activities and get high exposure to UV-rays. Suitable for all skin type as it is fragrance free, contains no artificial color, no mineral oil and dermatologist tested.

The Pure UV gel (SPF 27/PA++) retails at $16.90 for 80ml. It is suitable everyday use and for all skin type. It is also fragrance free, contains no artificial color, no mineral oil and dermatologist tested.

Last but not least, SENKA has a cleaner range which i absolutely adore!!! Saw this range of products in Taiwan 2 years back and i bought back some products to try.. Since it is so affordable and effective, i’ll have to trouble my friends to help me purchase it whenever they go to Taiwan.. Right now, it is available in Singapore and i’m really glad!!!

You must try the perfect whip as the foam is dense and it removes make-up / impurities well without drying out the skin… I love it!

Perfect Whip (120g @ $12.90)

Perfect as a cleanser, the dense and long-lasting foam will protect skin while it removes impurities from every pore. Suitable for all skin types, it will leave skin soft and moisturized.

Perfect Gel (160g @ $13.90)

Suitable for dry and dry combination skin, this gel-based cleanser contains micro-size smooth oil particles that will remove make-up and mascara.. Now make-up can be wiped off in one single step without any sticky after feel.

Perfect Liquid (150ml @ $16.90)

The perfect liquid will dissolve heavy and waterproof make-up and dirt¬†instantly.. There’s no need for double cleansing and it is suitable for Oily and Oily combination skin + Normal and normal combination skin.

Perfect Watery Oil (230ml @ $22.90)

Suitable for normal to Oily skin, this watery oil make-up cleanser will remove make-up (Even water-proof ones) / impurities effortlessly without much tugging and scrubbing needed. Its gentle formula can be washed off instantly without any oily after feel and it can be used on wet skin as well.

Perfect Oil (150ml @ $16.90)

Similar to the Perfect Watery Oil, this perfect oil will removes stubborn make-up well without oiliness. Not only that, it will also remove pore-clogging impurities at the same time.. This cleansing oil will be more suitable for skin facing major clog pores issues.

At the end of the event, Charmian gave me three items to bring home to try! She can really read my mind as 2 of the items were what i wanted~! Thank you babe! ūüôā

My favorite item among all РThe Aqua Dew Energy EX

Ever since i did multiple color jobs to my hair over a short span of 5 months (which includes bleaching and few coloring session), i am always on a look out for effective moisturizing hair-care products.. However due to my sensitive scalp, i cannot use too moisturizing and rich products as i will ended up having dandruff.. Therefore, the only solution is to use non-oily leave on treatment for my damaged hair..

First of all, this Aqua Dew Energy EX has a gel texture which can be absorbed easily without any¬†stickiness /¬†oily-after feel…¬†


After applying on my dry hair, it adds on some shine to my dull hair (as you can see from the picture on the right) and¬†i can comb through my dry ends easily… On top of that, it has a sweet floral and fruity smell so you can have nice smelling hair as well.. This product will be good for people who wants something that’s as moisturizing as hair oil (but dislike the oily texture of oil).


Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh)

Somehow this lotion reminds me of Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion¬†and i’ll let you know how it fares after i have reviewed it.. ūüôā

Ma Cherie’s Hair Fragrance

I’m in love with the sweet fruity scent which isn’t too overpowering and just two sprays will be enough to keep my hair smelling nice for half a day… I find that the scent will last longer if you spray it on wet hair before blowing dry your hair.. It is also able to mask odor very well so i’ll re-spray the hair fragrance straight after lunch to get rid of any lingering odor from the ‘not so well ventilated lunch place’. Only complaint about this item will be the packaging as i’ll prefer something smaller which will be handier to carry it around…¬†


For more information about the 2 new product ranges, you can refer to their websites and Facebook accounts.



Take care everyone!

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