How to make your own Tau Huay (Cold Bean Curd) in just 10 Minutes

Hello Everyone!!!! Here’s my first post on my new blog so thought of posting something interesting..

Some of you were asking me for the fuss-free Tau Huay recipe so here you go:

(Thank you Ciuping for sharing this easy to prepare recipe so that i can share it and spread the love! )

Ingredients list

All you need will be three ingredients and 10 mins.

1) Soy Milk Drink ($2 plus for 6 packets – 250ml)

You can purchase it from Supermarket and personally i’ll prefer to use Yeo’s Soy Milk as it isn’t as sweet compared to other brands). If you are adventurous enough and will like to try Honeydew favored tau huay, you can purchase the Vitasoy Soy Drink (Honey dew).. I have tried both and will be trying the chocolate favor one next! 🙂

(Image from Google’s image)

(Image from Vitasoy’s website)

2) Phoon Huat Instant Jelly Powder ($5 for 200g)

As the name has suggested, the instant Jelly Powder is from Phoon Huat.. Do not buy the Konnyaku jelly powder that you see in supermarkets as it won’t work…

3) Coffee Mate Creamer 

Oops! I don’t know how much it cost as my mum has bought it! butyou can easily find this in most supermarkets

(Image from Nestle’s website)

4) Teaspoon and Water

You can use the medicine spoon given by clinic (Use the 5ml side)..

Preparation Steps:

1) Pour 600 ml of Soy Milk Drink and heat it till with smoke (Do not let it boil)… If you prefer the tau huay to be less sweet, you can use 500ml of Soy Milk Drink and add 100ml of water… When the Soy Milk is heated up, off the fire and pour 100ml of heated soy milk in a small bowl. After which, mix 3 level teaspoon of Jelly powder into the small bowl and stir till it fully dissolves.. Please make sure that you don’t use FULL teaspoon (see picture below) if not you will end up with tau huay with a harder texture.

2) Next, on the fire again and stir 6 full teaspoon of coffeemate into remaining soy milk.. Once dissolved, pour the the jelly mixture in and continue stirring for 1-2 mins…  Keep in mind to use small fire so that the mixture won’t boil.

3) Pour the mixture into 3 bowls and leave till cool and put in the fridge till cold. Enjoy!! 🙂

Do try it out and let me know how it goes? Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

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