(Sponsored Review) Patch on, Patch up with Bamboo Sap Patch – ‘The Essence of Nature’ by KJI

Few weeks ago, Sharon from Japalang has sent me an interesting product to aid with detoxification.

Known as the ‘Bamboo Sap Patch’, it will help to get rid of accumulated wastes through the sole of your feet.   The brand – ‘The Essence of Nature’ by KJI carries quality tree sap patch that contains only the purest undiluted solution extracted from clean natural source.

Interesting isn’t it? This will be handy if your body is in need to detox and when you dislike the nasty feeling associated with detoxification. For eg: if you consume detox tea, you’ll experience bad stomach churning till you turn green in the face.. Or sometimes you’ll get bad breakouts when the toxic is expelled from the inside through the skin..

This patch works by ‘drawing out’ toxic matters through the feet as it has been found that toxic matters are often stagnated there.

Do you know what is SAP? SAP is actually liquid extracted from tree and it is derived by heating trees in the charcoal kilns. During the process, the nature’s extract within it will evaporate along with the smoke.. This essence will be captured and refrigerated rapidly thus forming the Essence which will deliver wonderful energy of nature to humans..

The principal of tree sap is based on the fact that trees can live for hundred years without the support of water and nutrients from humans. Trees can even survive in harsh condition with little sunlight / rain (like winter) by staying in dormant state. In Spring, they can reverse this state by becoming full of life again…

By reversing the energy that trees use to ‘withdraw’ moisture from the ground up to its leaves (which is more than hundred metres in height), the sap patch will also work the same by drawing unnecessary water matters from the human body.. The sap is applied to the sole of the feet as toxic matters are often stagnated in the feet.

Do you know that the soles of our feet are where the acupuncture points are concentrated and these points are indicators of  different parts of the human body. These points strongly reflects the state of your body parts’ health and have great influence on blood circulation (Therefore it is known as our ‘second heart’).

Due to our hectic lifestyle, it is unavoidable for human beings to have bodily waste in their body and it is always accumulated in the feet.  Being the important support for the body, these accumulated waste will disturb its metabolic process which will lead to dropsical legs, fatigue and disharmony in the body.

As such, this makes the soles of the feet the best area for application of the sap patch so that one will experience the best beneficial effects..

If you are experiencing any of the following, the patch will be able to improve your condition if you use it on a regular basis (**See below for recommended usage).

1) Have Swollen, Sprained or Bruised parts

2) Achy arms, legs or shoulder

3) Low energy and aging.

4) Under massive stress

5) Suffering from geriatric diseases

6) Drive or sit in front of computer for long hours

7) Smokes and drinks

8) Facing insomnia / lack of sleep / feels tired easily

9) Have cold arms of feet

10) Weak immunity

11) Have swollen body and benumbed arms and feet

12) Engage in a lot of physical activities / must stand on their feet for long hours

(Photo credits of Google’s image)

How often should one use the patch?

When you first start using the patch, the ideal frequency should be daily until it is no longer soaked with bodily discharges. Those with severe symptoms or currently or were taking medication in the past for a long period of time will require longer period of usage.. When the sap patch stops being saturated with bodily discharge, it can be deemed that most of the harmful matter in the body has been removed.

However, one should repeat the usage once or twice a month as waste will starts to accumulate in the body as time goes by.. Regular usage will help promote as a preventive measure to stop the harmful toxic from attacking our bodies.

With regular usage of the patch, one will experience these efficacy:

Lighter bodies – Normally experienced by people whose body feels heavy and gets tired easily.. This is due to the fact that there are high level of waste matters and the patch will improve the condition with its powerful absorbency of waste matters.

Stronger immune system – If you are on long term medications, it will actually weaken one’s immune system. By using the patch, it will eliminate the waste matters in the body and improve blood circulation. over time, immune system will be strengthened.

Improved Blood Circulation, reduced body pain and swelling – Application of the patch will enhance better blood circulation within the body and easing the pain at the same time. The patch will also relieves pain caused by contusion and reduces swelling in the body.

More alert and refresh – As the patch is made of natural sap, mineral ores and tourmaline which radiate far-infrared rays; one will feel lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated.

An experiment has been done on 30 people which comprises of different gender, age groups and lifestyles in order to test the effectiveness of the Sap patch.. After using it for seven consecutive days, their feedback were gathered and here are a few examples:

In the market, there are currently three types of Sap Patch – Bamboo Sap Patch, Lavender Sap Patch and Slimming Sap Patch..

Sharon has sent me the Bamboo Sap Patch for review as it best suits my lifestyle as i get tired very easily.. The Bamboo Sap Patch is exclusively available at selected Watsons and retails at $29.90 per box (14 patches).

The Bamboo Sap Patch will help absorbs toxins and harmful waste matters in the body. It will help to promote good blood circulation by emitting a large amount of far-infrared rays and negative ions. As such, it will help body to recover from fatigue and eliminate hangovers.. Overtime, the antibiotic and detoxification actions will enable pacification of mind and body.

Its ingredients list consist of Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl Stone, Highly Purified Silica, Polyoclic Alcohol, Starch and Mugwort Extract.

Bamboo Vinegar is obtained from Bamboo and it contains more than 100 types of natural substances. This ingredient will also help guard against athlete’s foot and atopy.

Tourmaline is natural ore from Brazil and it is effective in generating negative-ions. The effects of far-infrared rays will also help improve blood circulation.

If your main concern is Insomnia and you don’t wish to take any medication, the Lavender Sap Patch will help to improve sleep..  The Lavender Sap Patch will help relieve fatigue and insomnia as it lowers blood pressure + relaxes both body and mind. It also release tension and pacify the nerves without toxicity.

The key ingredients are Lavender Oil and Chitosan. Lavender Oil will induces relaxation and releases tension in the nerves. In return, your mind and body will feel more comfortable. Chitosan is a substance obtained from crab shell from regions such as Hokkaido and Japan. It is a naturally occurring water soluble macro-polymer and has outstanding ability to form a thin film to protect skin.

($29.90/box – 14 patches)

For that extra boost in your slimming regime, you can incorporate the Slimming Sap Patch in!  The product   will improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. It will also eliminates cellulite by absorbing excess moisture and waste in the body.. Lastly, it emits anions so that one will feel refreshed and renewed.

It contains Agaricus which is a mushroom from Brazil that contains high amount of B-Glucan, Vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All these will increase immunity of the body and fight against cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver diseases etc.. Another key ingredient is Loquat (Japanese Medlar) extract and this belongs to the rose family under the classification of vegetation. This ingredient will help control the movement of stomach, mitigate congestion in some organs and appease cough in the throat.

($29.90/box – 14 patches)

Will be using the patch for seven consecutive days and i will share the review at the end of this post… As mentioned earlier, i get tired very easily despite having 7-8 hours of sleep so i hope the patch will help improve this condition..

To kick-start the process, i will clean and dry the sole of my foot for the patch to be pasted on.. After which, i will remove protective cover sheet on the middle of the adhesive and stick the green printed side of the patch on.

Printed Side of Patch

Remove the middle section

Remember to remove the plastic from the sides of the adhesive sheet as well. The patch has to be applied for at least 4-8 hours so it is highly recommended to use it while you sleep.. To secure the pad on the foot, you can wear sock to keep pad on foot during sleep… In the morning, remove patch and rinse the area with warm water…

My thoughts: When i removed the plastic sheet, the scent of the patch traveled up to my nose and it sure smells distinctive (smells fresh and has a woody note).. Upon sticking the patch on, there’s a warm sensation and i love the feeling (as thewarm sensation is telling me that the patch is doing its work)… If you need to walk around after application, it is best that you wear socks to secure it + to keep the patch dry… In the morning when you remove it, please be prepared to see greenish / brownish gunk on it! eeksss! Basically that’s the waste toxins removed from the body and you’ll gradually see lesser of it from Day 4 onward .. After removing the patch, please remember to rinse off remaining residues from the patch to prevent it from staining your floor… After using it for 7 days, i seems to be less tired and more refreshed during work… Most important of all, this form of detoxification doesn’t cause me to have bad breakouts.. 🙂

Day One

The brownish gunk are actually toxins removed from my body

Day Seven

Cannot believe that i have so much ‘nonsense’ within me and i’m glad that the patch helped me to reduce the amount of toxins in just 7 days.. I’ll re-purchase this SAP patch in the future and looking forward to try to lavender patch for a good night sleep!

Thank you Japalang for bringing in this high quality product! 🙂 

Signing off now and have a great week everyone!

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