(Sponsored Review) The PILOT FRIXION CLICKER to the rescue!

What’s your least favorite subjects in school?

(Photo credits of Google’s image)

Ever since Primary school, i hated Mathematics and Art & Craft… Anything to do with numbers, problem-solving and drawing were my major weaknesses…

Weeks ago, Pilot and Vibes Communication have sent me a ‘Penmanship’ Salvation kit and a book full of Sudoku puzzles.. Never in my life have i attempt Sudoku puzzles (As it involves numbers and i have to ‘problem solve’) but I’ll give it a try this time as the pen they have provided contains erasable ink! There’s no need to worry about mistake and I can trial and error till I get things done!

Known as the PILOT FRIXION CLICKER, this pen has erasable ink and a new added clicker with an easy sliding mechanism! The previous generations of Pilot Frixion pens came fitted with pen caps and it can bring about inconvenience.. Sometimes, the cap might even get lost and the ink will dry up.. Hence, the new generation of pen with clicker with swift sliding mechanism will make usage more effortless .. Now, all you need to do is click, write, erase and rewrite – Save time and you need not worry about misplacing the pen cap. 🙂

The Pilot FriXion Clickers comes in seven vibrant colors – Black, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Violet and Pink.

Like the rest of the FriXion series, the clicker pen shares the same unique ground-breaking thermo-sensitive ink as its famous predecessors, the Pilot FriXion Ball (ball pen) and Pilot FriXion Light (highlighter) and Pilot FriXion Point (gel ink pen). This special technology allows writing to be done and erasing  by friction with the same pen (the ink will simply vanishes when you erase it using the durable rubber stud at the end of the pen)

Please take note not to use Pilot FriXion Clicker on important documents such as legal documents, examination papers and cheque whereby writing needs to be of permanent nature… As the ink will turn colorless when temperature hits 60 degree celsius, do not leave written stuff in places higher than the limited temperature to prevent accidental erasure.

The Pilot FriXion Clicker is available at all major bookstores and it retails at S$2.80 (before 7% GST)

With the Pilot FriXion clicker, i can now breakthrough and attempt Sudoku puzzles without worrying about mistakes.. To be frank, i was struggling to complete half of the puzzle and i made a lot of mistakes…. Not to worry, the mistake can be erased off so easily!!

Because it comes in 7 pretty colors, i should use it to attempt ‘Mission Impossible 2’ – Drawing!

I really love the feel of the pens! The clicker allows me to hook the pen onto my jean’s pocket and i don’t have to worry about the pen cap slipping off (which will in turn stain my clothing).. The tip of the pen glides smoothly across paper while writing / drawing while the gel ink will become dry instantly upon contact with paper.. You know some gel inks will take some time to dry up while writing hence I’ll end up staining my pinkie finger.. Because 27 October is my birthday, i have decided to draw a birthday cake for myself!! 🙂

Once again, the gel ink can be easily ‘rubbed’ away.. But be careful not to exert too much force while drawing, if not you will see ‘drawing lines’ left behind.

The final product!! Pardon my cmi (cannot make it) drawing as I’m not someone with much talent in art… Derrick said that the flame on top of the candle looks like a pile of sh*t! 😦

One year old, one year wiser!

Wheee! I had fun trying out the pens and will bring it to the office.. Time to inject some colors into my work documents and thank you Pilot Pen + Vibes communication!

Signing off and have a great Sunday everyone!

Disclaimer: Photos are extracted from the press-kit unless stated otherwise

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