(Advertorial) Get your retail therapy fix at the New KissJane outlet in Vivocity!

Few days ago, someone sent a nice basket filled with lovely flower and yummy ‘happy’ food to me~!

Nope! It is not from my fiance as i have told him not to get me anymore flowers after the massive bouquet of roses he had given me during our Krabi trip (108 stalks to be exact)..

This lovely basket with flower and food actually contains preview invites to the new KissJane boutique at Vivocity.. Thank you KissJane and Rachel for the invitation….

The preview event was held from 11-3pm yesterday and i wanted to apply for PM leave so that i could do my shopping with ease.. But due to unforeseen circumstance, i had to backup my colleague and unable to carry on with the intended plan…

Decided to drop by during lunchtime and was glad that i did! Beside being one of the first to step into the boutique on its opening day, i can get to bring home pretty apparels as well!

Have you seen Kissjane around in Citylink Mall and Bugis? If you are a big fan of online blog shops, i’m sure this physical shop will be of no stranger to you.. Kissjane is a physical store that works towards a multi-brand boutique store concept that features the best collections of local online stores under one roof.. KissJane is here to bring you a Kaleidoscopic shopping experience with its fast-changing brand mix and inventory. Focusing on quantity for variety, every collection found in KissJane will be “limited edition” one. Over at the two stores, there will be more than 700 collections showcased each year to provide consumers with a wide variety of fashion choices.

Common problems associated with online shopping will be that you cannot try and feel the quality of the apparels that you are intending to get..  If it doesn’t fit, you won’t be able to refund and this could be a little frustrating… Over at KissJane, you can shop for blog-shop clothes ‘offline’ before purchasing.. Although prices are a little more expensive compared to online prices, you can get to see, feel and try the clothes in real life before any purchases. But i’m okay with paying a little bit for for clothes that truly fits me so that i can bring the best out of it.. 🙂

Recently, there are increasing demand for online bags, shoes and accessories shopping as well.. Therefore, the new outlet in Vivocity will not only greet you with apparels, but also bags, shoes and accessories as well!

For people residing overseas, good news!!! KissJane offers international shipping so that you can get the piece of clothing that you are eyeing.. From now till 31 Dec 2012, you can get $2 off online festive shopping . Just key in this discount code – twodollaroff1102 (terms & conditions apply).

The new outlet in Vivocity has 19 new brands completed with a bigger storefront for a more comfortable shopping experience…

Let me bring you on a mini photo tour of some of the brands available in the new outlet..

Momoteapots – I love the green dress on the left.

The Stage Walk – Plenty of lively and colorful pieces.

The new additions – Shoes, bags and accessories

Close up of the accessories – i love the aqua blue feather necklace!

Shoes from Loveschues.

Ohvola – One of my favorite blogshop brand.

Lilypirates – One of their maxi dress captured my attention!

Pearlavish and The Closet Lover – The two popular and established blogshops.

Amber Avenue – Nice selection of outer wear

After having some hard time trying to decide which dress to get, i have shortlisted these two:

Guess which one i bought in the end? 🙂

Short dress with splash of colors

My all time favorite maxi dress with pink floral prints (from Lily Pirates)

So… Did you guess it correct? I chose the maxi dress in the end as i really love the Chiffon material of the dress and the delicate floral prints…

Thank you KissJane for giving me spending credits so that i can bring home this pretty maxi dress..

If you are in Vivocity today, do swing into the new KissJane outlet as they are having their launch from 11am – 10pm.. In addition, there will be 15% discount storewide if you purchase items during their launch on 03 Nov (You can claim the 15% off coupon from their Facebook account)..

You can locate KissJane at Vivovity #02-231 located near the linkway to Habourfront.

Happy Shopping!

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