(Review) Curél Moisture Face Milk

I’m nursing a migraine currently and trying hard to distract myself from the discomfort with blogging.. 😦

Anyway, i was looking for a moisturizer urgently as my Babor’s one ran out and i needed one till the new one comes in… Decided to check with Vivian as she has sensitive / pimples prone skin as well and she recommended me Curél Moisture Face Milk..

Did a check online and Curél (by KAO) will work best on normal, combination and sensitive skin… Tried and tested on many, the product range have helped many to improve dry, dehydrated and flaky skin issue significantly with just 2 weeks usage* ..

KAO has discovered that our skin has a barrier function and it has a protection function to prevent harmful irritants from external environment from entering the body through the skin… At the same time, it also prevent moisture loss from our body..

In the skin’s barrier function, Ceramide is one of the most important factors within… Ceramide is able to bind itself with water molecules and hold these water molecules. Therefore, when we do not have sufficient ceramide in the barrier function, the skin is unable to retain water effectively. Water will evaporates easily and skin becomes dry this leading to skin problems..

When skin’s barrier function becomes weak due to insufficient ceramide, skin problems caused by external irritation such as perspiration or pollution will occur very easily. Overtime, it will lead to skin sensitivity and people with sensitive skin will be very vulnerable to slightest environment change or external elements.

Therefore, Curel products will work towards replacing and restoring the lost ceramides within the skin’s barrier function.. When skin has a strong barrier function, skin will appears to be more nourished and texture will be improved..

Curel products products contain synthetic pseudo-ceramide which is highly effective and safe to use for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin with dermatitis symptoms. These synthetic pseudo-ceramide are highly hydrating ingredient and will work to protect and supply the skin with moisture.. As such, the barrier function will be restored and therefore prevent the skin from the harm of environmental change.

Packaging is in a 120ml pump bottle, this moisturizer is suitable to be used daily and it contains no fragrance and coloring.. All Curél products are dermatological developed so it is are mild and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

The face milk contains ceramide functioning ingredient and eucalyptus extract which will penetrate deep into the stratum corneum… As such, skin stays soft, hydrated and protected against external irritation. It also helps to improve skin’s natural barrier function, soothe and prevent skin from drying.

With regular use, this light texture daily face moisturizer with Eucalyptus Essence with anti-inflammatory ingredients will re-hydrate, calm, protect and prevent skin dryness..

Easily absorbed into skin to leave a moisturized, comfortable feeling. The moisture face milk has a milky watery-texture which allows me to spread it easily across my face.. I’ll use 1.5 pumps for my face and twice daily.. Upon application, the face milk is able to penetrate fast into my skin without leaving behind a greasy / sticky layer.. Once it is fully absorbed, skin feels soft, light and smooth to the touch..

Very light texture.

Already using the product for 2 weeks and i have to say that i’m really pleased with it.. Not only that it calms my sensitive skin as i did not observe any reddish and itchy skin after application.. Instead, skin looks smoother and softer… Because it is so light-weighted, i realized that the amount of clogged pores also reduced.. Will highly recommend this moisturizer if you are looking for one suitable for sensitive skin and something that’s affordable (It is retailing at $30 plus, i cannot remember the exact amount)… Only complain will be the availability of this product as the Curel range is only available at selected Watson and Guardian.. I bought mine in Guardian @ Nex but i saw it in both Watson / Guardian in Ngee Ann City..

Absorbed fast into skin and skin stays matt..

Thanks for reading and Happy Diwali to all that are celebrating! 🙂

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