(Sponsored Review) Say bye bye to bad skin days with Organix TeaTree Willow Bark products

Was ranting to a friend about the condition of my skin  as i suffer from hormonal pimples and she told me drink more spearmint tea in order balance out my hormones… Although my acne skin condition is under-control, i’m still suffering from hormonal pimples from time to time (especially 2 weeks after my period)… Sigh! Moreover due to the sensitivity of my skin, i cannot use too harsh anti-acne products to kill the breakouts… 😦

Did a quick check online and i have found out that Spearmint plant is a native plant originating from Mediterranean..  It contains medicinal and aroma-therapeutic benefits in which its oil has disinfectant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has also shown that consuming spearmint tea will help to regulate acne causing hormones and prevent androgen disorders in women.

As such, Spearmint is widely used in many natural products to fight acne with its antibacterial and antiviral properties.. With antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, products that contains spearmint oil will help reduces redness and heals infections faster.

You can read more about Spearmint through this link.

So i have searched high and low for Spearmint tea and finally found it at Starbucks… Then talking about coincidence,  Nicole from Publicist PR Consultants asked me if i’m interested to try out Organix skincare products.. Went to their website and they have a Spearmint / tea tress oil product range targeted for acne-prone skin! So i have requested to try this product range and hereby sharing my review with everyone! 🙂

Just a brief introduction on this brand, Organix formulas are sulfate and paraben free and are made for people who wants quality products but are concerned with the integrity of ingredients in the products they are using.

Initially, it started off with expertise in the haircare line which consists of products like Teatree Mint, Smoothing Shea Butter, Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk, Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea, Enriching Cucumber Yogurt, Fortifying Lavender Soymilk, Energizing Passionfruit Guava, Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng, Nutritional Acai Berry Avocado, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, and Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy..

Aside from the main hair-care line, Organix also offers a body and skin care range! Because products are good and ‘natural’, this brand has won many beauty / health awards world-wide..

The natural acne control system that i received for review is recommended for people with oily, impure, acne prone skin and ideal for anyone who wish to restore visibility clear looking skin.

All the products in the natural acne control system series are sulfate and paraben free .. It will help to purify skin and restores its natural beauty with antimicrobial tea tree oil, willow bark, spearmint and Salicylic Acid (1%) .. These ingredients are powerful acne fighting weapons which will help to rebalance and detoxify skin…

All you need is three steps ~ Washing with Antibacterial Acne wash, toning with oil control toner and moisturize with anti-acne lotion.

Products in this collection are shown to be naturally better than proactiv in treating acne, clearing acne blemishes, blackhead and whiteheads. At the same time, it also allows skin to heal and prevents the development of acne. It contains antimicrobial tea tree oil to provide relief along with a natural salicylic acid derived from willow bark to penetrate and reduce the size, swelling, and redness of acne, while patented EverMat™ complex is clinically proven to remarkably reduce skin shine, pore size and sebum flow.

If you want to try out the products before getting the full retail size, you can get the travel set (Organix TeaTree Willow Bark Natural Acne Control System, $28.90) which consist of the Antibacterial Acne wash (1.6oz), oil control toner (1.6oz) and anti-acne lotion (0.85oz)..

Organix TeaTree Willow Bark Anti-Bacterial Acne Wash

3.3oz @ $14.90

It is important to cleanse skin properly to get rid of impurties and to prep skin for other skincare products so this Acne wash will give skin a fresh start to clear, clean and blemish free skin.. It contains natural antimicrobial tea tree oil to help remove blemishes causing bacteria and to leave skin fresh and clean with willow bark and salicylic acid..  Gentle enough to be used 2x daily, apply a small amount to damp skin on face and neck using fingertips. Massage in a circular upward motion then rinse throughly with lukewarm water and pat skin dry..

 The acne wash has a minty sweet scent and it reminds me of a mint sweet from korea which i love! The acne wash has a clear gel texture which works into a rich lather upon contact with water.. Personally i will prefer a facial wash that is foamy as i feel that it will cleanse better.. Bought the acne wash to use after my hot yoga class and i love the cooling and calming sensation after i rinse it off.. Although my skin will be more sensitive after class, the acne wash did not leave my skin taut but it feels clean and soft.. Best of all, skin isn’t red after i step out of the shower which is a good indication that the acne wash is gentle on skin.. 🙂

Organix TeaTree Willow Bark Oil Control Toner

3.3oz @ $14.90

This Oil Control Toner is sulfate free / paraben free and will purify skin with antimicrobial tea tree oil and willow bark to remove excess oil, impurities and tighten pores. The natural spearmint helps relieve irritation and redness caused by acne.. Use 2x daily in conjunction with other Organix Ever clear skin care products for optimal results and overtime, skin will be clean, refreshed, smooth, calm and clear..  It is recommended to use this with a cotton pad after cleansing to remove dirt, oil and impurities.

The toner feels minty on skin so skin feels refreshed after swiping the cottonpad soaked with the toner across my face..  There’s no stinging sensation during application and skin seems calmer, softer and smoother to the touch.. I did not obeserved any make-up residue left behind on the cotton pad which means that the acne cleaner is doing its job well…

Organix TeaTree Willow Bark Anti Acne Lotion

1.7oz @ $28.90

The anti-acne lotion will quickly relieve acne and refine pores as antimicrobial tea tree oil , willow bark and salicylic acid penetrates to to give you comprehensive relief thus reducing the size, swelling, and redness of acne related issues. The lotion also contains the  patented EverMat™ complex to reduces skin shine, pore size, and sebum flow.

The lotion has a gel texture and a soothing mint scent.. Texture is light and non-sticky but do make sure that you dispense the right amount as too much product will make absorbent slower. Upon application onto face, i love the cooling sensation that follows and it really calms down my warm / sensitive skin a lot. Be careful not to apply it around the eye area as the skin around it is really delicate..

The ingredient lists if anyone is interested! Left side – Acne Wash’s, Right side – Lotion’s.

Organix TeaTree Mint Blemish Spot Treatment

0.5oz @ $17.90

For that occasional spots, Organix has an exclusive targeted treatment for problem areas.. The spot treatment will clear up pimples quick and prevent new ones from forming with its blend of natural acne fighting salicylic acid derived from willow bark with antimicrobial tea tree oil and mint…

To sum up: Previously i have tried Proactiv, no doubt it works but it causes my skin to be really red and dry… If you are looking for a skincare set that will control your acne condition, no harm giving  Organix TeaTree Willow Bark products a try as they are milder on skin… Existing pimples on my my jawline due to hormonal unbalance seems less angry and swollen than before.. If you want to know if the products control the amount of breakouts, i will have to use it on a longer basis before i can comment.. But so far so good! 🙂

Alright! Time for me to start work so take care everyone! 🙂

Disclaimer: Photos are extracted from the press-kit unless stated otherwise

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