(Sponsored Review) Thank God for BRTC STEMCELL MASK!

Hello my readers!! How’s your week?

Finally we have survived five torturing working days and weekend is here for us to embrace! 🙂

After waiting for so long, Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) Fugue World Tour 2012 will be held tomorrow @ the Star Performing Arts Centre!! My fiance is bringing me this concert as part of my birthday present and this will be my first ever ‘追星’concert.. Hahahaha!!! I cannot hide my happiness and hope that he will be singing my favorite song (林宥嘉 – 想自由) tomorrow! 🙂


I have already thought of what to wear tomorrow so that i will look my best…. But stupid me went to schedule my facial appointment just now.. So right now, my skin is so reddish due to the extraction and the sensitivity of my skin… 😦

Sigh!! SOS needed big big big time!!! Beside ‘calming’ my skin with my cool massage roller, i dug into my slash of products and i found these god-sent products!!

Few weeks ago, Sasa has sent me 6 mask from BRTC for review and i can now put the soothing mask to good use.. I have seen BRTC BB cream before in Watsons but the masks are something new to me.. BRTC (Bio Remendies Therapeutic Cosmetics) is an established medical beauty from Korea. AMI being its parent company, owns more than more than 1000 dermatological clinics and research laboratories in Korea.

Therefore, having a strong leading position in Korea, the company is the first to introduced Blemish Balm into Korea’s market and further enhanced it into multi-functional Blemish Balm Cream thus leading it into a world’s craze.. Its star product – Multi-Functional BB Cream captured plenty of Asian women attention and created a sales record of 50000 in Japan..

Photo extracted from BRTC’s website

Beside the fame in BB cream, BRTC also has 3 patented formulae + natural botanical ingredients under its umbrella which will deliver optimal beauty benefits:

Vita-Extract: enhances elasticity and firms up slackening skin.
EMX-Water: a potent anti-oxidant.
Na-Complex: unclogs pores and prevents the appearance of blackheads.

BRTC STEMCELL MASK is also another quality product that is made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose.

The mask i will be reviewing in this post will be the Green Tea Stem Cell Mask, retailing at $25 per box with 5 pcs..

The Green Tea  Stem Cell Mask is a skin soothing mask that contains green tea stem cell and made of non-irritating 100% cellulose tencel sheet. This makes it a hypoallergenic mask suitable for sensitive skin which provides instant soothing effects and increase skin’s hydration level with its concentrated green tea stem cell.. While the green tea stem cell extract provides supports a fast recovery with its fast cooling and soothing energy, other botanical soothing extracts also helps promote a healthier and purer complexion.

Main ingredients: Green tea stem cell, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, ceramide, aloe vera leaf extract, panthenol etc.

Other masks in the stem cell line includes the Morning Glory Stem Cell MaskRice Stem Cell MaskZinnia Stem Cell Mask, Ginseng stem cells Cell Mask and Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask. Will roughly touch on the various benefits of the mask before i will share my review on the Green Tea  Stem Cell Mask.

Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask,  $25 per box with 5pcs

The Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask is a whitening and detox-ing mask that contains morning glory stem cells. While it purifies the skin with revitalizing energy from morning glory callus extract, it also helps to whiten darkened skin due to pigments and blemishes..  The secret lies with the morning glory callus extract and botanical extracts to boost the skin’s metabolism and revitalize stressed, congested skin for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Main ingredients: Morning glory stem cell extract, niacinamide, caffeine, ginkgo leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, coffee extract etc.

Rice Stem Cell Mask, $25 per box with 5pcs

The Rice Stem Cell Mask is a Whitening mask  containing rice stem cell to help brightens the dull skin. The mask contains concentrated amount of serum infused with skin-brightening rice callus extract for melanin care on dark dull skin.. Rice callus extract (which is effective for nourishing and whitening) and other skin-brightening botanical ingredients eliminate skin dullness and even out skin tone for a more translucent and flawless complexion. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin B3 which are effective for pigment and blemish care.

Main ingredients: Rice stem cell extract, morus bark extract, lemon extract, niacinamide, tocopheryl acetate, panthenol etc.

Zinnia Stem Cell Mask, $25 per box with 5pc

This is a mask for fast recovery of damaged skin caused by trouble (Blemishes and excessive sebum).. This healing mask for troubled and excessive oily skin provides immediate soothing effect on oily skin and troubled skin.. It contains zinnia callus extract which will help to control oil, blemishes, reduces inflammation and boost skin regeneration. Together with other botanical ingredients, skin will be relieved from irritation, sensitivity and excessive sebum for a purer, clearer complexion.

Main ingredients: Zinnia callus extract, salicylic acid, tea tree leaves extract, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, allantoin etc.

Ginseng Stem Cell Mask, $25 per box with 5pc

This mask is infused with powerful regenerative energy and nutrients of ginseng stem cells.. With regular use, Ginseng stem cells, collagen, and other nutrients will nurture and improve mature, damaged skin for a healthier and more dewy complexion.

Main ingredients: Ginseng Stem cell, panthenol, collagen and allantoin etc.

Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask, $25 per box with 5pc

The Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask contains concentrated serum infused with abundant moisture from edelweiss callus extract and is made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose. Edelweiss stem cells and other botanical moisturizing extracts  replenish lost moisture from dry and rough skin while imparting their vital energy for a softer and more vibrant complexion.

Main Ingredients: Edelweiss callus extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Collagen and Allantoin etc.

Alright, lets put the BRTC green tea stemcell mask to the test right now.. Let us see how it fares in soothing my sensitive skin after facial…

Directions to use the mask:

After cleansing, tone your skin first to soften it and to make sure skin is clean.. After which, place Stem Cell Mask on the face while positioning it according to your face shape. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mins and gently pat the remaining serum onto the face after mask removal.. Once the serum is fully absorbed, follow-up by your moisturizer..

The mask is soaked with serum and you can use the remaining serum left behind on the packaging to pamper the skin on your neck.. As the material of the mask is made of  lyocell fibers, it makes the mask ‘tough’ so you need not worry about tearing it while trying to position it on your face..

The cutting of the mask is very good and i guessed it is designed for the Asian in mind.. Although i have non-existent nose bridge, the mask is able to fit my face contours perfectly (especially around my nose area).. As you can see there are no air-bubbles which is a strong indication that the mask adheres well to skin..

During the 15 mins application, there’s no stinging sensation but instead my skin feels refreshed.. After removing the mask, i’m thrilled to see that my skin looks calmer and not as red as before! Only complain about this product will be the texture of the serum on the mask.. Since the serum is on the thicker side, absorbent will be slower so it will leave behind a sticky film which can be uncomfortable for some.. To resolve this, you can ‘soak’ up the ‘excess’ by patting your skin with tissue gently…

My skin is not so ‘angry’ as before

I’m really happy with this soothing mask as my skin looks so much healthier after usage..  Skin also feels softer and smoother to the touch… To keep skin in this tip-top condition, it is recommended to mask at least once a week… I’ll be keeping my make-up to bare minimal later as i can foresee lots of jumping and moving around during the concert.. Therefore, i will only be using the BRTC Jasmine water BB cream as a base make-up, concealer and eyeliner for a natural + fresh look..

Will be back to provide more updates on the BB cream! Stay Tune! 🙂

One thought on “(Sponsored Review) Thank God for BRTC STEMCELL MASK!

  1. beautyandcosmeticshop says:

    Great blog. I have tried the Zinnia and Stem cell mask and they work really well. After I got sunburned from the beach, I get one of these and use them on ~ after ~ the sun burn starts to fade ’til its gone. I really like this item. 🙂 Quite pricey but worth it!

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