(Sponsored Review) My new found love – Jasmine water BB cream!

Hello everyone!! Now i’m back with the review of the BRTC BB cream as promised! ūüôā

If you are looking for a BB cream suitable for sensitive skin, continue reading! Before i tried the BB cream from BRTC, i will try to avoid using BB cream due to the texture.. Because the texture of BB cream tends to be on the thicker side, it’ll leave behind a sticky and sometimes greasy after-feel.. Because it is thick, my skin is unable to ‘breathe’ properly. Once the BB cream is mixed up with sebum on my face, pimples will start to erupt on my face..

Due to the thick texture of BB cream, my beautican has told me to steer clear of BB cream as she told me it will¬†definitely¬†clog my pores. I listened to her as she knows best and because of the nature of my skin, i cannot pile too many layers of skincare products / make up products in order to prevent breakouts…

Initially when SASA approached me to do this review, i rejected the offer as I’m afraid that my skin will have adverse reactions again.. However, Kiyora (the marketing in charge from SASA) has reassured me that the BB cream will be suitable for my sensitive / acne prone skin… Moreover, this BB cream has received many positive reviews so i have decided to take this ‘leap of faith’..

Stop’ logo from http://www.justsymbol.com

‘As mentioned in my previous post,¬†BRTC is a popular cosmeceuticals¬†brand from Korea¬†and the company is the first to introduced Blemish Balm into Korea‚Äôs market and further enhanced it into multi-functional Blemish Balm Cream thus leading it into a world‚Äôs craze.. Its star product ‚Äď Multi-Functional BB Cream captured plenty of Asian women attention and created a sales record of 50000 in Japan..

The BRTC BB Cream Line is¬†dermatological¬†tested Smart functional BB and¬†Sun-care¬†product line..¬†The BB cream consists of sun care ingredients to help double protect against UV-A and B.. Beside this, the BB cream¬†provides customized solution to address different skin’s concern. With only one product, you can now create beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effects as well as skin protection.

Although it is a 2-in-one product, the BB cream will feel like own skin while creating a real skin tone finish… Now you can be beautiful and skin will stay healthy with¬†BRTC BB Cream Line

The BRTC BB cream line is suitable for all skin-types (even those sensitive ones) as it contains Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient. This blue complex was formulated and patented with the aim of improving skin and reducing irritation from external environment and sun damage. The Lavender and other blue flowers in the blue complex will activate the growth of new cells, helps with sebum control and provide hydration needs.

The ‘Blue Complex is discovered when French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefoss discovered the amazing healing power from blue flower when he burnt his hand during an experiment.¬†After he applied¬†lavender¬†extract on his burns, the skin on his hands healed very quickly without much complication..

Thus using the Lavender’s healing power, BRTC has gathered these blue color flowers backed up with research and state of the art science to formulate the best botanical skincare and cosmetics line for soothing and healing irritated and¬†sensitive¬†skin. After application, the blue complex will provide an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile.

Photo extract from BRTC website

The BB cream that i will be reviewing today will be the Jasmine water BB cream¬†and this BB cream will help soothing , moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin while it covers up your skin’s imperfections.

The BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream is a triple function BB cream that will whiten, repair wrinkles and protect skin against harmful rays. The BB cream contains 5% jasmine extracts (real jasmine flower) that will provide full moisture control.

The BB cream formulated with Jasmine, together with the Blue complex will help soothe and moisturize  dry and sensitive skin and create moist and bright skin tone expression. Not forgetting this BB cream is a Perfect Protect system as it helps to provide oil control and prevent skin from sun damage.

This brightening, moisturizing and Soothing BB cream for Dry and sensitive skin will protect dry and sensitive skin from further damage (as it reduces inflammation, hydrates and re hydrates) while it creates a soft, bright complexion.

The ingredient list – see if you can spot the Blue complex composition.

Some key ingredients include:

Moisturizing and Soothing – Jasmine flower, Green Tea Plant, Portulaca Oleracea and Blue Complex

Nutrition Supply And Restoration – Sweet Almond oil and Centella Asistica

Whitening and Wrinkle care – Arbuntin and Adenosine

The BB cream has a creamy texture and can be absorbed easily into skin without oily / sticky after-feel.. What you see under the BB cream is a layer of moisture (Not Oil if you are thinking of that)… The BB cream also has a nice Jasmine scent and do you know that Jasmine will give you luxurious skin as it provides strong moisture control and enables smooth adhesiveness on skin.

I’m gonna put the BB cream to few tests..

Test of Coverage : Good as it  is able to conceal my greenish veins well and even out my patchy skintone.

Test of  Soothing Power: I have a red patch on my hand and normally it will take sometime before the redness will subsidy as i have thin / sensitive skin.. I applied some BB cream onto the affected area and leave it on for 10 mins..

After 10 mins, most of the reddness is gone ( FYI, i did not do any editing to this picture ).

Upon application of the BB cream onto my face, it doesn’t leave behind any¬†stickiness¬†and the color of the BB cream matches my yellowish¬†skin-tone¬†very well.. The BB cream also provides excellent coverage for my skin as it can hide most of my uneven skin tone (reddish patch on some parts of my skin + brown spots left behind by my pimples).. Although it covers imperfections well, the BB cream stays natural and make my skin look more radiant.. ¬†Best of all, my skin feels softer after i removed my make up (i guess it is the Blue complex at work!)… So far no breakouts or any adverse reactions as i have used it for a few times and with proper make-up remover, it won’t clog pores. Because my skin will become very oily after a few hours, i cannot comment much on the oil control function of this BB cream as i did not use a primer prior application… But what i can say will be that the BB cream doesn’t feels heavy on my skin at all times.. Lastly, i really love BB cream nice jasmine scent and it feels as if i’m wearing jasmine flowers on my face. ūüėÄ

As you can see from my picture below, the BB cream matches my skin tone very well and it looks so natural… If you are looking for a light-weighted BB cream suitable for¬†sensitive¬†skin, please do not wait any longer and try out the Jasmine water BB cream soon.

The BRTC BB cream Line is exclusively sold at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores…. Do try it out and let me know how it fares..

Have a great week everyone! ūüôā

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