Hot Yoga!! Where to practise it?

Today, I’m gonna talk about exercise for the lazy ones! hahahaha!

For me, i hate to exercise due to laziness and poor stamina.. My stamina is poor to the extend that i have to struggle to complete running 1.6km.. Going to the gym, combat classes, badminton is out of the question as my stamina is seriously weak!

However, I’ll still need to get some exercise as i noticed that my immune system is going downhill and get tired very easily.. My fiance suggested that i should give Hot Yoga a try since it will strength my body (inside out) and i don’t need much stamina to practise it…

So what is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is actually Yoga practised in a heated location (30° to 50° C) and it can be any form of Yoga… The purpose of practising it in a heated room is to assist sweating out of toxins while allowing practitioner to stretch better and safer in your poses..  Hot yoga like other yoga will benefit the body by mediation and helps achieve harmony in helping the mind to act in synchronization with the body. In the process of Hot yoga, you will engage in focused deep breathing techniques and heat to sweat out and detoxify impurities from the body. As a result, it will eliminate anxiety, toxins and helps with of weight loss.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Weight Loss – Hot yoga will increase pulse rate so the body will work to keep thermo-regulation thus escalating calorie expenditure. Hot yoga will also ‘burn off’ fatty cells…

Muscle and Joint Pain –  Yoga will encourage joint lubrication which will relieve common feelings of stiffness and soreness.

Mobility – Since cold muscles will tend to tear more easily when stretched too intensively, hot yoga enables the practitioner to progress deeper into poses as you can stretch more effectively with warm muscles. The more stretching you do,  flexibility will be increased and will prevent accidental injuries during exercise.

Tension Relief – Hot yoga combines exercising, deep breathing and reflection which will in turn reduce anxiety levels… During the class, practitioner will fight to concentrate on poses in a sweltering atmosphere which distracts him/her from stress. With reduced stress, there will be better sleep, reduce in weight gain, lowers heart rate , blood pressure and improves mood.

Immune System – With the increase in temperature, it will simulates a fever-like environment in the body. This will elevate white blood cell production to fight viruses and bacteria. The body will also raise the production of antibodies to strength the immune system.

**Above facts are derived from

To get a feel of how Hot Yoga is like, most studios offer Trial sessions so that you can try it out before deciding if you wish to take up any of their packages..

Personally, i went for 1st Trial class in Absolute Yoga and bought Groupon deals for 4 classes in Real Yoga and Bikram Yoga Harbourfront..

All photos are from Absolute Yoga, Real Yoga and Bikram Yoga Harbourfront  respectively.

My very first Hot Yoga lesson i attended was at Absolute Yoga and my fiance has been with them for 3 years… Absolute Yoga has 2 studios in Singapore – One in River Valley and One in Telok Ayer.. Absolute offers a variety of yoga classes (3 styles of hot yoga, hot flow,vinyasa, yin, hatha yoga-pilates, mat pilates, pre/post natal classes)..  A little background history on Absolute – Absolute was the first introduced Hot Yoga to Singapore in 2004 and therefore the pioneer for Hot Yoga in Singapore.


River Valley Studio ,#02-01 Valley Point (91 River Valley Rd)

Telok Ayer Studio, 157A Telok Ayer Street, 2nd floor

The studio has ample space so you need not fret that you will hit your neighbour during classes…  Love the fact that the studio is bright with natural light and ‘Hot’ due to the many heaters installed in the room.. For my very first lesson, I went for the Hot B 90 mins class and i felt like ‘dying’ 30 mins into the class.. hahahaha! Already expected that as it has been years since i last exercised and i wasn’t accustomed to the heat.. However, the instructor was really patient with me and she even came to me a few times to check on my well-being..

The studio – Bright and spacious.

Absolute Yoga has the biggest changing room among all – there are many lockers, plenty of shower cubicles, 4 make-up counters (with hair-dryers), washing area and changing area..  Clean towels and toiletries are also readily available as well… Very happy with what i can seeing and experiencing over at Absolute (plus there’s no hard-selling), thus i have signed up for 25 classes with them..

Changing room with many lockers, makeup counter and cubicles.

Real Yoga is located in Centrepoint and we bought the 6 lessons deal from Groupon.. Made an fuss-free appointment via phonecall and the reception sounds really friendly…

Address: 176 The Centrepoint Orchard Road #06 – 06/07, Singapore
Singapore, Singapore 238842

What capture my attention will be the different types of interesting classes that Real Yoga has… It will be good if you are someone who likes to try out new things..  i only attended the Hot Yoga classes in Real Yoga and do note that classes are 60 mins (unless it is special classes)..

Classes include: Good Morning Yoga, Sun Power Yoga, Holistic Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Sun Salutation Yoga, Hot Yoga, Chikitsa Yoga, Cardio Yoga, Topsy Turvy, Slow Flow, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Body Opening, Dynamic Flow, Supraval Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Morning Series, Yoga Flow.

Beside the interesting class varieties, Real Yoga is opened till 10pm on weekdays so it will be good for those who wish to attend lessons after work. 

There’s a big and very cozy lounge area in Real Yoga whereby you can sit and read magazines before classes.. Water dispenser is provided as well so just bring your water bottle along.. Oh ya, do remember to collect your shower towels before heading into the shower as towels are only available at reception area.

The Hot Yoga studio over at Real Yoga is on the small size so it feels a little crampy.. Since the Yoga mats are near to each other, it feels as thou i will hit the person beside me .. Nevertheless, the studio is clean and well maintained… However, there’s only one heater at the side of the room and i feel that it isn’t powerful enough to heat up the entire room… Therefore, i did not sweat as much during lessons as compared to classes in Absolute Yoga.. Instructors over in Real Yoga are stricter and they will really keep an eye on you so that they can correct your postures.. This will be beneficial for people who are not familiar with the postures..

The studio over at Real Yoga

The changing room is rather big as well with many lockers (remember to bring your own padlock so that you can lock up your belongings)… There are no washrooms inside the changing room so it is rather troublesome as you have to go to the common toilets located in the shopping centre.. There are many cubicles in the shower area so you need not worry about long waiting time.. Shower area is clean and bright and toiletries are provided in the shower as well. There are also two make-up counters with hair dryers..

Clean shower area

To sum up, this place will be good if you wish to attend different kinds of lessons.. But i will prefer a place that offers Bikram Hot Yoga  inwhich Real Yoga doesn’t have…. Lastly, Real Yoga will do some form of selling but you can reject them and they won’t give you any bad attitude.. After all, we are the consumers and we have the right to say no.. hehe!

Plenty of lockers

The last place which i have tried out will be Bikram Yoga HarbourFront.. As its name has suggested, the studio is a stone throw away from Harbourfront MRT station… This place has only one type of class that is 90 mins Bikram Yoga classes.. First thing that impresses me will be the cozy and friendly environment.. Although we were on groupon deals, we were still treated with smile and we felt so at ease upon stepping in.. Most important of all, there isn’t any form of hard selling..

Address: 1 Maritime Square, #03-13/14 Harbourfront Centre
Singapore, Singapore 099253

Hours: Mon – Fri: 06:30 – 21:00, Sat – Sun: 07:30 – 18:00

The studio is BIG and modern.. Yoga mats are clean and space out (so you need not worry about hitting the person next to you).. Among the studios, i find the studio here the hottest among all but air supply is excellent so you won’t feel stuffy during class… The yoga teachers are also experienced and highly motivating (so you will always strive to do your best in every pose)…

Big and modern studio

The changing room has high technology lockers which i was struggling to operate it initially… The shower area and wash rooms are clean (Nice smelling toiletries are provided as well and towels are big, soft and fluffy).. However, the whole changing room is the smallest among all the above studios.. You have to queue to take your shower (alternatively you can be more kiasu and be among the first to get out of the class). There’s only one makeup counter whereby you can blow dry your hair… Due to my impatient nature, i always dislike to wait so this is the main reason why i did not decide to sign up for classes here.. I will recommend this place if you are only intending to do hot yoga and looking for a place that specializes in that but don’t mind the small changing room.. 😀

High tech lockers but crampy changing room

Some tips for your first class:

1) Be sure to wear properly hot yoga clothes as you will be sweating a lot… If possible, try not to wear too much as it will be really hot inside the room….

2) Drink a lot of water before heading into class and bring in isotonic drink so that you can keep yourself hydrate during class… It is important to keep yourself well hydrated (as you will really sweat a lot) if not you will ended up with a headache after class.. Experienced that before and i developed migraine after class due to dehydration..

3) Just like other exercise, remember to cleanse your face well before and after class.. You wouldn’t want your sweat to mix with sebum and dirt which will trigger off pimples…

4) It is normal to feel giddy and nausea during class.. The trick is to breathe properly and allow your body to get used to the heat… Try to stay in the room and remember to breathe when waves of giddiness and nausea strikes… Trust me, it will go away.. 🙂

Hope you have enjoy reading my humble review and being a noob in Hot yoga still, i’ll strive to improve on my postures~ Gambatte! 🙂

Disclaimer: Reviews above are based on my own opinion and classes are NOT sponsored.

2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga!! Where to practise it?

  1. Yvonne says:


    Thanks so much for this post! I was keen on starting some sort of a yoga class, and hot yoga seems most appropriate for me from my readings. Just a quick question, do you need to know anything about yoga or have tried other yoga classes before progressing to hot yoga? I’ve never done any form of yoga.. So I’m a little worried. Thanks!

    • jermaineeee says:


      Nope.. I am a very lazy person and hence i have not been exercising for many years! Hot yoga is the first type of Yoga class i have attended.. If you are worried, just let the instructor knows that you are newcomer and he/she will keep a look out for you.. If you feel unwell during class, just sit / lie down to rest… 🙂

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