(Sponsored Review) Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

Time flies! In less than 2 weeks, i’m heading to Taipei for my pre-wedding photoshoot!!!

Currently, i’m increasing the frequency of DIY masking in order to keep my skin in good condition…

Because of the post-pimples marks and highly active oil glands, my skin will always be on the dull side.. In order to brighten it, i’m hoping that regular masking will help improve to this condition…

As mentioned in previous post, Secretive has sent me one of their new brightening mask from the SEXYLOOK range for review.. The Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask will help to brighten dull skin, enhance moisture level to skin and promoting collagen synthesis which increases skin elasticity.

This mask will provide extra brightening capability and at the same time help to chase away annoying fine lines on your face.. Because of the unique design of the Sexy Look Mask, the mask will gives your skin a lift! during application.. Say yes to a sharper V-line face!

The mask is able to provide extra brightening to skin due to its composition – Gem + Tranexamic Acid Peptide.. The ingredients – Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera, West Indian cherry extract and Vitamin B3 work hand in hand to boost skin’s radiance and to prevent dull skin..

The mask is also enriched with Malachite, peptide 5 and Platinum nano-particles (to allow rapid absorption into skin layer) which is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles…

Retail Price: $8.80 ( 5 pcs per box)

How to use:

1) Fit mask onto face.
2) Pull the ear hooks on both side of the mask onto your ears.
3) Pull hook at the chin to your ears.
4) Leave mask on for 15-20 mins and massage your face while waiting for mask to maximize absorption.

The condition of my skin before masking – Oily with patches of uneven skin tone 

Pros of the Mask

1) Cotton sheet of the mask is strong and sturdy so that you can ‘extend’ it, hook it and secure it without the need to worry that the mask will tear. Also, with the tension created by the hooking actions, the mask is able to adhere to my skin better so absorbent of serum can be maximized.

2) Mask is soaked with serum and you can apply the leftover serum onto your neck area.

3) Mask has no fragrance which might irritate skin and not much stinging / hot sensation during mask application. Upon removal of mask, it doesn’t leave my skin red.

4) No need to rinse your face as serum from the mask doesnt not leave sticky aftermath.

5) Skin is brighter and more dewy looking.. The next day, skin seems more radiant and calmer.

Cons of the Mask

1) Does not help much with my fine lines around my mouth area and can’t really see much lifting effect.. Perhaps i have to use the mask on a regular basis before i can see ‘lifting’ results.

Do give this mask a try if you are in urgent need to have a quick fix for your dull skin…. Personally i feel that it will be an effective SOS solution to brighter and more radiant skin…

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