‘Hen’s Night’ with Durex and ‘8 Safe Sex Tape’!

Hello everyone! I just had my ‘Hen’s night’ a few weeks back and it involved a lot of ‘Condoms’ and ‘8 Safe Sex Tape’…

Due to our conservative culture, most stag nights in Singapore are relatively tame as it usually involves only booze sessions, pajamas party and spa pampering etc… In order to ‘break’ the traditions, My friends and myself decided to have something ‘out of the norm’ and hereby allow me to bring you through the process….

hens night badge

Picture credits to Google’s image

The Hen’s night was held at New Majestic Hotel’s attic room and to kick-start the idea of something different, males are allowed! Chose the attic room as it could house us comfortably and decided on the room with the喜喜'(wedding) theme..


Picture credits to New Majestic Hotel’s FB page

We had decorated the couch area whereby it would be utilized for photo-taking and also an area whereby we carried out one of the most important activity – The Viewing of 8 Safe Sex Tapes! How interesting is that! hehe!

Here’s the door gift prepared exclusively for the invited guests!! Plus size ‘Condom Box’!! I’m sure the guests are game enough to carry this home…

A teaser of the contents inside….  Because I care for my friends, I want to remind them to ‘Play Safe’ during times of intimacy as using of condom shows that they taking responsibility for their actions..

To further emphasis on being responsible and to ‘Play Safe’, the bathtubs were being decorated with condoms as well..

I’m sure my guest will love the tub full of condoms and the specially prepared door gift as much as i do..

While waiting for the rest, Ryna, Mint and myself decided to camwhore in order to kill time… Special thanks to Durex for providing the props..

Don’t ask me how many condoms are inside but we had a hard time ‘fishing’ them out and leaving them to dry at the end of the night…

The tub of condoms were sponsored by Durex and for your information, Durex is global market leader in  making high quality condoms and products for lovers for more than 80 years.. The company manufactured around 1 billion units a year in 17 factories worldwide.. Since 1929, the company believes in playing the role of making a safer place for lovers. Durex believes that everyone has the right to a healthy, fulfilling sex life, where they are able to enjoy ‘the deed’ freely and fully..

Some types of condoms available are Fetherlite, close fit and comfort etc.. For full product description, please click this link to access Durex’s website… 😀

To all my friends, remember to ‘Play Safe as i love you!’ Remember to take the necessary precaution that will protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.. 😀

In order to fill my guests’ stomach, different finger-food were prepared for them as well.. Nothing beats having a feast while watching the 8 ‘Safe Sex Tape’.

The bed wasn’t spared as well as it was made into another photo-booth…

See what i meant?? Hereby presenting you with the guests that graced the party…

Beside the ‘safe sex tape viewing’, my guests got to enjoy some fun time with rubber as well! In the picture below, they were comparing and getting a feel of the different types of condoms.

To test the reliability of the rubber, they decided to fill it with water… ehhh, how come no one is making balloons using the rubber? Not an easy task, attempt it and you will know what i mean… LOL!

Hahahaha!! Alright! Enough of my non-realistic story narration.. All the above mentioned have nothing to do with my Hen’s night and all activities are associated with the judging process of the Durex “P.S. I LOVE YOU” Safe Sex Tape Video Making Competition.

Using unconventional and engaging double pronged approach, Durex tapped into the creativity of young individuals to develop ‘Safe Sex’ Tapes to educate youths on the importance of safe sex!


The safe sex tape video making competition and participants were opened to individuals residing in Singapore and below 30 years of age. All the 8 videos submitted consisted of 3-5 mins video to educate youths on the importance of safe sex while incorporating the phrase PS. I Love you…

The judging process of the video will consist of votes from a panel of bloggers and public voting… During the event, we had already made our choice so right now you can do a part in deciding the winner! The top three videos selected by public voting and a panel of judges will walk away with over $10,000 in cash and prizes.

Oh, there will be a lucky voter who will walk away with $100 worth of prizes from Durex! So These videos uploaded will be available for public voting on Durex Singapore FB page till 14 December 2012.  Don’t wait and Vote now as today is the last day of the voting contest! 


How to Vote?

1) Like Durex Singapore FB page

2) Click on this link to access the video gallery.

3) View respective videos and cast your votes by clicking on the ‘Vote’ Button


Will end this entry with the video that has captured my attention… Personally, i love this Man Vs Bush video because i’m a fan of ‘Man vs Wild’.. Not only it is funny, the creator is really creative as well as he incorporated the importance of condoms in order to survive in the ‘wild’ that’s full of uncertainties.


Remember to show your support and cast your votes before the deadline.. Good luck to all the participants and voters!

Special thanks to Vibes Communication and Durex Singapore for hosting this interesting campaign.

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