Q1 to Q4 2012 in a flash!

Hello everyone! I’m back from Taiwan and i really thank God for blessing us with amazing weather during the past 10 days! Photo-shoot went on well and we can’t wait to see the photos soon! Went to many places, stuff ourselves silly with a lot of good food, countdown in Taipei and welcomed 2013 with the mind-blowing fireworks from Taipei 101!!

On the flight to Taiwan, i had a lot of time to do some self-reflection and i have to say that 2012 has been really kind to me! Shall share with you on the different meaningful events that happened during the year! 🙂

Q1 of 2012

1) Thanks to sister Helen, i have secured a new job in an US MNC with a comfortable pay (although it is not a lot but it is substantial enough for me).. Although job scope is entirely different as i don’t have any logistics background, I’m thankful for the conducive environment, nice boss and helpful colleagues..


Photo credits to Google image

2) On Jan 02 2012, i finally bid good-bye to my single eye-lid eyes! Took the plunge and went ahead with the procedure in Taiwan! My double eyelids are already 1-year-old and i love it!! If you are considering to do it, why not read more about the procedures to gain more understanding? 🙂


I love my eyes!

Q2 of 2012

1) Finally graduated from University and had my convocation in May 2012! Being a part-time student, it wasn’t an easy journey but i did it with flying colors and even earned myself an achievement award.. All glory to God!


2) Was given a chance to be a hair model! In order to achieve such hair color, i have to go thru 8 hours of bleaching x 2, coloring and highlighting! Not forgetting the amount of hair-spray and styling products that Yvonne piled on my hair.. But i had a lot of fun and also not forgetting a different look… 🙂


Picture credits to Yvonne and Jingna

Q3 of 2012

Went to Krabi with my dearest Derrick but never expect that he will propose to me! Nothing too fanciful, just the way i like it – Private, Intimate yet Sweet… Our wedding luncheon will be held on 25 May 2013 and will be kept small as well…


1+1 = 2…


108 stalk of roses – Will you Marry me?


My exclusive Brellia bling bling!

Q4 of 2012

Went for my first concert in November as part of my Birthday Present (Thank you my Fiance!).. One word to sum up Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) Fugue World Tour 2012, ‘AWESOME‘!!!  The 3 hours literally flashed by and i was so captivated by all his songs.. 林宥嘉, I’m looking forward to your next concert and album release!

401293_10151246102454070_2084797019_n (1)

During the X’mas season, we went to Taiwan again (My second home!) for our pre-wedding photoshoot!! Since it was winter, we practically ‘freeze ourselves silly’ while struggling to pose nicely.. hahahaha! But many many thanks to the professional photographer, photographer’s assistant, Make-up artist and the driver for making things possible! Can’t wait to see the final photos in weeks to come!


After completing the photo-shoot, we went for our pre-wedding honeymoon! LOL! Visited Taipei, Taichung, Cingjing and Hualien during the remaining 8 days.. Will share more about it in my 2013 blog entries when i have the mood to blog about it! hehe~


Just like what Genesis 9:13 has stated – I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. In 2012, God has displayed his blessings upon my life in many different ways.. Therefore in 2013, reminder to self not to stop counting my blessings and always be a blessing to others as well.

Happy 2013 to everyone and may the new year be a fruitful one!

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