(Sponsored Review) Zap Zap Skin’s Imperfections with Neogence’s Pore Solution Series

Oh no!!! I really hate bad skin days!! Since one week ago, my period has gone haywire due to stress and hence the hormonal imbalance has caused me to suffer from another bad bout of jaw-line breakouts.. Please don’t judge me after seeing the picture below 😦

Disgusting i know.. 😦

It’s not that my monthly facial and daily facial products doesn’t work but i just can’t control the way my body wanna react.. To combat this, I have to incorporate more products into my skin care routine in order to deal with the existing pimples and also to control the condition… Few months ago, SASA has sent me 3 products which will deliver pores solution.. Did not have a chance to blog about it until now as i was busy with work, wedding preparation etc.. My apologizes!

Back to the New Pore Solutions, this product range is the latest collection in the Neogence’s family to target acne and pores issues.. According to statistics,  it has been found that acne and pimples are the biggest skin care concerns of Asian women..  Because we are living in the tropics, weather tends to be hot and humid so skin will become oily and pore blockages will occur as a result.. Overtime, cornification takes place thus resulting in facial problems like heads or acne.

To improve Oily Sheen Problem and to deliver Zero-Pore Skin, Neogence (the renowned lab-dermatological brand) has launched a brand new Pore Solution Series dedicated to improve the skin and remove oily sheen problem.. The Pore Solution Series targets to recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving heads, and rebuilding pores. In addition, it will control sebum excretion and resolve cornification problem, and at the same time improving pore conditions.

Neogence Laboratory (which composed of a R&D team of dermatologists, bio-medical doctors and professional pharmacists) has found out that excess oil / serum blockages will produce larger pores.. When the skin secretes too much sebum, it will blocks the areas around the hair follicles. Overtime when it mixes with old horniness and dirt, pore clogging will worsen thus forming whiteheads / blackheads. When our skin is unable to excrete sebum successfully, pores will be enlarged and loses elasticity.. As a result, troublesome skin problems like acne, pock marks, and even pus pocks will result.

Neogence Pore Solution Series has four main functions to address the above concerns by ‘Effectively recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving acne, and rebuilding pores’.. The four functions will relieve skin problems like clogged pores, acne, pimples, enlarged pores and oily skin.


The four functions will control sebum excretion which completely resolve horniness problems. While it improves skin conditions,  they will also serve to moisten and sooth skin with its oil-free formula.

The ingredients which supports the four functions include (extracted from the press-kit):

Active Ingredient: SEBARYL (TM), EVERMAT (TM)

‘Recuperating sebum: effective oil-controlled formula, deeply constrain 5α-reductase’s validity, reducing the activity of the sebaceous gland, in order to keep oil levels controlled over time.’


‘Dissolving heads: an oil-soluble and water-soluble complex acid which can soften horniness rapidly, accelerate excretion of old horniness; can also effectively dissolve blocked heads.’

Active Ingredient : O-CYMEN-5OL

‘Controlling Germs: a regulating extract to control germs in order to continuously narrow pores; a regulating antibiotic to prevent acne and pimples.’


Rebuilding pores: helping enlarged pores to recover their elasticity; strengthening and tightening enlarged pores.’

After clinical laboratory testing(tested over a four-week period),  it is tested and proven that the skin conditions have been addressed significantly.

2 (2)

The first product in the Neogence Pore Solution Series will be the MINERAL MICRO-SCRUB EXFOLIATING CREAM and this deep cleansing scrub will remove old dead skin cells and dull skin.. It contains rich algae particles SUBLIMALG ® cream body that will penetrate deep into pores to remove excess oil and old dead skin cells. This natural mineral particles from the sea is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins C and will promote skin metabolism and circulation. The fine abrasive particles will penetrate into pores and clear the excess accumulation of sebum, acne and old dead skin cells, while zinc oxide will tighten pores to improve enhance skin quality.

Next, the EXTREME PORE-REDUCING SERUM (daily care, 30ml) will provide skin with three functions: Oil-control (avoid pore enlargements)+ Rebuilding + Reducing, Pores and Smoothing Skin..(with Witch Hazel Extract + B3 to Calm and Reduce Pores and LARCYL® to tightens and narrows Pores).

Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum

Lastly, there is one special care product EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM (15ml) that contains a unique pore purifying formula which cleans and removes acne.. With complex acid to dissolve acne and witch hazel extract as a form of astringent, this serum will double up to control oil and control sebum excretion.

Extremely off-heads serum

Other products in the series includes:

1) Pore Purifying cleansing gel (Daily care), 125ml

2) Anti-blemish treatment gel (Daily care), 50ml

The Neogence Pore Solution is available at Sasa outlets exclusively…

I’ll be including the EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM (for my jaw line and chin area to target my breakouts) and EXTREME PORE-REDUCING SERUM (on my T-zone area to target the enlarged pores) in my skin care regime.. Will be back to update in 1-2 weeks time so stay tune for my reviews! 🙂

God bless and have a great week ahead!

2 thoughts on “(Sponsored Review) Zap Zap Skin’s Imperfections with Neogence’s Pore Solution Series

  1. ohhhoney says:

    oh dear I get these kinda small pimples outbreak out of nowhere too! I hate them too. But mine’s rosacea la, so I will be doing IPL for it. Hope the products above worked for you!

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