(Sponsored Review) Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum

Hello everyone! I hope the week has been kind to you.. 🙂

For me, it has been a rough week as i have injured my wrist and fell sick yesterday. Only positive thing that has brightened up my week will be improved skin condition on my jawlines.. This is due to the fact that for the past 10 days, i have used Aloe Vera Mask once every 2 days and applied Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum 2X daily. To recap, SASA has sent me this product a few months back and Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum is the special care product in the Pore Solution Series.. 

Extremely off-heads serum

The EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM (15ml) contains a unique pore purifying formula which will clean and remove acne.. Together with complex acid to dissolve acne and witch hazel extract as a form of astringent, this serum will double up to control oil and control sebum excretion.


Main ingredients used in this serum will be Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. This special combination of fruit acid will penetrate deep into pores to ‘soften and dissolve’ imperfections like dead skin cells, acne, pimples and clogged pores. At the same time, it will help to reduce sebum production, improve skin’s texture and close up pores.


Because it contains fruit acid, the serum is contained in a glass bottle so you might have to extra careful during handling.. The dropper makes application easy and more hygienic . As mentioned, I’m using this serum two times a day.. In the morning, I’ll only apply it on pimples and acne before applying my moisturizer.. At night, i’ll apply 2 drops to my chin and jawline area.. I did not apply moisturizer on my chin / jawline area as i don’t want to pile too much products on these sensitive areas.


The serum has a sweet minty scent and it feels a little slimy to the touch…Due to the gel-ish texture, i feel that it is quite thick as it leaves behind a sticky film.. To prevent this, just massage the serum onto your skin in a circular motion until the serum is fully absorbed..


Before using this product, I’m worried that it will be too harsh on skin as it contains fruit acid… However, the serum doesn’t irritate my skin and it did not cause any peeling or stinging sensation (Despite not applying moisturizer) … After application, skin looks softer and calmer…


After 10 days of usage, I’m pleased to announced these improvements:

1) The serum did a great job purifying my skin and ‘drawing out’ the white head and pus from my inflamed pimples / acne.. Because of this, the healing process is greatly reduced as I’m able to extract out the gunk so as to dry up my problem areas. Again, it is not recommended to squeeze your pimples / acne but i just can’t help it.. 😛

2) Because the serum helps to soften and removes dead skin cells, i find that the texture of my skin on the jawline areas appear to be more even and less dull.. Personally, i like the soothing sensation it has on my skin after application (perhaps this is due to the watch Hazel?)

3) The amount of acne and pimples have reduced after usage..  Skin on jawline feels less bumpy and existing pimples / acne are also less red and swollen . However, do not over apply as it might be too rich for your skin.. Once, i ended up with some breakouts on my chin area as i applied too much serum on it..

20130120_170543 (3)

I’ll recommend this serum if you think that your current pimple cream isn’t doing much to dry up your imperfections… After using this serum, i have creased the use of pimple cream on my jawline area as this serum does a better healing job!

If you are interested in buying any Neogence’s products, it is available exclusively in all SASA outlets...

Take care everyone! 😀

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