(Sponsored Review) One Girl, Three Looks with ZA’s Eyes Groovy, Lip Drops and Killer Volume Mascara

Hello everyone, how’s your preparation for Chinese New Year?

For the past few weeks, my parents have been busy with Spring Cleaning and preparation for the new year.. I am also slowly doing spring cleaning for my room so that i have more excuses to buy more new items.. hahahaha! To begin the new year, I strongly believe in wearing new clothing as i feel that i must replace my old clothing with new outfits so as to ‘remove any bad luck accumulated over the past year’.

Likewise for makeup, i will also tend to use new ones as I wish to have a beautiful start to a new year… If you are as ‘pang-tang’ or vain as me and are sourcing for new make-up, I’m glad to share that ZA is adding more make-up items to their extensive product lines..

Thanks to Charmian, i attended the Za Cosmetics | Majolica Majorca‏ exclusive launch session 2 weeks back.. Here’s Charmian explaining to us that the Spring 2013 Trend consists of Grey Tone, Splashes of Pink. Sheer lips and Voluminous Lashes… As part of the 2013 Spring Trend, ZA is hereby bringing you new colors in the Eyes Groovy (also improved formula!) and Lip Drops Series.. Not forgetting new Mascara so that you can glam up your eyes.

Introducing the new babies in the make-up series (From Left to Right)

Eyes Groovy: Pinkish Brown, Clean Gray and Wine Red

Lips Drop: The Pink, Sweet Sweet and Crystal Queen

Mascara: Killer Volume Mascara

In the previous collection, there are six palettes in the eye groovy collection – Lady Brown, White Illuminator, Icy Smoky, Aqua Squash, Mauve Berry and Glamorous Gold.. Was using the Mauve Berry palette on days when i need a more natural make-up.. Mauve Berry’s colors are subtle, shimmery and it’s long-lasting… However, the colors are not pigmented enough if you prefer a more obvious eye make up (Color is build-able but you have to  swipe a few more times in order to get more pigments on)..



Beside adding 3 more new colors to the collection, these three colors have improved formulation as well so the new palettes are more pigmented (YAY!)… I have tested it and i don’t have to swipe a few times in order to pick up more pigments..

Like the rest of the palette, these three eyeshadow Quad will help you create attractive eyes with its trendy colors and textures. The Eyes Groovy contains Brilliant Powder Complex so that you can achieve hi-fidelity colors and long-lasting texture.. The Micro powder and skin-fit formula allows you to blend the colors easily and smoothly while preventing oxidation / smudges.. It also cares for the delicate skin on your eyelids as it contains Vitamin E Derivative and it is dermatologist-tested.

First new color that i will touch on will be (07) Pinkish Brown and this palette will leave behind a demure and sweet impression with its soft pinkish brown tone.

Color Swatch – Pinkish Brown (07)

Grey Tones are part of the Spring 2013 trend hence this (08) Clean Gray Palette will give you cool mysterious looking smoky eyes with its cool gray tone accented with a touch of white pearly effect.

Color Swatch – (08) Clean Gray 

For a more elegant look that involves splashes of pink, the (09) Wine Red Palette with colors that represents deep flavor of vintage wine will complete the look.

Color Swatch – (09) Wine Red Palette 

In one of my entries, i have introduced Lip Drops during its first launch.. To refresh your memory, Lip Drops are available in 10 different girly shades and each tube is donned in limited edition floral packaging to evoke the images of love.. 🙂

This tube lip gloss will instantly plump up your lips with a glossy and dewy finish.. Lip-Drops come with a drop seal prescription that will allow the lip gloss to spread easily with a fresh and non-sticky texture. It contains Collagen Complex to replenish lips with long-lasting moisture (up to 8 hours) and high shine surface.. It also cares for your lips as it contains Vitamin E derivative (Dermatologist tested) with a floral fruity scent.

New Colours added to the existing collection of 20 colors include (From Left to Right):

(11) Sweet Sweet – Clear Beige for sweet and adorable looking lips

(13) Crystal Queen –  Clear Color with a glitter of Gold Pearl

(12) The Pink – Faint Pink that will subtly brighten your lips.

Color Swatch – (Left) Sweet Sweet, (Centre) Crystal Queen, (Right) The Pink

With the combination power of the Eye Groovy and Lip Drops, you can create three different looks:

Sweet Look – With Pinkish Brown Eye Groovy+ Sweet Sweet Lip-Drop

Cool Look – With Clean Grey Eye Groovy+ Crystal Queen Lip-Drop

Elegant – With Wine red Eye Groovy+ The Pink Lip-Drop

I’m wearing ‘The Pink’ lip drop and personally i feel that the sheer pinkish pearly tone is nice enough to wear it on its own… You can also choose to layer it on with your lip-stick for that extra glittery glow.. Texture wise, the lip gloss isn’t too sticky and it won’t leave my lips feeling dry.. Another plus point will be that the lip-gloss has a sweet and nice floral fruity scent.

In the February launch, ZA is also bringing consumers with a power-packed mascara know as the ZA Killer Volume Mascara! This Mascara contains ZA’s signature Vitamin E to pamper, repair and moisturize your lashes. Best of all, it will leave your eyes charming for a long time with its waterproof and sweat-resistant formula.

The mascara has a large spiral brush head and this will allow it to coat more eyelashes with mascara in just one swipe.. The hollow flexible bristles found on the brush head will help with a more consistent application to give you abundant and thick eyelashes.

When i first saw the mascara, i immediately commented on the size of the big brush head.. Hahaha! But the ladies from the ZA Team reassured me that the tiny bristles on the brush head will make application easy as it will reach out to coat more lashes (as compared to its previous mascara).. Tested the mascara before heading to M&M’s wedding and i’m really surprised that it is really ‘power-packed’.. I shall tell you why! 🙂

Texture and color– The mascara is intensively black and it allows me to have dramatic looking lashes after apply 3 coats.. If you prefer a tone-down natural look, this mascara will do the job well with just one coat.. This mascara is slightly on the moist side so it might take slightly longer time to dry. Personally i’ll prefer my mascara to be slightly wetter as it will be easier to apply… Just try not to blink till it dries up so that you won’t get smudges.. Despite not using any mascara base, the mascara is long-lasting enough to stay on my lashes for at least 6 hours before smudging.. This is really a good record as you know how oily my eyelids can be!

Issues pertaining to clumps– Below picture show two coats of mascara on my upper lashes) and one coat my lower lashes. If you apply 1-2 coats, there won’t be much clumps seen.. However if you apply 3 coats and above, there might be slight clumping so use a small eyelash comb to dislodge the clumps..

Ease of use:  Despite the large brush head, the small bristles allows me to coat my lashes easily… Because the tiny bristles are quite concentrated, one swipe is enough to ‘deposit’ enough mascara on most lashes.. The tiny bristles also reaches out to my lower lashes and hard-to-reach corner lashes so every lashes are nicely coated.

Volumizing effect-  As you can see from my pictures, my upper / lower lashes look really dense.  Also, the mascara gave me perfectly defined and separated lashes..


Event was held at epilogue café @ ION Orchard. Located at #04-16, this hidden gem is situated inside prologue – A heaven for all book lovers..  Beside browsing and buying books, you can also choose to rest your feet or satisfy your hunger pangs over at epilogue cafe. 

I had the piping hot chicken pie with side salad and orange juice.. Never like a heavy dinner as i will tend to have problems sleeping at night if i do… Chicken pie was baked to perfection – Crispy on the outside while stuffed with warm chicken bits on the inside…  Slurp!~

For desert, i had the Epilogue’s Signature which is made up of Vanilla ice-cream with coffee sauce.. If you are a coffee-lover like me, you will definitely adore this sweet yet bitter combination~ Thank you to the ZA team for feeding with such quality food!

If you are wondering when will the new items be available in stores, I’m glad to tell you that some items are already available….

Eyes Groovy
Pink Brown, Cool Gray and Wine Red
$18.50, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Lip Drops
Sweet Sweet, The Pink, Crysal QUeen
$11.90, Launch Date: 24 Jan 2013

Killer Volume Mascara
$18.50, Launch Date: 28 Feb 2013

Personally i will highly recommend the mascara as it really work wonders for your lashes to give you stunning looking eyes! Moreover, the price is really friendly on the pockets.. 🙂


In my next post, i will be touching more on Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink… In this collection, key focus will be on the eyes and lips… The 5 new exciting products in the new collection includes:

1) Lash Expander Edge Meister

2) Lash Jelly Drop

3) Majoromantica M

4) Skin Remaker Case 2013

5) The Little Humming Book 1

Sound exciting? Remember to stay tune to my updates in 1-2 weeks time.. 🙂

In the meantime,  will like to wish all my readers a Happy Lunar New Year in advance.. May you have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!! XOXOXO!

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