(Sponsored Review) Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink

Hello Lovelies, I’m back with the Majolica Majorca’s post which i have promised you earlier on. 🙂

For Spring 2013, Majolica Majorca launches another new chapter (Chapter 36) with the theme Secret Blink. In this collection, attention will be given to the corner of the eyes and lips. Alluring eyes have always been highly adored by many and Chapter 36 will emphasis on increasing the eye’s width… Expanding on the theme of a secret garden, color focuses of Secret Blink will be on soft and pale tones to bring a more captivating look.


Majolica Majorca’s Chapter 36 – Secret Blink brings you 5 new exciting products which includes:

1) Lash Expander Edge Meister

2) Lash Jelly Drop

3) Majoromantica M (Limited Edition)

4) Skin Remaker Case 2013 (Limited Edition)

5) The Little Humming Book 1 (Limited Edition)

In this collection, Majolica Majorca presents to you the first ever Fragrance – Majoromantica M..  This first fragrance launched by Majolica Majorca has a mysterious garden scent that will stir your curiosity.

Top Note: Floral Citrus (Black rose, Rose, Freesia, Peony, Jasmine, Violet, Lily of the valley, Pear & Orange peel)

Middle Note: Fruity (June berry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry & Sweet chocolate)

Last Note: Sweet & Bitter (Brown sugar, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk & Cacao powder)

The top note and middle note consists of a luscious arrangement of citrus fruits, basic red fruits and concentrated flowers which will leave a light and gentle fragrance on skin. While the last note with the combination of sweet chocolate and Cacao brings about a subtle and mysterious scent!

The Majolica Majorca’s Mystic Garden has a sweet fruity scent that isn’t too overwhelming.. Love to use this scent together with my Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle as the fruity sweet scent compliment each other!  The dainty bottle won’t occupy too much space in my bag so it is so convenient to bring it around! Another interesting fact about this fragrance will be that it will react differently on each individual.. When i applied it on, it smells sweet and fruity but on Yiying, it smells musky.. Hehehe! Interesting isn’t it? Do note that this item is limited edition hence be sure to grab one before it is too late..


RSP: $25.90

Next, there’s the limited edition Skin Remaker Case 2013 which is specially designed as part of the ‘Secret Blink’ theme… This foundation case houses the Skin Remaker Pore Cover (which is a powder foundation that will conceal pores with a long-lasting and silky smooth finish).. Available in 4 shades, the fine-textured foundation with a radiant + flawless finish contains SPF, is non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested.

RSP for case: $13.50, Skin Remarker Pore Cover (Refill) – $25.90

For the eyes, Chapter 36 also brings to you a new generation of mascara (Lash Expander Edge Meister) focusing on promoting  evolutionary lengthening and strengthening eyelashes… After make-up removal and as part of your skin-care routine, the Lash Jelly Drop will act as a rich treatment gel for your eyelashes.

Initially i thought that the Lash Jelly Drop is another make-up product (mascara base to be exact) due to the packaging.. In fact, it is a rich lash treatment gel to bring you darker, shiny and stronger lashes. The lash jelly drop contains Arginin which will help repair lashes, while wild rose extract and glycerin will moisturize lashes… With regular use, the lash jelly drop will treat each damaged lashes by giving it shine, elasticity and moisture…

RSP – $25.90

Lash Jelly Drop has a gel texture which turns into a liquid consistency when you brush it onto your lashes. This makes it very easy to spread it and the mascara wand like applicator allows fuss-free application… I have incorporated this product as part of my skin-care routine and will use it at night after i have removed all my make-up.. This is my second time using eye-lashes treatment (Previous one has an oily and heavy texture) and i have to say that Lash Jelly is non-greasy and not sticky.. After using it for a week (once daily), no significant differences in the density of my lashes observed but i have to say that my lashes seems stronger as i don’t see much lashes falling onto my cotton-pad during the removal of my eye-makeup..

Edited on 17/2 – After using the lash jelly for another week, the lower lashes on my left eye appears to be more dense and even! I’m so happy with the result as i was bothered by the unevenness of my lower lashes.  


As you know, mascara from Majolica Majorca are well-known for its fibers which gives great lengthening capabilities… The new Lash Expander Edge Meister is formulated with 1.3 times more jet black fiber (when compared to Lash Beautifying Frame Plus) and liquid lengthening base for long and beautiful strong lashes.. The 4mm long black fibers will cleverly lengthens and strengthen your lashes while the liquid lengthening base will work to coat each lashes.

Eyelashes will also appear black velvety glossy as it contains gloss oil and speedy dry oil to enhance the curling power of the lashes. The mascara is also formulated with treatment ingredients for the lashes (Vit E Derivatives & Macadamia nuts oil) and it is sweat, oil, tear and water proof..

RSP – $25.90

The mascara also comes with a Duo comb that will help to widens and separates each and every lashes. To achieve wide, extended and beautiful lashes, it is recommended to use the main comb to slowly comb up lashes from root to tip with mascara as it will lengthen and separate lashes. Next, use the smaller comb to slowly comb through short lashes to elongate it.

Sounds really good right? I will try out this mascara once i have finished using the ZA killer volume mascara so i’ll let you know how it fares.. 🙂


My favorite item in the collection 36 will be the Little Humming Book 1 which is introduced to commemorate Majolica Majorca’s 1oth Anniversary. This handy and fun make-up palette book contains an eye cream base, 2 eye-shadow and a lip gloss.

RSP: $25.90

The inside of the make-up palette is designed like a mini book with pages printed with a secret garden theme…

From left to Right:

Eye Cream Base (No 1, Moonless night) – This cream base is be used as an eye shadow primer.. Recommended to use it on over eyelids as a base to add depth to the eye shadow..

Eye Shadow Base (No 2 & No 3, Flower dust / Green Shower)- Both eye-shadow in the humming book has a translucent color that has a glossy and sparkly sheen when used alone and magical when applied over the eye cream base.

Lip Gloss (No 4, Tulip Bed)- The lip-gloss inside my humming book is filled with moisturizing ingredients – Royal Jelly EX (Acacia Honey, Royal Jelly Extract, Bees wax) to pamper your lips whole providing a healthy sheen.

To use the eye palette, you can apply the eye cream base first on your eyelids.. After which, apply the eye-shadow color that you desire and blend it on your lower lids as well..

Now its color swatches time! 

If you adore smokey eye make-up, my little humming book will be the perfect palette to have in your make-up pouch.. Because packing is so sleek and compact, it makes it so handy to carry it around…. The first color that captured my attention will be the dark-colored base which made the palette unique as most base will have a lighter tone.. But personally prefer applying the base first as it gives a more intense and 3D look… Upon layering on with the eye-shadow, it will result in a shimmer and sheen smokey eye color.

If you want a natural eye make-up look, you can skip the base make-up and just apply the eye-shadow on your upper and lower lids…  For a sweet look, Flower Dust has a subtle touch of pink tone while Green Shower has a light mint color.. While applying and blending the eye make-up, remember not to apply too much force while swiping as the colors are really pigmented. Eye-shadow goes on very smoothly and it is so easy to blend… Moreover the colors stay on my oily eye-lids so no touch-up is required. Since item is limited edition as well, I’ll really highly recommend that you get this pretty gem early to avoid any disappointment.. 🙂

Individual colors (without any mixing)

Without Flash

Colours (with layering)

With Flash

Colours with Layering

As for the lip-gloss, it left behind a pearly light pink sheen on my lips.. If you prefer a really glossy look, then you might have to apply another layer of clear gloss on as ‘Tulip Bed’ isn’t very glossy… As for the texture, it is on the creamier side so some might find it a little too heavy on lips.. Other than that, the gloss is long-lasting as i can eat and drink while the lip-gloss still stays on my lips…

Chapter 36 –  Secret Blink is available exclusively at Watsons from 24 Jan 2013 (Lash Expander Edge Meister & Lash Jelly Drop) and 28 Feb 2013 (Majoromantica M, Skin Remaker Case 2013 & The Little Humming Book 1) respectively..


Have a nice day everyone and enjoy your CNY break! 🙂

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