(Sponsored Review) Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner & Dasoda MG Mega Liquid

It has been sometime since my last eyeliner review as I did not come across a brand which left a big impact behind… However two weeks ago, Sasa has sent me some make-up items from Dasoda for review and I’m really very impressed with the eyeliner!!!

** Will also review the concealer in this post and will blog more about the mascara soon. ūüôā

Dasoda is a brand from Japan and it symbolizes sweetness and loveliness.. Dasoda has brought many women special happiness and beauty to shine and live their own life story as beautiful heroines. Products under the brand are gentle to skin and are highly safe to be used on skin / eyes.


Picture from Dasoda’s FB

The eyeliner that i am raving about in this post is known as the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner and this eye-liner charger does not contain coal-tar colorants (like Yellow no 4, Blue no 1, red no 227) so colorant¬†don’t¬†remain on the skin. When colorant doesn’t remain on skin, it won’t harm the skin by causing pigmentation as the eyeliner can be easily¬†washed off warm water and facial cleanser.

The eyeliner has a water-proof formula which resists tears, sweat and water. Even when it is wet, it won’t smudge.¬†When it is dry, the water-resistant polymer in the eyeliner will coats the surface and making it smudge-free for hours…

The eyeliner also has a fast-dry formula so you won’t stain your eyelids when you blink right after application. Hence, you can achieve a clear thick defined line with many layers as it doesn’t smudge nor stain.

Lastly, this eyeliner is combined with moisturizing essence that cares for the eye area as u draw a clear defined line (Moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin, panthenol).

Just because it works and brought about amazing results, the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has once topped the chart in Cosme (Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty¬†comprehensive site).

Something which i really love about the eyeliner will be its brush which enables me to achieve smooth drawing… I’m not a big fan of eyeliner with very fine brush as i will tend to draw a thicker lines on my lids hence it is easier if the brush is on the thicker side..

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has an exquisite eyeliner brush specially designed with bristles of a specific length and elasticity as well as a unique angle for each bristle. With these, the dense black ink of the eyeliner will adheres to the brush better so that you can draw a striking and lustrious deep black line in just one stroke

As a comparison, i will make use of another eyeliner brand as a¬†benchmark¬†in various ‘tests’… Both eyeliners produce a thick and obvious black line.. For Heroine Make eyeliner, i have to draw the line twice in order to achieve the same density as Dasoda’s (with just one swipe)… Also¬†if you look closer, Dasoda’s line appears to be more lustrous… This is due to the fact that Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†contains the blackest¬†possible¬†carbon black ink which can produce a different result from a thin black die ink.

I have also subjected both eyeliners to running tap water and both eyeliner stays on strong… Next, i tried to rub away both lines and sad to say that Heroine Make’s did not ‘survive’ from the friction…. +1 to Dasoda’s highly water-proof and smudge-free formula.

I have mentioned earlier that Dasoda’s eyeliner contains non-penetrating carbon black ink so it will just adheres to the skin surface (as such, no pigmentation occur).. Hence, it can be easily wipe off with one sheet of make-up remover wipes… If you wish to remove the eyeliner make-up fast, simply just use warm water and your facial cleanser to wash it away.¬†

As you know i have oily skin and oily eyelids so most eyeliner won’t last on my lids for more than 6 hours… From the picture below, i have used Heroine Make’s eyeliner on one eye and Dasoda’s on another.. Took this picture after 1o hours of application so¬†pardon¬†my really oily looking skin… Most of the line created by Heroine Make’s eyeliner has ‘gone with the oil’ and¬†wiping¬†with tissue while most pigments created by Dasoda’s eyeliner still remains intact..

The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†retails at $19.90 and it is available exclusively at Sasa.. Will highly recommend it if you are looking for one eyeliner that is long-lasting yet can be easily removed during the cleansing process.. Moreover, it brings about an intensive black line which i adore! ūüôā

Ohh! To ensure a smooth flow of ink¬†during application, you might have to make sure that you store the pen tip facing downwards for about 5 mins before you use it.. Other than this, there’s isn’t any more rant about this eyeliner and hope you will love it as much as i do.. ūüėÄ

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer

I’m not a big fan of concealer as it will tend to clog my sensitive and easily clogged skin.. Will usually steer clear of them unless i have big zits which need major coverage.. Due to the feasting of junk food during the CNY period, i have developed this really big acne on my chin-line which is badly¬†inflamed¬†and red!

Therefore, i have put the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer to good use.. Available in two shades, the mega liquid is available in Natural & Ocre and it is a 3-in-1 product!

The concealer is packaged in a clicker calligraphy brush¬†pen style which makes application more hygiene and ‘hands-free’.. You can just dap the concealer onto areas which requests concealing while you using your concealer brush to blend it in. During the¬†initial¬†use, i have difficulties trying the get the concealer out.. I have no ides how many times i ‘clicked’ it and i have to switch hand as my injured wrist hurts from all the clicking.. However for the¬†subsequent¬†uses, no such problem faced as 1-2 clicks will able to get the concealer out..

Beside acting as a concealer, Dasoda MG Mega Liquid can also be used as a highlighter by adding brightness, dimension and harmonizes all the features of the face. It also provides lifting capabilities as it contains various ingredients that prevents firms that skin.. Daily use will prevent around the eyes age spots, wrinkles and dryness.


Texture of the concealer is very light-weighted and non-greasy… Upon blending, the concealer will into a powdery texture and it doesn’t leave behind an oily aftermath.


As for the concealing power, ¬†it is able to hide redness very well with just a thin layer… As you know the skin on our acne / pimples will always be more oily than other part of the face, hence re-application of concealer will be required during the later part of the day.. As for the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid, it is able to last for about 6-8 hours before touch up is required.. IMO, the lasting power is not bad (although not as long-lasting when compared to Mac’s)


The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid retails at $25.90 at all Sasa outlets… Hope you have enjoy reading my review and have an enjoyable sunday! ūüôā

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