(Sponsored Review) Pleats and More Pleats with Pleatation

In conjunction with V’day, Pleatation has blessed me with a V’day Hamper that contains many pretty items  specially picked for me… 🙂


Like its name has suggested, Pleatation carry pleated products like Apparels, Accessories, Scarves, Stationery, Home & Living and Handicrafts.

**Pleat – Defined as a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. It is commonly used in clothing and upholstery to gather a wide piece of fabric to a narrower circumference.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Photo from Pleatation’s FB

Pleatation is a local concept store established in 2011 tailoring specifically in Apparels, Accessories and Lifestyle products.. Pleatation places paramount importance on quality and design satisfaction so as to bring you intricate, differentiated, quality and versatile pleated products..

Being the key leader in the pleated products market, its business model consists of putting 100% focus in the business and having personalized in-house production facility to pleat the products… In addition, Pleatation  maintains well-stocked inventories and constantly seek to research and develop new products with the different in-house production capabilities (for example: pleating & laser-cut).

To further emphasize on its differentiation strategy by being unique in its own style, Pleatation implements 3 core steps in reinventing new concepts – Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Rebirth.. As such, each intricate piece is either designed or chosen with care and are highly versatile for everyone.


Photo from Pleatation’s FB

The Pleatation team is really sweet! Knowing that I’m getting married in 3 months time, they have specially selected three products from their home and living category (Home and Table Decor) so that i can decorate my future home.. 🙂

Pleated Gold Waffle Coasters ($19)

Comes in a set of 4, the gold waffle coasters will style up your dining table and it will be great for different occasions (like everyday use or entertaining guests during parties).. It is also available in a few colors so that you can find one  to match the theme of your house!

Each coaster is made with 100% Polyester Organza with is smooth to the touch for easy maintenance after use..  The felt base at the bottom will help to ensure better grip on the table..

Pleated Waffles Placemats ($39)

This has to be the prettiest placemats that i have even seen! Normally i will use plastic / silicon place mats which is kind of boring so with the waffles placemats, i can now dine in style…

The placemats are also made of 100% Polyester Organza and Felt base for easy maintenance while the smooth surface aids washing after use.  If you are worried that you will ruin the coasters and placemats after washing / subjecting it to heat, you will be glad to know that Organza can withstand high heat and washing!

Waffle Table Runner ($39)

Initially i thought this is a shawl and D was laughing at my stupidity.. hahahahaha!! Tested the waffle table runner on my mum’s dining table and it covers the middle section of the table nicely.. Instantly, it helps to add dimension and dress up the boring dining table with its colors / pattern. Will be using this table runner during my wedding on the reception table as i feel that the white color will complement my wedding’s color theme and adds an extra classy touch!

The team also sent me some stationery which will be great for decoration, mementos and scrapbooking…

 Sunburst Wooden Pegs ($9.90)

I brought these pegs to my office as i really love the pink and cutesy design! Because i have to deal with many documents daily, these pegs helps me to separate documents while it brightens up my table.. Alternatively, i can also use this on my wedding to ‘peg’ my angpows so that we can easily identify the correct angpow .. 😀

Color Options for the Wooden PegsBlack, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Pink and Purple

Color options available for the fabricSunburst, White and Hot Pink

1 inch Uneven Pleated Ribbons ($12.90)

Next, if you are interested in art and craft, you will be glad that Pleatation has a huge range of Pleated Ribbons in its inventories… These ribbons will be great for apparel DIY decorations whereby you can add it on your plain outfits and pleat them up in your favourite pattern and colour! You can also use these pretty ribbons for scrapbooking and decoration purposes

The team has sent me the Pleated Ribbons in a mixture of Uneven Pleats in (1 inch) in red! This high quality and pretty ribbon will definitely come in handy to beautify some of my wedding props / accessories! The uneven pleated ribbons are available in 1″ and 2″ widths and it comes in 40 different colors.

Frilled  Basic Tank ($39)

My favorite item in the V’day hamper will be the basic frilled tank as it is in my favorite color and so stylish-looking… Because it looks good on its own, it doesn’t required much hassle styling and will be good during days whereby you feel lazy… Wore it during the CNY period when relatives were visiting my place so OOTD was a casual one.. Paired it with my denim shorts with lace and the basic frilled tanktop gave me a simple, stylish yet fun look.. Because of the pleated frills, the tank top looks unique and sleek. This fuss-free and classy tank top comes with gradating color options for tanktop colors (I’m eyeing the black one as it is my lucky color)


Aztec Willow Necklace ($25.90)

If you love unique and easy to match handmade necklace, you will be thrilled with the Aztec Willow Necklace that’s available in 5 colors (Black/ Red/ Purple/ Yellow Gold/ Dark Blue)… Inspired by the traditional colors of the African culture, the exotic and intricate designs of this woven necklace will add character to your outfit.

I know my outfit doesn’t go with the necklace so just take it as reference as i just want to show you how it looks like when worn. Pardon me alright? 🙂

Mushroom Series: Shawl ($29)

Weather is so cranky nowadays so a shawl will come in handy when the weather turns chilly suddenly.. Introducing another of my favorite, the mushroom series shawl that comes in a slash of pastel color (mint) and polka dots that will bound to chase away gloomy moments!

Made from 100% Polyester, you can now glam up your outfit while keeping yourself warm with this stylist and versatile shawl! Now i’m gifted with such a gorgeous shawl, i can put this versatile accessory to good use.. Enjoy the video below and learn 10 different ways to wear your shawl!


Last but not least,  look at these sweet pencils with roses on top! Awwww,~!

If you like what you are seeing in this blog entry, you can visit Pleatation’s website for more products information..

Pleatation is extending a special discount on all items on the website to all my readers.. For the whole month of February and March 2013, you will be entitled to 15% off all items when you quote JMLVD13X during check out.. Do note that the discount is only valid via online purchases.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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