(Event) Decleor “Aroma in Action”- Therapist Training

Hello everyone!!! It’s Thursday and one more day to the weekend!! Because its Friday tomorrow, i can blog and sleep slighter later tonight! 🙂

On Monday, i attended an event held by Decléor and thanks to Jaclyn for bringing me along.. 🙂

Established in France three decades ago, Decléor is an expert in cosmetic aromatherapy.. What is unique about the Decléor’s skincare programme will be the existence of exclusive beauty concentrates of 100% pure natural and active essential and plant oil in its product ranges.

Back in olden days, Aromatherapy (essential and plant oil) has always been widely used due to its highly beneficial medical benefits.. The logic behind is that plants can self-create their own balance by adapting, selecting and making use of the best from their surroundings.. As such, aromatherapy can also help to restore this balance within the complex human skin and body..

With this knowledge in mind, the laboratories of Decleor constantly aims to create a link between plants and the skin by making use of essential oils in its spa and beauty products.. Its philosophy aims to seek the best of nature, selecting the most effective active ingredients and combining them in accordance to the skin’s needs. Because it is 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% effective, Decleor cares and respects every aspects of the body to bring about pure pleasure, balance and emotional harmony.

During the presentation, Decleor‘s trainer Ann explained more on how beauty and well-being are fundamentally linked. She also touched on how Decleor brings about a holistic approach in using aromatherapy and modern research to create AROMESSENCE, a delicate blend of essential oils and plant oils that lies in the heart of its skincare programme.

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I’m always suffering from jawline outbreaks which is a sign of hormonal imbalances or intestinal issue.. Don’t you agree that our skin will be the first tell sign of our well-being.. Keeping this in mind, Decleor formulated a highly precise combination of Essential Oils that are effective in treating skin disorders with its re-balancing properties..

Known as AROMESSENCE™ serums, this serum is a potent beauty-enhancing concentrates of active essential oils. With a unique cocktail of masterfully blended essential oils (from 3 to 9, plus a plant oil base) for each serum, this will address respective skin concerns and ensure optimal affinity with the skin.

Characteristics of Combination to Oily Skin

– Excess sebum production

– Shine on face (esp on T-zone)

– Skin has rough and irregular texture with dilate pores.

If you are facing the above conditions, Aromessence serum Ylang Ylang will help to purify skin, re-balance the moisture level and keeping it matt.. As such, skin texture will be refined and radiance restored.

Characteristics of Sensitive Skin

– irritated and Intolerant skin with redness

– Sensations of discomfort

If you have sensitive skin, you will have to keep your skin soothed, hydrated and protected. The Aromessence serum Rose d’Orient will keep skin soothed, calmed, soft, comfortable while reducing cutaneous reactions.

If you have normal skin (skin smooth, soft with refined pores and firm with good elasticity), you can use Serum Neroli to prevent it from becoming delicate and dull.. This serum will protect skin while keeping it hydrated and brightens it (skin will look visibly enhanced, soothed, soft and radiant).

Dry skin will display signs of tightness with rough patches in places.. Skin will look scaly due to low sebum production and lack of moisture.. With the Angelique serum, it will supply skin with nourishment and repairs it to keep it suppler, softer and protected.

There is another serum for mature skin which i have forgotten to snap a photo.. Anyway, the serum is known as Serum Iris which helps to moisturize, revitalized, toned, firm and redefines it.

Beside the Balm and Serum, Decleor also has extensive product ranges and i will be sharing more on some of them..

If you want to work on providing radiance for your dull and life-less skin, the Life Radiance Collection will be good to provide instant + lasting results… This range contains special ingredients like Saro Essential Oil from Madagascar which will better protect skin and helps skin maintain lasting radiance.. It also contains Essential Oil of Elemi and plant oils of Inca Inchi And Echium to feed skin with nutrients for skin renewal and to give skin instant radiance.

We have seen so many masks in the market but do you know that Decleor has a 3 mins Flash Radiance Mask? This mask is an express mask to be used when you want instant radiant, purified and smooth skin in just 3 mins! The mask has a transparent gel texture (contains no paranbens / mineral oils) and can be used 1-2 times weekly… It contains Essential oil of Elemi to boost micro-circulation, AHA Complex to remove dull skin and Essential oil of Saro to purify…

If you are looking for highly effective whitening products to address your pigmentation skin concerns, Decleor has formulated an innovative illuminating product range known as AROMA WHITE C+.

This skincare programme consists of a high-performance line of expert anti-dark spot skincare products to even out and brighten the complexion. The highly effective whitening ability comes from the efficacy of the “White Focus” brightening plant complex (a synergy of Peony, Saxifrage and Tamarix Extracts, combined with highly stable Vitamin C). With regular use, it will regulate the skin’s pigmentation process with antioxidant properties.

One product that interest me will be the Extreme Brightening Essence which is an intensive treatment with pure Vitamin C + skin pigmentation process-inhibiting White-Bright Complex that restores translucency and luminosity to reveal lighter and radiant skin..When used on a 1 month treatment course (10ml x 3 bottles and each bottle has a shelf life of 10 days), it will stop further dark spots from appearing, protect skin against  against external irritation and preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

As for Decleor’s sun-care products, it will preparing, protecting and repairing skin exposed to UVA/UVB rays. The sun-care products have light textures and it contain carefully selected targeted active ingredients such as Essential Oils of Damascena Rose, Roman Camomile and Geranium (which will protect skin and improve its natural cellular defense system)

For the guys, Decleor carries a range of skincare for the men which is rich in Essential Oils of Clove and Eucalyptus to recover healthy and balanced skin which is weakened by daily shaving.. This range of products will cleanse, moisturize, renew and protect skin so as to reveal skin that is full of energy and vitality… One of the star product – the AROMESSENCE™ TRIPLE ACTION, a 100% natural fluid serum will prepare skin before shaving and keeps it soft and limit hair regrown after shaving..

As mentioned earlier, Decleor also carries Spa products and in Singapore there are two Decleor Institut (Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade and Tangs). In Decleor Institut, one can indulge in the luxury of a world class spa while enjoying warm hospitality and holistic benefits of Decleor’s products and services. Spa services include Aromatic Face Rituals, Body Rituals and Aesthetic technology.

Decleor Institut are available at the following locations:

Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade

328 North Bridge Road #02-26

Tangs (Seviin)

7th floor, 310/320 Orchard Road.

As for the products, you can find them over @ Tangs Level One..

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekends! XOXOXO!

Disclaimer: Information are extracted from the press-kit and Decleor’s website. 

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