(Event) IPL at the comfort of your home? Say yes to safer hair removal method, thanks to Hareway!

As a woman, I’m considered hairier than average and i’m also very bothered at the rate my hair is growing!! As for hair removal method, i opt for shaving as it is the fastest possible method..  Tried waxing but it is painful and wanted to try IPL but somebody told me it hurts so i ‘casted’ this thought aside…

I thought I will be sticking to shaving until i chanced upon an article:

Extracted from the article:

“Brazilian waxing and other methods of removing pubic hair may increase the risk of catching certain skin infections through sex, preliminary research from France suggests.

Of the 30 patients (6 women and 24 men) who visited their clinic with sexually transmitted Molluscum contagiosum in 2011 and 2012, 93 percent had removed their pubic hair, either through shaving (70 percent), clipping (13 percent) or waxing (10 percent). Ten of the 30 patients had at least one other skin condition, such as warts or a bacterial infection.

It may be that shaving increases the risk of Molluscum contagiosum because the razor spreads the virus from one part of the body to another”

OMG! Sounds really scary isn’t it? coincidently, Jacelyn asked if i was interested to go for a trial DIY IPL session and off we went to Hareway~

About Hareway, the team is committed to bring consumers a hair-free solution that can be done at the comfort of home and also in midst of a busy lifestyle.. Hareway aims to provide customers with an easy to use, affordable and effective DIY IPL hair removal option.. With your personal Hareway IPL machine, you need not share a common IPL machine with multiple users at salons nor you need to wait for available appointment slots.. With the machine, you can now enjoy more hygiene means to stay hairless fast, effective and safe!

In case you are wondering what is IPL, it actually stands for Intense Pulsed Light.. During each IPL session, high power flash of filtered light will be emitted from the applicator. The energy from the light source will be absorbed by the melanin which gives hair its color.. Once the hair absorbs it and transfers the energy to the surrounding cells, heat will result and change the nature of the cell (thus making them incapable of producing further hair growth). Because of this, IPL hair removal is a near painless option as compared to traditional hair removal methods.


Picture from Hareway’s FB page

I love this poster! Agree that hair (beside hair on my scalp and eyebrows) are redundant so you can now eliminate hairy woes with your own IPL machine!

Hareway currently carries 3 types of IPL machines to cater to different needs and concerns…

First, we have the Xemos which is the smallest machine among all and this hair remover instrument that uses  808nm wavelength for hair removal. Over the world, hair removal using 808nm wavelength has been proved to be able to achieve up to 80% effectiveness (for semi-permanent hair removal) by world leading institutes. Xemos is also CE certified as it meets the health and safety requirements as per the International Directives.

Xemos works by using laser light to penetrates deep down into the hair roots and weakens it. This process has to be repeated at least 5-6 cycles as it is required for the laser to reach each hair follicle during its growth (This will eventually slows down hair growth). Over each cycle, hair follicles targeted by the laser light will appear to be finer, less visible and less dense. Weighting at only 140g, the portable Xemos will be suitable if you wish to target a specific small area as you can only target 1 hair follicle with one shot.. Recommended to use Xemos on small areas like facial area (Upper lips, lower lip, chin,  jawline), underarms, fingers and toes.. Please do not use it on your upper and lower eye areas.

The 2nd machine will be suitable to do IPL for most body parts, including Brazillian but not the face and eye area as it has to stay protected with the safety goggle (if not, the brightness will hurt your sensitive eyes).. The Espil contains 3,000 – 8,000 shot lamp cartridge which made it suitable to shoot a larger surface area based on a longer usage life-span.. With its effective and safe IPL technology, the machine will help you achieve permanent hair reduction (FDA’s definition of permanent hair reduction = after treatment is finished, there should not be any new hair growth for a minimum of 30 months)

To achieve hair removal, it is necessary to destroy both hair and stem cells that creates the hair.  Therefore it is important to know that the hair is only a conduit for the light energy and the success factor behind permanent hair reduction is to destroy the stem cells that makes the hair follicle. The Espil home hair removal device will be a safe device to carry out the role to destroy stem cells and hair by using wavelength of 475 – 1200 nm.

Weight, 2kg and Size = 20 x 15 x 10 cm

The 3rd machine will be suitable for all body parts except face and brazilian. Known as the Luminic IPL machine, it also uses IPL technology which is regarded as the most effective and safest in today’s markets. Like the 2 other machines, the Luminic removes hair by heating up the hair root beneath the skin by penetrating light pulses. The melanin in the hair and hair roots will absorb the light and becomes weaker and grow slowly. The process will in turn stimulates the hair into resting phase.

The lamp cartridge allows 6000 shots before you’ll need to change the cartridge.. FYI, both Espil and Luminic comes with disposable cartridge so that you can actually use the machine on a long-term basis with the need to change the cartridge applicator only..

Wavelength: 470 – 1100 nm
Size and weight: 305.8mm(W) x 181.7mm(D) x 88.7mm(H), 2 kg

Each purchase of the IPL machine comes with an exclusive set of basic after-care Hare’O products worth $100:

1) Hare’O Cleansing Lotion 50ml

2) Hare’O Aloe Vera Gel 50ml

3) Hare’O Soothing Serum 10ml

4) Hare’O Mild Whitening Scrub 30ml)

These basis products will help to cleanse skin before treatment, protect skin during treatment and calms + soothes skin + prevent ingrown hair after treatment..  Will touch more on the products towards the end of this post.

Beside the basic products, the purchase of the machine also comes with 2 hours of complimentary session of product training  by Hareway’s team of experienced professionals … Though the machines are simple to operation, Hareway wish to offer customers with a personalized touch so that customers will be more confident with their machines and use it to achieve optimal results.

During the private demo session with Evelyn (Director of Hareway), there’s a hands on session on how to use the Espil machine..

Steps on how to use the different machines above:

1) Wipe area with Hare’O Cleansing Lotion to thoroughly cleanse area

2) Apply a thin layer of Hare’O Aloe Vera Gel with a spatula over desired treated area.

3) After applying the Aloe Vera Gel to keep skin moisturized, Shave gently according to hair direction (one continuous stroke from top to bottom) to ensure a cleaner shave.. It is recommended to use a one time diposable razer due to hygiene purposes…

4) After shaving is done, wipe off any remaining gel with spatula/tissue and clean area with Hare’O Cleansing Lotion.

5) Wait for your skin to be dry and then apply a layer of Hare’O Aloe Vera Gel over shaven area.

6) How to operate the machine?

For Luminic and Espil, Select desired mode level according to skin tone (1-5). For first to second treatment, it is best to start off at level 2 for all skin types.

For Xemos, Select desired mode level (Low/Middle/High) and it is recommended to set on low mode for first to second treatment.

7) What is the correct method to use the applicator?

For all the machines, remember to wear your safety goggles first!

Espil: Firmly place the applicator on the area and press the Pulse Button (Press and release) to emit the IPL flash.

Luminic: Use cold pack to numb the targeted area before administering the IPL shot.. Once numbing is done, firmly place the touch sensor against the skin then press ‘START’ button to emit the IPL flash.

Xemox: Place the touch bar on the targeted area and press the Laser Emission Button. Do make sure that the optical lens light is targeted on the hair root.

8) Repeat Step 7 over the entire area after BEEP sound. Remember to move applicator away from skin as per photo below (let it face outwards) after emitting every pulse to allow applicator to cool.

9) After completing, wipe off gel with spatula/tissue.

10) Apply Hare’O Cleansing lotion to soothe area then followed by Hare’O Soothing Cream / Hare’O Soothing Serum.

After IPL, aftercare is as important as before care as skin will be more sensitive and drier.. Also taking good care of skin after treatment will help enhance results.  Over at Hareway, it is well-stock with a comprehensive range of before and aftercare HARE’O products that Evelyn tried, tested and trust!  This exclusive product line is meticulously developed with ingredients that help protect one’s skin, maintaining skin’s balance and improving overall results with each use of the IPL machines. Products range from cleansing to soothing care, to whitening care and to preventing ingrown hair and reducing inflammation care etc.. We shall take a look at some of the before and after care products.. 🙂

Aloe Vera Gel (200ml @ $79)

A must have the product in the IPL process as it helps protect to the skin before treatment with its natural extract.. After treatment, the witch hazel extract will soothe and calm skin to reduce discomfort and to leave it refreshed.. The Aloe Vera Gel also contains Licorice Extract which serves as Anti-Oxidant and to keep skin moisturized.

Do note that it is best not to use another brand of Aloe Vera Gel to substitute as there are feedbacks saying that the aloe vera gel will turn musky-looking and this might impede results of the IPL.

Cleansing Lotion (200ml @ $79)

To be used before and after IPL to cleanse skin, this lotion contains a refreshing blend of natural ingredients that cleanses and moisturizes the skin… Containing D-Panthenol to nourish skin and Witch Hazel Extract to calm skin, this cleansing lotion will balance the skin while restoring its normal pH balance. Not only that, it helps refine pores and removes dead skin cells thus leaving skin smooth and clear after treatment. Love the fact that the cleansing lotion doesn’t contain alcohol that will irritate skin…

Soothing serum (30ml @ $65)

Suitable for all skin type, this serum contains Aloe Vera, Retinol and Tocopheryl Acetate which will calm and soothes skin.. The serum contains suspended Vitamin A & Vitamin E microspheres, whereby actives will be released for immediate absorption upon skin’s contact so skin cells will have optimal skin cell nourishment.

I’m given this serum in my goodies bag as i have normal type (not that dry so it is not necessary to use the soothing cream).. Don’t know what happened recently but i have some rough and itchy patches on the top of my right hand so I’m using the serum to sooth the itchiness.. Apparently it works as the itchiness has subsided and the patches are not that rough anymore.. Will continue to monitor the results. 🙂


Soothing cream (30ml @ $65)

If you have dry skin and will need a more moisturizing cream, the soothing cream will do the job well (Contains Aloe Vera Extract , Tocopheryl Acetate and Allantoin. Specially designed for dry and sensitive skin, this anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating cream will soothes and nurtures the skin texture. At the same time, it will balance skin’s moisture level and increase skin suppleness.

I have to add-on that both the cream and serum aren’t greasy and it can be absorbed into the skin really fast.. Also, it leaves behind a light and pleasant scent…

Corrective Lightening Lotion (30ml @ $69)

For people who have pigmentation or uneven skin tone concerns (like scars and marks etc), the corrective lightening lotion will lighten skin tone, whitens and moisturize skin.. With Ascorbic Acid, Arbutin and Propylene Glycol, this non-greasy serum will reduce hyper-pigmentation spots, lighten dark spots and prevents melanin formation. Regular use will see results like spot-reduction, brighter skin tone and well-hydrated skin.

Rescue Lotion (30ML @ $69)

Perfect fix for ingrown hair, the rescue lotion will act as an exfoliant (Salicylic Acid) to remove dead skin cells and melanin deposits.. Contains Glycolic Acid, it lighten complexion and evens out skin texture while Menthol will restore skin’s radiance and translucency.

Regular scrub after administering IPL is important as it helps to remove dead-skin cell and also it helps to prevent ingrowth hair.. Under the HARE’O product line, there are 2 types of scrub and they are:

Mild Whitening Scrub (100ml @ $59)

For those people who wish to enjoy whitening effects during exfoliation, there’s a whitening scrub which contains nourishing Jojoba Oil, Polyethylene Beads to remove dead skin cells and collagen to improve skin’s firmness.

If you are worried if the scrub will be too harsh to be used after IPL, you can wait and use it 24 hours post IPL treatment… I have tested the scrub during the demo session and the exfoliating beads are really tiny so it stays really gentle even on sensitive skin.. After exfoliating and wiping off with wet tissue, the skin on my right hands feels smooth and brighter than the left.. Best of all, it doesn’t leave behind a waxy firm even without rinsing it away..

Was given the Moisturising Body Scrub (200ml @ $49) after the demo session and this is one refreshing fragance scrub that does not leave behind a waxy film after washing it away (i like!~!).. With moisturizing PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate and micro Polyethylene Beads that remove dead skin cells, skin feels really smooth and brighter as dead skin cells are buffed away.. Also, the scrub doesn’t cause any burning sensation but it leaves skin supple. Tried it on my legs and the scaly skin on my legs are gone!

Vit E Body Butter (200ml @ $49)

If you have dry and scaly skin, invest in this body butter as it is loaded with Vit E to moisturize, Shea butter to increase skin elasticity and antioxidant Tocopheryl Acetate..  The intensive repairing properties will calm damaged and sensitive skin with non stop ultra hydration relief , nourishing and protective properties.

Was also given this body butter and it has a gelish / creamy texture.. It smells awesome as well and it can be absorbed into the skin very fast without leaving behind an oily film.

Hareway also carries two of Sothys products and they are targeted towards prevent ingrown hair and to maintain healthier skin.

Post-Depilatory Softening Cream (100ml @ $109)

Perfect after-depilatory care!! Formulated with Laminaria Algae, it acts at the heart of hair re-growth process to block hormonal effects on hair growth while Urea extract reduces the density and distribution of hair. It also prevents ingrown hair, calms skin irritations and moisturizes the skin

Thalassothys® Soft Peeling (200ml @ $103)

Exfoliate with refined spherical grains to stimulate cell renewal for a smoother and softer skin.

Now there’s a bundle promotion (Softening Cream + Soft Peeling) going at $159 (While stock last)

Beside treating your skin with good aftercare treatment products, it is best to avoid exposing skin to extreme temperature for at least 2 days (after administering IPL)..  Therefore, things like hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms and hot baths should be avoided.. Also remember to wait 4-6 weeks in between treatments in order to see optimal results..  On average, a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions will be needed to see about 80 to 95% reduction in hair. If you have more questions, please click on this link to read more about the FAQ..

The IPL process is a 100% painless one and during the process you will only feel heated sensation when the shots are administered… Also, i did not experience any skin sensitivity post treatment (maybe it due to the fact that i applied the body butter and soothing serum every night).. Did scrub once every 3-4 days and I did not observe any ingrown hair.. After treatment, I feel that my hair growth has slowed down as I did not spot much hair emerging even after 10 days. Previously, the hair on my arms grew out fast and coarse after shaving which i dislike!! My first IPL session was a pleasant one and thank you Hareway for giving me this nice experience.. 🙂


Before i go, Hareway is having a special flash summer sales for DIY IPL Machines and only limited sets are available! It is so worth it that I’m so tempted to get one as well despite somebody stopping me from doing so.. I can stay hair-free on long-term basis and it is so cost-effective (As there’s no need  to sign for expensive IPL packages) so why not?? :p


Bye Bye my readers and have a lovely rest during the Easter holidays! 

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