(Sponsored Review) My first Vanity Trove! Sneak Preview to April’s Trove – Spring Update!

During the 3rd Week of March, i have received my first ever beauty box from VanityTrove (Thank you Camy!) This beauty box subscription service is inspired by the concept of fukuburuko (mystery grab bag filled with surprise products). Therefore, each Trove will be filled with specially picked surprise mix of beauty goodies (Ranging from from haircare, makeup, bodycare, skincare and fragrances etc) which will be delivered right to your doorstep..

Subscription fee will cost $25 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to a beauty discovery platform whereby you can learn more about beauty products islandwide + worldwide.. Via this platform, you will be transported into a network of beauty information via VanityTrove’s social platform, newsletter and facebook!

Every month, you can expect to find premium products available in the beauty industry as Vanity Trove wishes to bring subscribers the very best… This is made possible by engagement and collaboration with key industry players and experts.. The team behind the TROVE is also working hard at identify, picking and testing the latest high quality beauty trends so that subscriber can get to enjoy the products as soon as it is made available.

Personally, i love the concept of this beauty box subscription service as it is ‘made-to measure’ for ladies who just love beautiful surprises… Because items are travel-sized, the petite size of the products will come in handy during holidays or staycations..  Next, there will be no wastage as you can try the products first before making a plunge to purchase the full retail size… This is very important point for me as my sensitive skin will tend to ‘reject’ products and now i can try them before i ‘waste’ my money on them.

The beauty platform is also an one-stop portal as you get to research more on highly raved products and ideal for the curious ones who love to try new products… But that’s not all! VanityTrove allows for users to share the love with the “gift” option so now you can bless your love ones with this nice surprise!

How to get your own Trove? 

1) Sign up for an account and make your subscription online  for a flat fee of $25. You can also choose the 3, 6 or 12 months subscription options to earn credits.

2) Upon subscription, you will receive each month’s edition before the month starts (It will be hand-delivered to you!)

The April’s Trove is named ‘Spring Update’ as it symbolizes spring making days brighter after the Gloomy rainy season. This month’s collection will help subscribers to stay beautiful, bright and renewed during this new season.

I’m excited to share with you more on the April’s edition! In the April’s Trove, focus will be on having healthy, rejuvenated and radiant skin to welcome ‘Spring’!

Elizabeth Arden, a premium brand made its first appearance and became a member of the VanityTrove luxury brand provider! In the April’s edition, Elizabeth Arden brings you the Visible Whitening range to eliminate melanin formation from the harmful sun rays.

Dr Ci:Labo, a popular and established label from Japan founded by dermatologists, offers a excellent addition beauty discovery in this new season.

Cetaphil, offers body cleansers that are  gentle and non-harsh on your skin to maintains healthy skin’s PH level.

ROC has effectively fixed the skin problems of ladies world-wide with its highly effective product.. Right now, this brand is adding on anti-aging moisturizers to its product line to smoothen fine lines.

In my Trove, i have received the items from Elizabeth Arden & Dr Ci:Labo…

When you bid good-bye to spring, you will have to welcome Summer (which the sun will be blazing and you will fret over darker skin tone). To help combat skin’s darkening concerns, Elizabeth Arden introduces Visible Whitening Series for brighter skin.

The first product that i will be touching on will be the Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules. This intense treatment night serum is sealed in a capsule and it contains potent natural hop extract to intercept melanin synthesis.. With powerful botanicals, Vit C Derivative and environmental protectants, skin will stay protected against pollution and supplied with collagen and elastin matrix. Overtime, excess pigmentation will reduce and uneven skin tone will disappear to reveal smoother + brighter skin.

Won’t be trying this product as I’m afraid my sensitive skin won’t accept it.. Moreover I’m having breakouts now and I just want to let my skin heal.. 😦

To be used on a cleansed face, twist tab to open capsules

During the day, the Visible Whitening Multi-targeted UV shield BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ will cover while it protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. The protective daytime beauty balm provides high protection from the sun and pollution while it instantly covers imperfections, hydrates and brightens skin. Containing melanin inhibiting and anti-aging technology to fight the appearance of discolorations and fine lines, skin will look smooth, even and more radiant.

Available in 3 shades, you need not worry about using a BB cream that will appear too dark or white on your skin..

I have to say that the BB cream isn’t greasy so skin feels really comfortable after application and it can even out my patchy skin very naturally.. It does not leave behind a greyish cast but skin seems a little dewy after application (If you don’t like the dewy effect, just dust on some loose powder to cover it up)..

Under the Visible Whitening Series, there is a smoothing cleanser which will cleanse, purify and detoxify skin.. With regular use, skin will look brighter, more even toned and glowy..

Containing enzymatic micro-beads, the cleanser also acts like a scrub as it removes dead skin cells while reducing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone..

Upon contact with water, the smoothing cleanser melts into a milky texture and can be cleanse off easily with water.. However, I don’t quite like the idea of non-foamy facial wash as I feel that those with foam will cleanse better.. Therefore, I did a small test and i wiped my hand with toner (but I did not see any BB cream residue on my cotton pad).. After cleansing, skin feels instantly soft and smoother to the touch…

I’m glad to receive the Dr.Ci:Labo products as it is a brand which i have always wanted to try. From Japan and found by dermatologist whom strongly believes that effect skincare products will focus on enhancing the skin’s natural ability to preserve its beauty. As such, Dr.Ci:Labo products are simple yet effective. The ingredients in all its products are carefully selected to provide the skin with the right nutrients in the right amount needed.

Super Cleansing EX

As a 2-in-one product, it can be used to remove makeup and also to cleanse your skin.. The super cleansing EX will work gently but effectively to remove makeup and dirt deep down in pores (even the toughest makeup, dirt and other impurities) without stripping off moisture from skin.

The super cleansing EX contains no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oils and is paraben free. It keeps skin smooth and moist as it is formulated with 3 major moisturizing ingredients and 5 kinds of Vitamins

Super Washing Foam EX

If you prefer a facial wash that foams, the super washing foam EX is a gentle face-wash that will turn into micro-rich bubbles upon lathering… No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oils and paraben free, this washing foam contains botanical cleansing ingredient’s to remove debris, dirt, pollutants and other impurities thoroughly yet gently.

Both Super Cleansing EX and Super Washing Foam EX contains 3 major moisturizing ingredients and 5 kinds of Vitamins:

1) Moisturizing ingredients (Marine-derived Collagen, Hyaluronan, and Ceramide) encapsulated in a nanocapsule.

2) 5 kinds of vitamins (H, P, E, B6 and C) to condition and keep skin healthy after cleansing

From top to bottom:

Super Cleansing EX – I used it on dry skin and the gel-based texture will transform into oil upon contact with makeup on skin.. While massaging, I can feel a slight heated sensation in which I was told that it will help to soften dead skin cells and clears the pores. The cleansing EX is able to cleanse away my tinted pimple cream but not all of water-proof eyeliner well (However, It doesn’t sting my eyes).. After cleansing, skin feels soft without any oily after-feel.

Super Washing Foam EX

This super washing foam will turn really foamy after some rubbing and the bubbles are dense.. i like! After cleansing  skin does not feel tight but instead it is well cleanse (I did not see any residue after wiping face with toner). Most important, it doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to turn red which some cleansers do.

Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture EX, the must have product in the Dr.Ci:Labo series! The 6-in-1 ultimate skincare gel that will supply skin with rich moisturizing and powerful skin-beautifying effect. It also enhances skin’s natural healing ability with Dr.Ci:Labo’s unique technology so that users can see amazing skincare results with just one product.

Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture EX covers six-steps of the daily skin-care routine (Toner, Milky lotion, Beauty essence, Facial mask, Facial cream, and Makeup base) so that you can save $$ and effort. Beside being a 6-in-1 product, it also doesn’t contain 6 big no no ingredients (No artificial fragrance, No artificial color, No mineral oils, Paraben free, Alcohol free, No petroleum agents). With the 6 benefits in a tube, you can now bid bye bye to skin dryness, skin aging, sagginess, wrinkles and blemishes etc

Good for lazy days, you can skip all other products after cleansing your skin… Just apply appropriate amount and pat it into skin will do~! Forgot to mention that this Aqua-Collagen-Gel” is biggest-selling gel product in Japan (after 15 years of research) and is pioneer brand that triggered “all-in-one-gel” boom in Japanese cosmetic market.

Texture wise, the Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture EX is gel based and it gets penetrates inside the skin fast without any stickiness left behind. Only tested this product on my hand and the skin surface is smooth and satiny after application.. Will try it out soon when my skin gets better 🙂

Lastly, there is the BB perfect Cream White 377+ which is a all-in-1 cream foundation which consists of Beauty Essence + Facial Cream + Makeup Base for Brightening + Concealer + Makeup foundation. Formulated with the latest dermatological breakthrough ingredients, it aids skin brightening, skin rejuvenation and also fights against dark spots caused by UV ray exposure.

Features & Benefits

1) Formulated with an amazing brightening ingredient ” WHITE 377″, Alpha-Arbutin, bellis perennis and edelwiss flower extract. All these will help prevent against dark spots and skin dullness.

2) Formulated with “EGF”which helps with regeneration of skin cells.

3) The cream has perfect Coverage and it creates a natural-looking make-up with added dimension.. It is also long-lasting and water proof… Most important will be that it has No fragrance, No artificial dye, No mineral oils, Paraben free and No UV absorber.

With such an exciting April edition, I’m looking forward to the May’s Trove! Since it is named as ‘Floral Notes’, i hope it contains fragrances! Meanwhile, enjoy the April issue of the Vanity Trove Magazine! I’ll be back soon with more updates, God Bless!

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