(Event) SK-II First Ever IT’ guy and ‘IT’ girl!

Few weeks back, SK-II unveiled its first ever ‘IT’ guy and ‘IT’ girl over at Isetan Scotts.. I’m honored to be giving this opportunity to grace this exclusive event so that i can share this piece of news with my readers…

When it comes to having the ‘IT’ factor, what does it really matters?

That was the question that SK-II posed to the audience during the event… IMO, having the IT factor is having the confidence shining from inside out so that others are inspired by you as well… In short, besides looking good,  you must carry yourself well and be an inspiration to others.

In recent SK-II findings via online poll conducted among more than 50 respondents, majority of the men and women felt that skin is the proof of beauty which made up the ‘IT’ factor… SK-II, being the leading skincare brand in 13 markets strives to deliver the promise of crystal clear skin through well-love quality products.. Since the discovery of Pitera by SK-II more than 35 years ago, SK-II has continued to pioneer new and breakthrough discoveries around this miracle ingredient for women and men worldwide.

The event was hosted by Miss Universe Singapore 2011, Valerie Lim! She’s another ‘IT’ lady who is tall, friendly, pretty, confident and inspirational!

In 2013, SK-II is excited to bring to life Pitera’s moments of proof through its first ever ‘IT’ Guy and IT’ Girl dynamic duo award! Introducing Uttasa Panichkul and Sara Wee who have the perfect ‘IT’ factors fit with well-maintained skin, confidence, relevancy to the current scene and the ability to inspire others.

SK-II’s “IT” guy UTT is suave and he’s always on the go supporting good causes like SPCA.. Beside having the looks, he is talented in hosting and has the warmth of a naturally charismatic leader by managing his talent management agency (Seven95ive) well! Indeed, all these are the true hallmark of an SK-II “IT” guy!

Sara Wee is from popular local band 53A is crowned as SK-II’s “IT” Girl because she is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Sara stays true to who she is and loves doing what she loves.. Not only she has good looks and clear skin, she is talented and has a heart of gold as well!

The event ended with Sara’s mini performance and all i can say is ‘WOW’.. ALL was captivated by her voice and were listening so attentively (me included)… We were also given the chance to dedicate songs but i was too shy to do so.. haha! Now i understand why my fiance wanted to engage 53A as our wedding singers..

Thank You SK-II for blessing me with 2 bottles of FTE (Facial Treatment Essence), one for myself and one for my fiance.. Known to many as the ‘miracle water’, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the must have beauty essence to act on all 5 dimensions for clearer, naturally radiant skin. Do you know what are the 5 Dimensions?

Powered by over 90% Pitera, this SK-II’s signature ingredient found in FTE will visibly improve the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and Wrinkle resilience to give users beautiful crystal clear skin.

1) Texture Refinement after 14 days.. Daily usage will increase hydration level and skin turnover

2) Skin’s Firmness will improve in just 7 days.

3) Significant Wrinkle Reduction after 14 days

4) Brighter skin tone in the treated area after 14 days of usage. Spot be gone!

5) Notable improvement in Skin Radiance in just 2 weeks!


SK-II FTE and SK-II Men FTE (75ml), retails at $99 each.

Gonna incorporate this into my skincare routine once my beautician has give me the clearance.. Hehe! Meanwhile, i will just coax my fiance to use the MEN’s FTE.. 🙂

Good Night everyone! Sleep tight! Zzz

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