(Sponsored Review) Have you heard about the all-new ZA Hydration White series & Aqua Label’s Gold Series?

2 weeks back, i was invited to a pre-launch event by ZA and Aqualabel whereby i was introduced to the newest additions to the brands.. Weather in Singapore has been really crazy nowadays – very harsh sun + little rainfall.. Besides piling on sunblock to eliminate the harm from UVA/UVB exposures, other methods of coping with the hot weather will include a good skincare system in place to improve skin’s health and also drinking enough water to prevent dehydration…

To deal with dark spots while prevent skin from darkening due to sun exposure, ZA is proud to prevent a new range that will contribute to visibly brighter, hydrated and more translucent skin.. In the all-new ZA Total Hydration White series, three products – Za Total Hydration Day Cream White, Night Cream White and BB Cream will form the “White Evolution”.

Here’s bare-faced Charmian trying on the new ZA Hydration White BB cream.. As compared to the first BB Cream UV from ZA, the new version of ZA Hydration White BB cream contains higher SPF (SPF 50 PA+++), and better coverage. Moreover, the BB cream is more long-lasting and has additional whitening capability while it covers because it contains Double Whitening complex whitening agents, Tranexamic acid & Vitamin C.

With just one layer, Charmian’s skin looks more even, smoother and brighter.. Best of all, the BB cream looks very natural on her without any greyish tone..

The new ZA Hydration White BB cream is said to contain many benefits all in a tube. It helps to correct patchiness, brightens skin, act as a makeup base, shield UVA rays, moisturize skin, silky smooth clarity,  is non-sticky, make skin vibrant, cover dullness, conceals pores, create healthy skintone. Basically, it is all-in-one product that contains sunscreen, skincare and high coverage uniform complexion ‘enhancer’.

Characteristics of the ZA Hydration White BB cream

1) Acting as a make-up base or foundation, the BB cream is long-lasting as it controls excessive sebum production. Hence, it will leave skin silky smooth and fresh for long hours without having the need to touch up.

2) It helps to absorb excessive sebum as it contains Oil control powder made from potatoes (Whereby it has a hollow structure to absorbs sebum)

3) It also contains poreless powder to smooth out complexion and to hide imperfection as the powder creates a natural light diffusing effect so that pores and bumpy surfaces are hidden.

4) As mentioned, the BB cream helps in skin’s whitening process because of Orange oil ingredient.. It is extracted from all natural orange fruits and the extract helps to deoxidize formed melanin on the upper epidermal layer.. Overtime, spots and freckles will be lighten and skin tone will brighten.

5) Shield skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays as it contains SPF 50 PA+++.

First impression: Not bad! Feels light on my skin and blends into my skin easily without oily film.. Moreover it don’t have a grey cast on my skin and it looks really natural with the yellow beige tone. Although it contains high SPF 50 PA+++, the BB cream isn’t as greasy as i have imagined.

My Verdict: Tried this BB cream when the state of my skin is dull with some breakouts..  Because it contains SPF PA+++, i did not apply another layer of sun-screen beforehand.. Upon application, the BB cream glides on easily without leaving ashy tone behind.. Instead, my skin brightens up and skintone becomes more even… As there’s only one shade for this BB cream, i’m glad that it does not turn out to be too dark on my skin and upon blending it becomes a natural beign tone.  Coverage is decent (I would say medium) as it managed to conceal most of my post pimples marks but it doesn’t hide redness well and i have to use my tinted pimple cream to ‘concel’ one red angry acne. Overall, the texture is light, non-sticky and not cakey.. Will recommend this if you are running late in the morning and will want a fuss free product to hide some of your skin’s imperfections.

As you know, it is a MUST to apply moisturizer before you apply your makeup as it act as a protective shield… As part of white Evolution, ZA also introduces a whitening day cream and night cream to protect + whitens skin 24/7…

The ZA Total Hydration Day cream white support whitening by suppressing possible skin’s melanization while reduces dark spots and freckles.. It stays light on skin but yet hydrating enough without greasiness.. After application, skin will also appears to be brighter.

Characteristics of the  ZA Total Hydration Day cream white

1) The day cream contains Amino mineral complex which helps supply moisture to skin and prevent skin from drying..

2) Has double whitening capabilities as the day cream has whitening agents tranexamic acid and Vitamin C.. With this complex, melanization will be controlled and pigmentation / dullness will be eliminated to attain skin clarity.

3) Fortifies the skin’s protective barrier and makes skin resistant to damage

4) Shield UVA and UVB to firmly protect skin against UV damage (SPF 18 PA++)

First impression: Although i don’t like moisturizer that is cream-based as they tend to be heavier, i have to say that the ZA Total Hydration Day cream white can be absorbed into my skin fast without any oily after feel… I love the fact that it leaves my skin matt looking..

My wedding is approaching and i wish to stay fair but sad to say that the weather is terribly hot recently. Therefore i have decided to use the Day Cream on my upper body as a form of sun-protection.. Because the texture is light, it gets absorb into my skin really fast without weighing it down.. After using it for a few days, it doesn’t lead to clogged pores on my chest area and i really love the mild citrus scent of this cream… The one rant about this product is the ‘not so high SPF’ which requires me to reapply it often so as to stay well-protected.


At night before you sleep, ZA wants you to indulge in whitening process too! With the ZA Total Hydration Night cream white, the night cream will moisturize your skin to give you luminous, fair and well-protected skin the next morning. 

Characteristics of the ZA Total Hydration Night Cream White 

1) Night cream contains raspberry fruit extract that moisturizes skin from within coupled with double whitening agent for fairer, smoother and more luminous skin.

2) Like the day cream, it suppress melanization, improves spots and freckles and dullness.. Overtime, bright skin with better clarity can be attained…  Night cream also contains the same double whitening complex (whitening agents)tranexamic acid and Vitamin C.

3) The night cream will form a barrier to protect skin from damages and replenish it with plenty of moisture .

First impression: I was expecting the night cream to be creamy in texture but glad to know that it is actually gel-based. After spreading it over my skin, it melts into a light watery layer and then disappears into skin without leaving my skin sticky.. After application, i love how it leaves my skin hydrate, soft and supple!

If you are interested to get any of the 3 products, it is available exclusively in Watsons at pocket friendly prices..

BB cream UV White, $15.90

Total Hydration Day Cream White, $14.90

Total Hydration Night Cream White, $14.90

So what’s new from Aqua Label? If you are following my blog (in particular the Watson’s Day Out Entry), you will know about the existence of this new ‘GOLD’ range…

The all-new GOLD range is actually a new skincare series from Aqua Label to address Skin-aging’s concerns. Recently i have come across so many anti-aging products but what’s so special about this range is that it contains Fermented Royal Jelly!!! I’m currently taking Royal Jelly supplements as it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and said to improve skin’s texture, balances hormones and helps to improve vitality… As such, this star ingredient in the GOLD range will activate skin cells and build on skin’s youthful vitality by revitalizes the dermis and help increase fibroblast. Moreover, the royal jelly went through Fermentation whereby revitalizing effect will be boosted and brings about more beneficial effects.

In addition, it contains the brand’s patented High Density Moisture (Aqua EX base) technology that will keep every inch of the skin hydrated so as to bring about a dewy glow.  Another effective ingredient will be M-Tranexamic Acid which reduces chronic inflammations and by doing so, it helps achieve luminous skin when dark spots and freckles are eliminated.

Upon usage, users have feedback that there were instant effects whereby skin feels softer, more supple and less dry… With regular use, skin will be more moisturized and there will be reduced signs of aging and dehydration. This range of products also contains soothing and subtle rose mist fragrance to give a comfortable feeling when using it.

The Anti-aging Gold range has three items under its series and they are exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

AQUALABEL Wash Ex ($17.90, 130g)

A creamy cleansing foam which cleanse the skin effective yet staying gentle on the skin. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Asian Ginseng Extract, it will fight signs of aging by providing skin with an ultra-moisturizing boost.

AQUALABEL Lotion Ex ($26.90, 130ml)

Acting as a toner / softener  this lotion rich with double Hyaluronic Acid will prep skin with nourishment to increase its elasticity and active ingredient M-Tranexamic Acid to reduce pigmentation.

AQUALABEL Royal Rich Essence ($35.50, 90ml)

This moisturising essence is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Asian Ginseng Extract to increase skin’s hydration while staying light in texture. Upon application, skin will be instantly rejuvenated and appears to be more radiant.

Was given the AQUALABEL Wash Ex for review and i have passed it to my fiance as he ran out of facial cleanser.. I’m currently reviewing another cleanser for acne-prone skin (On top of the newly added DHC washing powder) so can’t give this a try yet..

Ingredient List.

So after trying it, here are his reviews:

Texture: Rich creamy foam after lathering with water. The facial foam has a nice floral scent but it isn’t overwhelming so i can accept it..

Ease of Use: Although the cleanser has a creamy foam texture, the cleanser can be easily rinsed off without much rubbing…

Overall Experience: After washing off, my skin feels clean and it doesn’t feels tight… Normally i will have dry patches on skin if the cleanser is too drying.. However, i did not experience any after washing the cleanser off.. Will definitely continue to use this cleanser in the long run..


Before i go off, if you are a ice-cream lover like me! Do give Seventh Heaven a try as they serve really awesome Ice cream and Waffles! Not only that, i love their website and it has been sometime since i came across such a well-designed site.. Really magical and it really captivate my heart! Click on it and you will know what i meant.. 🙂

Seventh Heaven is located at Orchard Central (Level 2). Being the first Singapore gourmet retail / events ice-cream company which offer customization services, it tailors savory ice creams to suit the high standards of corporate customer’s preferences  As for retail consumers, one can expect high quality and sinfully creamy ice-creams that are so irresistible.

The ZA / Aqua Label event was held at Seventh Heaven and first ice cream that Charmian recommended me was Bak Kwa ice-cream!!!! I have to say that the ice cream selection can get really exotic and besides Bak Kwa, be prepared to see flavors like Pineapple Tart and Kuek Bangkit!!!

For a start, i ordered the ice-lemon tea and i thought it will be the regular ice tea with a slice of lemon.. I was in for a surprise when i was served with ice-tea + LEMON SORBET!! In the past, i love sorbet a lot (the more sour, the better!).. But nowadays i have such weak gastric that i don’t dare to take too sourish or spicy food.. The sorbert from Seventh Heaven was sour (a little too sour to my liking) and icy.. To combat the level of sour-ness, i added quite a fair bit of sugar syrup and allowed the sorbert to melt on its own.. The drink actually tasted good when the sorbet melted into the ice-tea bit by bit and mixed with the sugar syrup.

Ordered the Waffle Set with 1 Scoop Ice cream and i regretted not sharing it with others.. Personally i felt that the set was enough for 2 paxs so i had a hard time trying to finish eating it (but sad to say i never did).. The waffle was done just the way i like it – Crispy, slightly buttery, fresh, dense and not too dry!!! The scoop of  salted Caramel ice-cream complement the sweetness of the waffle very well.. How can i not mention about the texture of the ice-cream? The ice cream has a super creamy but not too sweet and smooth texture that tasted really superb! I was raving to my fiance about this waffle set and he told me he also wants to try! Alright, i shall give him a treat one day..

Seventh Heaven also generously served us with a HUGE Rainbow Mudpie but I was too full from the waffle + ice cream so I had to give it a miss.. 😦

Do remember to check out the newly launched ZA and Aqua Label products in Watsons store… I will strongly urge you to try the affordable ZA night cream and BB cream!

Will be back with more reviews once i return from Malacca… I’m taking a short break before the crazily packed May arrives! In the meantime, take care everyone! 🙂

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  1. Wendi says:

    Are you able to do an updated review of the Aqualabel Gold? There are 6 products now listed on their website, and I’m not certain which to choose and in which order I should use them?

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