(Sponsored Review) Greedy Chimp – Surprises and all things nice!

Time really flies and it is less than a month to my wedding… Despite of how simple you wish to keep things, stress is inevitable and certain things are still beyond your control.. Two weeks ago, i was quite upset over one incident but i shall not mention it as i don’t wish to open up the can of worms… Anyway, i will tend to snack whenever I’m feeling stressed or upset and a must will be chocolates! Posted this picture on Instagram and in case you are wondering what’s Greedy Chimp, I’m most glad to share more with you! 🙂


Photo from Greedy Chimp’s FB page.

‘Life is like a Bag of Greedy Chimp, you never know what you’re gonna get’

This is what i will describe ‘Greedy Chimp’ in one sentence.. 🙂

Greedy Chimp has the same concept as Beauty Box subscription service whereby you will receive a bag filled with specially picked surprise mix of snacks (known as LOOTS) which will be delivered right to your doorstep every month..

Subscription fee will cost $14.90 per month and upon becoming a member, you will gain instant access to the most exciting way for you to discover great snacks!


Every month, subscribers can expect to receive 6 or more unique loots in your own chimp bag..  The loots will be theme based and are specially selected by Greedy Chimp’s team of food enthusiasts and snack lovers.


Another unique point about the Greedy Chimp Bag will be the recyclable non-woven bag to store the loots and it spells nothing but CUTE!! It definitely caught the eyes of many when I was on the way to office and not forgetting my colleagues’ too. 🙂

Come on, let me share with you on the different snacks in my Chimp Bag.. (Thank you Valerie for passing me the bag personally and also explaining to me the concepts behind Greedy Chimp)…

I have six different types of snacks in my Chimp Bag and Valerie told me that there will be a mixture of common snacks and not so common ones… Personally I feel that it is a nice touch as you can get to experiment with new snacks and at the same time munch on those familiar ones.

As a popcorn lover, I’m thrilled to see a pack of Planet Popcorn in my Chimp Bag.. For people who wants to try popcorn with a twist, it is highly recommended (by me of course) to check out their flavored popcorn..

Planet Popcorns are freshly made by experienced chef with skilled technique and vacuum sealed pack daily.. As the popcorns are popped with natural vegetable oil, sea salt and gourmet powder (extracted from natural ingredients with no colorings), this makes consumption a guilt-free one.

Containing no preservatives, no butter, no trans fats and no condiments, the Planet Popcorns made from 100% imported corn kernels are low in carbohydrates, low in fat but high in fiber. Available in 6 different flavours and 3 sizes (Buddy, Party & Kiddo), you can now add a twist to your popcorn craves.

Original – S$6.90, S$9.90 (vegetarian)

Caramel – S$6.90, S$9.90 (vegetarian)

Cheese – S$7.90, S$10.90 (Ovo-Lacto vegetarian)

Kimchi – S$7.90, S$10.90 (vegetarian)

Seaweed – S$8.90, S$11.90 (vegetarian)

Wasabi – S$8.90, S$11.90 (vegetarian)

Chocolate – S$8.90 (available in packet only, Ovo-Lacto vegetarian)

**Prices indicated are for Buddy and Party Pack respectively

I have received the No 1 selling Original popcorn and i love how fresh and crunchy the popcorns are.. The popcorns are tasty yet not overly sweet. Will repurchase it in the future and i wanna give the seaweed and Kimchi favor a try!

For more information on Planet Pop Corn, you can click on this LINK to access its website.


Buddy packs’ prices range from S$6.90 to S$8.90 and Party buckets between S$9.90 to S$11.90.

Tried the Plantain chips a few days ago and the brand / content is something new to me.. FYI, Plantains have the same shape and texture as common banana but they contain lesser sugar and wider in width. Moreover, these yellow chips that comes from green bananas have excellent source of potassium and vitamins.

The Plantains chips from KIWA are handpicked from a small plantation and processed manually so as to retain the original natural favor and goodness.. This pack of exotic vegetable chips has a plain and slightly salted taste since it is all natural with no artificial favors or preservatives. Due to this, the Plantain chips will be a good substitute to potato chips if you want to munch on something crunchy yet healthy.

$2.50 for an 85g pack and available at all major supermarkets.

Mamee! I grew up with this childhood brand and the Mamee Monster Noodles snack! Nom nom nom!  Instead of the regular Mamee monster noodles snack, i found the Mamee Rice Sticks inside the Chimp Bag in Vegetable and Cheese Flavour..

Made from fine selected rice grains, the Mamee rice sticks are great wholesome snacks that contains no preservatives and no genetically modified ingredients. These lip-smacking rice sticks that no one can resist are available in two savory flavours and can be found at  Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong and selected supermarkets.

If you still can’t get enough of cheese after snacking on Mamee Cheese Flavour, the American Corn Snack will satisfy your ‘cheese tooth’.. These unique shaped corn snacks  has the delicious taste of cheese mixed well with crispy corn base. Not only it looks unique, the corn snacks are so tasty that you have to resist licking your fingers.. The  American Corn Snack is available in 14g and 56g packs.

These cutesy small packets of Impact Mints (Fruity & Yogurt flavoured mints) are part of the loots as well… Not my first time eating this mint and i love the peach flavour ones… Because of Greedy Chimp, I’m given the opportunity to try other flavours and now I’m in love with the strawberry ones 😛

The mints are small but mighty as the fruity and fresh taste will keep your breath nice and fresh! Impact Mints (price ranging from $2.60 – $3.15 per tin) can be found in NTUC FairPrice, Cheers, SPC Service Stations and Buzz Stores.


Lastly, here’s my personal favorite loot in the bag – Milk Chocolate from the Calbury Marvellous Creations!

Newest addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Family, the conventional milk chocolates from the Calbury Marvellous Creations are now filled with wackiest ingredients like jelly bits, toffee cookie, popping candy and beanie..

The chocolate bar are filled with chunky and generous portion of mouth-watering ingredients.. While the milk chocolate stays creamy and rich, the additional ingredients pack a sweet punch!…Not doubt it is the ultimate happy food! The 50g  bar which i have received costs $1.90 each and it is available in all major super/hypermarkets! Try it today and let me know your reviews.

With just less than $15 a month, you can enjoy your pack of tasty bites with that additional surprise elements. It sure feels good to be able to rummage through the bag and discover various delicious handpicked loots. Very worth it (IMO) as you can add surprises to snacks and spice up your life with different snacks every month.. We all love surprises don’t we?

To subscribe, just head to this website to place your orders and Greedy Chimp’s friendly team members will get in touch with you soon!

That’s all for now and have a great rest during the labour day break!

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