(Announcement) Complimentary skin analysis and 7 days trial kit from Decléor up for grabs!

Hello everyone! I’m back and here’s a short update before i will disappear again 🙂

Was invited for a personal skin analysis session by Decleor @ Tangs Seviin 2 weeks ago and also a walk-through of Decleor’s recommended products for this summer- The Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Range..

In the nutshell, Decléor is established in France three decades ago and is a specialist in cosmetic aromatherapy with the brand best recognized for its use of essential oils all skincare programme containing exclusive beauty concentrates of 100% pure natural and active essential and plant oil.

All these while, Aromatherapy (widely known as essential and plant oil) is well-known for its highly beneficial medical benefits.. The logic behind is that plants can self-create their own balance by adapting, selecting and making use of the best from their surroundings.. As such, aromatherapy can do the same and help restore the body and skin balance.

With this knowledge in mind, the laboratories of Decleor works to create a link between plants and the skin by making use of essential oils in its spa and beauty products.. As such, the brand is best recognized for its use of essential oils in their beauty range. Its philosophy aims to seek the best of nature, selecting the most effective active ingredients and combining them in accordance to the skin’s needs. With its product ranges being 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% effective, Decleor cares and respects every aspects of the body to bring about pure pleasure, balance and emotional harmony.

Was assigned to Beauty Consultant, Chris who introduced the Decleor’s heritage and star-product before the skin analysis.

Chris explained that our skin will react accordingly to our health and well-being.. For myself, i will always have outbreaks before the time of the month due to hormonal imbalances. For Chris, her skin will be more oily if her body is dehydrated.. To deal with this, Chris urged me to give the AROMESSENCE™ serums a try as it is formulated with a highly precise combination of Essential Oils that are effective in treating skin disorders with its re-balancing properties..

There’s a total of 7 serum to cater to different skin concerns and this serum is a potent beauty-enhancing concentrates of active essential oils. With a unique cocktail of masterfully blended essential oils (from 3 to 9, plus a plant oil base) for each serum, this will address respective skin concerns and ensure optimal affinity with the skin.

I told Chris that i have Combination to Oily Skin (Therefore acne-prone) yet it is sensitive and dehydrated.. -_-

Chris told me that the root cause for my problematic skin can be due to my skin being dehydrated.. When skin lacks moisture, it will turn dry and cause irritation (Hence the sensitive skin). When skin is dry, it causes more oil / Sebum to be produced so as to protect the skin (Body’s natural reaction and hence the oily skin + outbreaks). Therefore after looking through the different Aromessence serum, here’s 3 serum which i can incorporate into my skin care routine in accordance to the state of my skin:

During the day when skin tends to be more oily, i can apply the Aromessence serum Ylang Ylang to purify skin, re-balance the moisture level and keeping it matt.. As such, skin texture will be refined and radiance restored.

Sometimes when skin is irritated with redness, Aromessence serum Rose d’Orient will keep skin soothed, hydrated and protected while reducing cutaneous reactions.

At night, skin will rejuvenate and hence the Serum Neroli can work overnight to hydrate it… When i wake up in the morning, skin will not be delicate but instead it will look visibly enhanced, soothed, soft and radiant.

After chit-chat session with Chris, it’s time for the skin analysis! I have to fill up a form with my particulars and  answer a few qns on my medical + skin history..


Next, Chris sterilized the applicator of the skin analysis machine before checking on my skin’s hydration level and also the condition of my pores.

To check on the hydration level, readings will be taken from the T-zone and U-zone (forehead, the cheeks and the chin).. Chris told me that if skin is stable, the readings for these areas should not show much variation.

T-zone – check!

U-zone – check

The skin analysis revealed that i have dehydrated skin yet oily skin with huge open pores (some of it are inflamed, gross i know)!! This is the reason why i have to go facial at least twice a month to clear the ‘junks’ from my poor pores… :/

Chris has also told me to include Vit C and Vit E as part of my supplements as it will help accelerate the healing ability of my skin as i told her that i need some help in lightning post acne marks (which i cannot make use of whitening products as they are too harsh for my skin)..

For myself and many other ladies, we spent long hours in air-conditioned environment (during working hours and while you sleep) hence we cannot run away from dry and dehydrated skin problems… Like i have mentioned earlier, a lot of skin issues surface due to skin being too dry so the undeniable truth is that hydration is important for all skin types!

If you have oily / sensitive skin, you will need to keep your skin well moisturized so that it wont give the brain the signal to produce more oil to protect it.

If you have normal skin type, it is important to maintain the healthiness of skin types with moisture.

If you have dry skin, you will need intensive moisture to restore suppleness and prevent premature aging.

To address skin dehydration concerns, DECLEOR is proud to present the Hydra Floral Multi-­Protection range..  The range features 24 hours hydration with an effective Aroma Duo providing 63% more hydration ability so skin will enjoy 24 hours multi-protection (anti pollution, anti-free radicals, anti-UV, anti-internal imbalances). It works to keep skin well-moisturized as it will re-establishes the science of water circulation in skin via the existence of aquaporins, water channels or moisture carriers that help to bring water, drop by drop, through the cell membranes.

Like all the products, Hydra Floral Multi-Protection range focuses on the brand philosophy of drawing beauty concepts from plants combined with new focus on the needs of the stressful urban life-style.

Beauty concepts from plants includes (Main Ingredients and floral active ingredients):

Moringa Oleifera – a microprotein that forms an invisible film on skin’s surface and it helps to protect skin against the effects of pollution (via heavy metals, cigarette smoke and dust particles).

Sunflower extract (Hellianthus annus) – helps to protect that skin against free radicals. As it is rich in photoreceptors and polyphenois, the contents been scientifically tested and proven to aid the skin in defending itself against sun damage.

Wild Pansy­- Helps to stimulate aquaporins activity on the level of the epidermis. It also aid in the synthesis of more aquaporins to improve water circulation within the skin. Lastly, it stimulates hyaluronic acid to boost maximized moisture absorption.

Samphire extract to aid skin’s hydrating functions and stimulate ceramide synthesis which strengthens  skin’s function in maintaining its hydration and limit evaporation

All the products in the Hydra Floral Multi-Protection range when combined an Aromessence with a moisturizer will increases effectiveness of hydration by 63% (Aroma Duo concept)

In April 2013, Decleor launches it first BB cream with 5 in 1 Perfect skin formula.. Decleor Hydra Floral SPF15 BB Cream has the same plant-­based beauty concepts and it is a color-­correcting product (which change color according to individual skin tone.

This first makeup item in Decleor’s  line features:

1) 24-­hour moisture ability to keep skin supple. It acts as a makeup base to brightens and evens out the complexion.

2) The BB cream refines the skin’s texture and corrects imperfections.. Containing SPF and anti-pollutant, it  protects the skin from UVA and UVB and from pollution.

3)  It works just like a moisturizer and care for skin with concealing and color correcting functionality.

Tested to BB cream on my hand and upon first look, it has an orange beige tone… The BB cream is only available in one shade as it has color correcting function… After blending and patting the BB cream into my skin, it get absorbed very quickly while staying natural on my skin (without looking ashy).. It doesn’t feel greasy nor heavy on skin and it leaves my skin looking brighter.

For my readers, if you wish to try out Decleor’s products first before jumping on the Decleor bandwagon; Decleor has something special for you! 🙂

‘Just quote [Jermaine] at Decleor Institut at Tangs Seviin and you can get to enjoy a complimentary skin analysis and 1-week sample set that’s customized to your skin type.  This customized deluxe sample set which you are bringing home is worth over $50 and it is only limited to the first 100.. So be fast!~’

Will be back soon with the review of some of the Decleor’s products (after my wedding of course) so stay tune!

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