(Sponsored Review) Presenting “Floral Notes” – May’s VanityTrove

Hello Everyone! I’m back from my short break from blogging and hope everyone have a good rest during the long weekend! 🙂

I’m finally done with my big day (aka wedding) and i shall tell you more soon! Alright, let’s get back to the agenda – VanityTrove (May’s Edition)! I know I’m very late in the updates but its better late than never.. 🙂

May’s edition of is built on ‘floral’ theme. Known as “Floral Notes“, May’s trove is all about celebrating the arrival of Spring and blooming of flowers which symbolizes life, sweetness and warmth!

I’m having a craze over floral items nowadays and hence always on the lookout for floral apparel and shoes! Just a few hours ago, i almost purchased another floral pants but my husband stopped me as he said that i have a similar looking one.. -__-

In my May’s Trove – ‘Floral Notes’, I’m delighted to see the following items:

Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt (Rose & Peach)

Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel

Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV

Lunamer Brightener

Bach Rescue Pastilles (Black Currant)

GO60 mask (Hydrate Treatment Masque)

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

Each edition of the trove comes with a monthly Vanity magazine whereby you will find articles related to beauty, fashion, hair care and special promotions etc… In the May’s edition, i spotted many pretty floral prints dresses which I really loveeee! Not forgetting the DIY nail art whereby you can create the look at the comfort of your own home.. The magazine also serves as a good companion while you mask (you can give the GO60 mask a try!)

In the magazine, there’s a coupon whereby you can redeem a 3 pcs travel sized kit (consists of Lunamer Clear wash (5g), Lotion 1 (30ml) and Emulsion 1 (20ml)). Validity is till 31 May so hope you have already made the redemption..

Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt (Rose & Peach)

First item that caught my attention will be the travel size Bath Salt which makes it handy to carry it around. The aroma sea salt (comes in fine and coarse salt versions) helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse your skin to make it smooth and wrinkle free. The peach bath sea salt will help with skin’s detoxification and reduces signs of aging with special peace leaf ingredients. The rose bath salt contains rose oil which smells heavenly white tingly scent of rose which invigorate and rejuvenate skin to improve radiance.

RSP for full size item: Peach – $10.80 (400g), Rose – $9.80 (400g)

Prior to my wedding, i gave my skin a good scrub with the Rose Bath Salt.. Prefer using it on wet skin as i have sensitive skin and don’t want to create too much fricition while scrubbing..  The bath salt has a soothing rose scent which doesn’t smell artificial.. The bath salt does not cause any tingling sensation and stays gentle on skin (Previously i have tried another brand of bath salt and it stung my skin!). The bath salt will dissolve when it comes into contact with skin + heat + water..After rinsing it off, skin feels soft, smooth and supple!

Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel

Nuxe has a gentle skincare range with rose petals to cater for people with sensitive skin…  There’s 4 products in the gentle skincare range – Melting Cleansing Gel, Gentle Toning Lotion, Clarifying Cream Mask and Gentle Exfoliating Gel. The Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel found in the trove helps to clarify and purify skin while it cleanses skin and reduces skin tightness. Have yet to give this a try but i will come to it soon (after reviewing another 2 cleansers).. hahaha!

RSP for full size item: Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel – $28 (125ml)

Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV

My favorite item in the trove – the Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV!! I love it so much that i have already squeezed dry half of the tube… Kose is one of my favorite brand due to its quality products like the cleansing oil, mask white, clear lotion and makeup base etc..  The new addition to the sunscreen family – the Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV has an emulsion-like texture which helps protects skin’s translucency, firmness and resilience. The formula also has a highly adhesive base that spreads smoothly over the face and keep skin moisturized.

RSP for full size item: Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV – $54 (30g)

Personally, i love sunscreen with high SPF with non-oily texture and something that does not leave any white cast behind.. Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV is able to meet my requirements plus keeping my dehydrated skin well-moisturized!

No white cast after application!

Lunamer Brightener

If you want brighter and smoother complexion, the star product in the Lunamer skincare range, the Lunamer Brightener is highly recommended. The brightner is an energising beauty essence that will boost skin’s radiance by removing keratin (that causes skin dullness). It contains the highest amount of clear Nanovitamin E in the Lunamer series which means that it can better recharge skin and improve active skin cell renewals for better collagen synthesis. When applied, the hydrating formula will lock in moisture and maintain supple and dewy skin.

RSP for full size item: Lunamer Brightener – $60 (100ml)

Bach Rescue Pastilles

Feeling stress? Just pop the Bach Rescue Pastilles (Alcohol & Sugar-free) to sooth your nerves and restore inner calm, control and focus. Made from natural remedies of flower essences, the pastilles are power-packed with goodness to provide you with some relief amidst your hectic life-style

RSP for full size item: Bach Rescue Pastilles – $18.90 for 1 tin

The pastilles reminds me of Ricola candy but a less sweet version.. It has a nice blueberry flavour that doesn’t a weird medicine taste and it soothes my dry throat…..

GO60 mask

GO60 is a spa concept boutique by beauty and wellness chain Mary Chia. Located at Esplanade Xchange, it offers quality treatments at affordable prices with a series of facial masks. Was given The Go hydrate! in the trove and this mask will be the lifesaver for my dehydrated skin as it will quench my thirsty skin while locking in moisture.

RSP – $60 for 5 pcs

At $12 per piece, the mask is on the expensive side but worth the $$. I left it on overnight and i woke up with supple and soft skin! Material of the mask is good and fit is good so you need not worry about it tearing while you sleep.. Will recommend it if you have an important occasion and need a quick skin fix (since the mask is expensive)!

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

Last item in the trove will be the Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash which will reactivate and maintain the health of the skin in the genital region. Specially formulated to regulate feminine hygiene at an optimal pH value of 3.8, the Sebamed Feminine wash is also effective against pathogenic micro-organisms. And beyond its calming properties,  this lotion stays gentle, soothing and moisturizing on our intimate area.. The Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash has a thick gel consistency and it will turn milky upon lathering.. It cleanse well while staying gentle but i don’t quite like the ‘woody’ scent of this intimate wash..

RSP for full size item: Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash $17.45 (200ml)

After reading my updates, i hope you are motivated to get your own box of beautiful surprises every month too! I’m always looking forward to giving myself some love with my own monthly trove 🙂

Sign up for Vanity Trove at $25 a month here and begin your journey to monthly surprises and fun!

2 thoughts on “(Sponsored Review) Presenting “Floral Notes” – May’s VanityTrove

  1. jermaineee says:

    Hey Rhi,

    Sorry for the late reply! IMO, the Little Black Beauty Box looks good as well.. Some bloggers have reviewed it and the goodies inside seems awesome! Maybe you can sign up for 3 months as a trial first to see how it fares… I also think that Vanity Trove is good as well so you can keep it as an consideration as well..

    Ohh! So sweet of you! I will answers your questions soon as i have a few urgent backlogs to clear.. :/

    See you soon!

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