A little update on my post-marriage life and ‘sparkling’ with Especially Escada

It has been about 20 days since my wedding and many of my friends / relatives are pretty concerned on how well i’m adapting so a little update on my post-marriage life.. ūüôā

Our love nest will only be ready during Q4 2015, so now i’m currently staying with my parents-in-law.. Other aspects wise, it’s a smooth transition period and the only thing that i’m not very happy about is the location of my husband’s place.. It is not as convenient compared to the estate that my parents are staying in, guess i need more time to get used to it.. ūüė¶


Photos grabbed from Sparkles Live Music FB page.. Thank you Sparkle Live Music for the great performance thus leaving behind such great memories… Will highly recommend the team!

For the past 20+ years, i have been staying in Bedok.. I love the superb location and Bedok being a mature estate, it is well served by plenty of amenities, shops, food joints and markets.. It is also conveniently connected to other parts of the island via buses and MRT.. Most important of all, it takes only 1 bus and 30 mins journey for me to reach my work place..

After moving to Punggol, i have to wake up at 6.30am every morning and leave the house by 7.30am.. To get to my workplace, i will need to take a feeder bus to get to the MRT station.. After which, take NEL to transfer to CCL then walk a longer distance to grab breakfast then proceed to the office.. Total travelling time – 1 hour, not forgetting the ‘added trouble’..

Rants being rants, every morning i will have something to brighten up my day (which is the effort that my hubby put in to make me feel better).. He will insists on leaving the house together with me so that he can accompany me on the journey to work. Really appreciate his sweet gesture as i starts work earlier so he will end up reaching his workplace very early.. ‚̧

Another thing i will do to add a sparkle to my mornings will be to doll myself up with pretty apparels, shoes, bags and not forgetting adding a final touch – that is to smell nice!

Outfit inspired by Especially Escada ~ Something sweet, feminine and yet classy enough for work

Currently, i’m using a fragrance from Escada! Known as ‘SPECIALLY ESCADA’¬†, this new flagrance for women spells nothing but¬†JOY!


Not only it looks gorgeous, This new fragrance from Escada smells prestigious and feminine.. ¬†The scent is inspired by today’s modern ladies who are independent, love to have fun and have a positive attitude towards life.. The fragrance symbolizes joyfulness, spontaneous, glamour, happiness, fun, strength and loyalty!

This new scent is already available world-wide since August 2011 and will be a permanent addition to Escada’s sophisticated range of classic fragrances.

More about the Scent!

If you love roses and the pleasant scent of rose (like me), be thrilled to know that¬†Especially Escada is built around a delicate Bulgarian Rose¬†accord.¬†This unique scent of the opulent Bulgarian Rose forms the heart of the fragrance and adds the distinctive ‘punch’ to the perfume.

Do you know that Bulgarian rose is one of the most luxurious rose species in the world? To bring you the very best (with a lot of hard work involved),  the Bulgarian rose is uniquely collected in the early hours of the morning to best capture its sophisticated and classic aroma.

Top note of the scent is inspired by the glistening scent of morning dew on a sparkling rose and further complement with delicate notes of Ylang Ylang to create a soft, floral and intensely feminine appeal. This floral synergy will radiates a fresh and natural aura of positivity which will uplift your mood and delivers joy.

The fragrance opens with an intense and sparkling top note of pear that combines with the sweet, exotic and musky notes of Ambrette seeds. Together they will form an uncontrollable burst of sparkling freshness and the idyllic introduction to the all-important heart accord.

As the scent settles, light musky notes to support the delicate rose accord can be found at the base of the scent and adds a subtle touch of femininity.

Overall, this fragrance is all about refined, sophistication and soft femininity.

The new face behind Especially Escada is renowned supermodel, Bar Refaeli..

She commented that Escada is the perfect combination between being classic and elegant but at the same time letting go and having fun. She finds that the concept behind this new fragrance is really inspirational as it is about escaping reality and letting emotion run wild..

Bar Refaeli describes the scent of Especially Escada as something she really loves:

‘Not too sweet and it¬†doesn’t¬†feel too heavy. It smells really feminine and soft but still elegant. It has this really unique and rare rose inside it, the Bulgarian rose, it‚Äôs very hard to collect and you can really sense that because it smells absolutely beautiful’s

Now, let us move on to its packaging and i will tell you why it sparkles and stands out from the rest…

The first striking feature will be the Gold-finish lid that features the  classic, iconic double E logo.. As for the bottle that houses the rosy pink fragrance, Escada made use of a solid and square glass flacon design to give a classy yet unique feel. The flacon also promotes a beautiful balance between modernity and classicism that is so intrinsic to the Escada brand.

I love the vibrant pink¬†outer packaging with gold prints! So elegant and feminine and i can’t bear to discard the box.. ūüė°

Having tried 2 other fragrance from Escada ( namely the¬†Escada Sentiment & Moon Sparkle), i felt that¬†Especially Escada is more of my signature perfume as it provides me with the¬†extra boost of vitality and zest… It brightens up my dull morning as the scent uplifts my spirit and make me feel beautiful & worthy.

One reason why i adore this  fragrance will be the quality scent! It is in the right mix and perfect balance with its sweet yet not overpowering Fruity/Floral scent. It is hard to find a unique scent that is suitable for day or night use (this is why i will end up using different perfumes during day and night time) and i love how Especially Escada suits all occasions.. If you prefer a light yet fresh scent during day time, you can just spray it once and the scent will instantly portray a feminine yet sophisticated image. During the night time whereby you wish to have more fun, just increase the amount of spritzes and it will brings out your distinctive nature.

As for the lasting power, Especially Escada is an EDP fragrance (Eau de Parfum) which contains 8-16% concentration of scented compounds so it is deemed more long-lasting. Personally i find that Especially Escada is very long-lasting as i still can detect the base notes at the end of the day after work. Trick is to spray the fragrance onto your clothes instead of your body so that it will be more long-lasting.

Because it doesn’t smells like fake floral or too overly sweet,¬†Especially Escada¬†packs a punch with unique and prestige quality long-lasting scent. Moreover, the sleek packaging of the fragrance spells nothing but classy! Looks like¬†Especially Escada will become one of my HG fragrance ūüôā

Before i go, i will like to thank P&G Prestige Fragrances for sending me this amazing fragrance!

Till then! Have a nice weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “A little update on my post-marriage life and ‘sparkling’ with Especially Escada

  1. Rhi says:

    Awww derrick’s so sweet!! *is envious* >_< Our new place will be in punggol too….hate to think of all that inconvenience =\…can only hope that it'll become the hub they're campaigning it to be!

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