(Sponsored Review) Majolica Majorca Chapter 37 – Moonlight Virgin

Hello Everyone, i’m back with an overdue update (My apologies as i’m really busy with my wedding preps for the past 2 months). This post will be dedicated to Majolica Majorca and i will be talking about the new chapter – Chapter 37 – Moonlight Virgin!

‘At midnight, the melody of the moon beckons. The girl is a creature of many faces. She pursues beauty insufficient within herself and greedily stretches out her hand; even if it’s for one night or the moment. If she could only have sweet and beautiful wings like a swan, attracted by a dazzling brilliance.’

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Will be back to try their all day breakfast as Yiying told me that it is really good! Just can’t get enough of scrambled egg, hash-brown and toast! 😀

2013 summer trend is all about pale tones, soft and pure colors and translucency.. Hence, Chapter 37’s focus is all about gentle colors with shimmery water-like texture, sheen and transparency. The main emphasis will be on transparent skin, eye makeup that glistens and sheen textures for an elegant + flawless appearance.

Majolica Majorca Chapter 37 – Moonlight Virgin consists of:

(1) Lash Expander Edge Meister BR666 (limited edition)

(2) ShinyRay Liner (Limited edition)

(3) Aqua Fizz Shower (Limited edition)

(4) The Little Humming Book 2 (Limited edition)

Like the previous collections, all the 4 limited edition items are available exclusively in Watsons stores.

As you know, Mascara from Majolica Majorca are well-known for its fibers which gives great lengthening and lash separation capabilities… In Chapter 37,  the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara is now available in brown (instead of the classic glossy black formula). The brown tone will give you softer, subtle and more gentle eyes. This liquid lengthening long mascara will bless you with beautiful lashes that extend forever like swan wing’s!

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara – $25.90 (BK 666)

Formulated with 4mm long brown fibers and liquid lengthening base to coat each lash smoothly & evenly, the  Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara promises long beautiful strong lashes. Formulated with gloss oil amd Speedy dry oil, lashes will appear to be shiny and more intense.. Moreover with the Dry oil, lashes will stay curled for longer! Containing Vit E derivatives and Macadamia nut oil, you need not worry about weakening lashes as it will treat lashes at the same time. For people with oily eyelids / teary eyes, the Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara is sweat, oil, tear and water proof (therefore it ca n only be removed using oil-based eye makeup remover)

To further complement the effectiveness of the mascara, the duo comb will widen and coat each and every lashes evenly. The large comb  (1) will lengths and separates lashes so you just have to use it to slowly comb up lashes from root to the tip. The small comb (2) will reach shorter lashes near eye-corner and lower lashes so that even the shortest lashes can be taken care of.

Next, the captivating Shiny Ray Liner will add splashes of sparkles on your eyes and lips. This 2-in-1 pencil liner will highlight and add depth to the eyes / lips. It works by gliding on smoothly to correct the eyes and lips shape while leaving a pure and angelic finish.

Shiny Ray Liner – $22.90

The  Shiny Ray Liner  also comes with a removal pure-white feather cap to emphasize on angelic and celestial beauty.

The Shiny Ray Liner has a translucent clear pink beign color that will blends in easily for a sparkling, long-lasting finish.. The multi-purpose liner is also creamy and leaves behind a dewy glittery beautiful finish.

In Chapter 36, Majolica Majorca launched the first ever Fragrance –Majoromantica M with a sweet fruity scent.. In Chapter 37, There’s Aqua Fizz Shower to eliminate strong odors while leaving hair and skin refreshed and moisturized. The Aqua Fizz Shower has a fruit floral scent (Red fruits and concentrated flowers) and no artificial colors are added.

Aqua Fizz Shower – $25.90

The Aqua Fizz Shower can be used as a hair and body scented treatment lotion or as a fragrance lotions.. It is formulated with raspberry GL extract and Sugarcane extract to deodorize while the long-lasting scent ingredient will keep you smelling nice for longer hours. It also contains hair humectants, cuticle protectors and moisturizing ingredients to care for skin.

Shiny Highlighter – Chapter 37 brings you a highlight cream for cheeks and eyelids to bring out natural sheen from within. The Shiny Highlighter can also be used as eye color base to increase the hues of your eyeshadow tone.

Shiny Highlight – $22.90

The highlighter has a gel cream texture which will blends in easily and leaves skin velvety smooth without any stickiness. Skin will feel refreshed as it contains moisturizing treatment ingredients – Macadamia Nut Oil and Bit E derivatives .. Upon application, it won’t leave behind any powdery feeling but instead the glossy shimmery finish will adhere on skin for long-lastingness.

Upon each application, it is important to shake the mixture well before use. Afterwhich, gently swirl brush around inside rim of bottle and apply to areas like your cheekbone, around eyes, t-zone to add brightness and sheen. Always apply in small amount with brush and gently pat while blending in.

Last but not least, Chapter 37 brings you the 2nd edition of the highly raved Little Humming Book! The first Humming Book is about the secret garden theme which consists of hues of pink and green (Just like a flower)! The Humming Book 2 has a different theme this time whereby the palette contains makeup that creates a translucent and sheen appearance like moon’s reflection on water.

The Little Humming Book 2 – $25.90

This makeup palette book contains eye cream base, 2 eyeshadow and a lip gloss.

1) Eye Cream Base (Earth Land)

This eye cream based is to be used as an eye shadow primer and it will give eyelids a glossy look when used alone. Combined with an eyeshadow, it will increase sparkly depth to your eye makeup.

2) Eye Shadow – (Water Mirror, 2a),  (Night Dress, 2b)

Can be used alone or over the eye cream base, the eyeshadows has luminesce color which will sparkles and provide a glossy sheen

3) Lip Gloss – (Swan Bill)

Containing moisturizing ingredient Royal Honey EX, the Lip gloss that will moisturize and plump up lips!

Swatches of the eyeshadow and lip gloss 

(L to R) Eyeshadows, Cream Base & Lip Gloss

Enticed by the items in Chapter 37 and thinking of buying it? Now let my reviews of some of the items in Chapter 37 tempts you even further 🙂

Aqua Fizz Shower is so portable (60ml bottle) and being a 2-in-1 product that will moisturize and ‘kill’ odors…. Normally i will use this fragrance mist after shower on my damp hair before blowing it dry. Alternatively, you can also choose to spray it onto your comb / hair brush then brush it through your hair. It will leave behind a refreshing raspberry scent (Sweet subtle romantic fragrance) after it vaporizes.. It’s a pity that the scent isn’t very long-lasting but nowadays i can smell nothing but the haze once i step outdoors… 😦

I’m born with messy and unflattering lash line – My stubbly lashes are downwards pointing so normally, i will not curl my lashes with a curler since it won’t be of much help (i have to perm it in order to achieve curls).. What i will do is  to comb my lashes with an eyelash comb to make my lashes seems more uniform and neat.

Here’s the after results after applying the Lash Expander Edge Meister and Shiny Ray Liner.. I love how the mascara lengthen + define my lashes and how the Shiny Ray Liner revitalizes my eyes.

Shiny Ray Liner has a pale pink shade which IMO is more natural looking than white tone highlighter.. The liner has a creamy texture and therefore the right consistency for a smooth application.. I have tried using pencil liner that will break easily and you have to keep it into the fridge in order to solidify it but the Shiny Ray Liner won’t. The Shiny Ray liner blends very easily and it leaves behind a subtle, pearly and shimmery finish..  It is long-lasting too as i can still detect the line under my lower eyes at the end of the day.

You can choose the areas whereby contouring and highlighting are needed and here are some suggestions whereby you can go about doing it.

1) For brighter and moist eyes, draw a line right below the eye (in the centre, about 0.5cm)

2) To lift up the look of your eyes, use the liner and blend it underneath the brow bone.

3) To make the eye seems more alert, use the highlighter on the inside corner of each eyes

4) For fuller lower eye lids and for brighter eyes, gently draw a line under low eyelid and blend it for a softer look

5) For plump lips, apply to the outer edge of upper and lower lips

6) To lift up the look of lips, apply the liner onto the corner of lower and upper lips as if erasing the corners.

My thoughts on the lash expander edge meister – a love hate relationship! Why?


1) Lashes turns long and flattery instantly! The wand with duo comb also enables me to coat short lashes easily and evenly. This is a big plus point as i can use it to coat my lower lashes evenly and achieve amazing the lengthening power! Lashes also looks glossy and nicely separated (if you use the right tactic to apply it which i will share below) I also love how the brown tone gives me a much softer and subtle look..

2) It won’t smudge despite the face that i have oily eyelids… Love the fact that it is sweat, oil and waterproof. Although mascara is on the wet side and you cannot blink during application to prevent stains, the mascara dries quickly. Like all Majolica mascara, strong staying power = difficult removal… You have to make use of oil-based makeup removal in order to get the pigment off (fibers can be removed easily but not the pigment)


1) Like any other fiber mascara, application is uncomfortable as there’s a constant sensation of having something in my eye (as if there are fibers dropping in my eye). Application will get messy somehow as i will get fibers dropping onto my cheeks.

2) Since this is a lengthening mascara, Volume ability is just average! This would be good if you want to just lengthen your lashes and those with sparse lashes, you might use to use a volumizing mascara before using this…

3) Application is not so simple as the mascara clumps easily so you must have patience to comb your lashes to separate it before application (if not u will end up with lashes sticking onto each other too).. You can also reduce it by gently wiping the brush with tissue to get rid of excess mascara / fiber before application.

Overall, this mascara is highly recommended if you need one which will increase the length of your lashes.  It will be great for everyday use as it gives a natural finish without being too overpowering…

Thanks for reading and i hope everyone is coping fine with the haze!

Try to stay indoors, remember to keep your mask on when you are outdoors and drink lots of water!

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