June’s Vanity Trove | NYLON X VanityTrove Exclusive Edition

Hello everyone! It’s me again and i’m back with June’s Vanity Trove update!

For the benefit of people who are new to this beauty box subscription service, Vanity Trove (inspired by the concept of mystery grab bag filled with surprise products) is a beauty box consisting of specially picked surprise mix of beauty goodies (Ranging from haircare, makeup, bodycare, skincare and fragrances etc).

At $25 per month, you can embark on a beauty discovery journey and receive surprise beauty treats right at your doorsteps!

Upon subscription to the Vanity Trove Beauty Box service, you will gain instant access to a beauty discovery platform whereby you can learn more about beauty products islandwide + worldwide.. Via this platform, you will be transported into a network of beauty information via VanityTrove’s social platform, newsletter and facebook!

Vanity Trove ~ your gateway to monthly beautiful surprises.

June’s trove is based on ____ theme! Come on let’s make a guess.. 🙂

** Hints: Sun, Hot, Beach holiday, Sun-dress, clear skies and outdoor fun!

If you have guess ‘Summer’, you’re right! July’s Trove consists of beauty stash and scorching hot surprises to prep your skin + hair for some sunny fun!

” Summer Crush” – June’s edition of VanityTrove.

The first time i will always reach out for upon opening the Trove will be the VANITY Magazine as it is my source of beauty discovery whereby i can explore information on beauty products and tips! Do remember to check out the special promotions listed in this power-packed magazine.. 🙂

My favorite article in the magazine will be the one on ‘Foundation 101’ written by Jerlene.. If you are interested to know what foundation best suits your skin and needs,  this article clearly addresses all your doubts.

July’s Trove – Summer Crush consists of the following:

Ultimate Colla-gen

Apivita Express Beauty With Green Clay Mask

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel

Apivita Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion

Apivita Suncare Light texture Face Cream (for oily-combination skin, SPF 30)

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF30 PA++

touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream

Ultimate Colla-gen

Good things will come in small packages, Nano-Molecular Collagen is one good example!

Hyper as Korea’s No. 1 preferred collagen, Ultimate Colla-gen offers nano-molecular collagen (only 38kcal per sachets) which is collagen tested to be at least 50% smaller than other commercial collagen brands for faster absorption into the body..  Ultimate Colla-gen also contains an optimum mix of nano collagen with six other premium multi-nutrients and is 100% developed & blended in Korea..

In my Trove, i have received the Ultimate Colla-gen Plus (Nurtures skin, hair and nails) & Ultimate Colla-gen Gold (Nurtures Joints, Bones and Skin).. Have passed the 2 sachet to my Mother-in-law to try. According to her, the Ultimate Colla-gen Plus tasted fruity like sugar-less blueberry drink (which is something that she likes!). I’m glad that it doesn’t taste fishy as it will be a major turnoff! Another plus point will be that it is packed into individual sachet so consumption is more convenient and hygienic.

SGD $88 (30 sachets)

Apivita Express Beauty With Green Clay Mask

This Deep Cleansing face mask from Apivita with green clay is enriched with essential oils to eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum. Due to the green Clay and propolis properties, this mask will deeply cleanses the pores and removes excess sebum thus eliminating blackheads. Contains aloe, wheat proteins and lavender essential oil, it soothe and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. This deep cleansing mask with antiseptic properties also revitalizes tired skin.

Ideal for oily and combination skin, it is recommended to use it 1-2 times weekly (depending on skin’s condition).

SGD $58, box of 12

1 pack is meant for 1 time application as you are supposed to apply a thick layer.. Upon application, there’s a slight warm and tingling sensation which will go off eventually… The mask smells rather nice (reminds me of oats!) and it is recommended to leave the mask on for 10 mins.. Once it dries up, you can use warm water to massage the mask off… 🙂 My skin feels lighter, looks cleaner and brighter after using this mask.. Also, some of the blackheads on my nose has dislodged which i can easily remove it with slight pressure.. I’m considering to repurchase this mask when my current deep-cleansing mask runs out.. 😀

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel

If you dislike harsh acidic and chemical skin treatment, there’s an alternative product which will bring about similar benefits. The Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel offers multiple benefits with just one application. Its hydrating properties moisturizes, slows ageing and reduces wrinkles. It detoxifies and activates collagen production to revitalize too.

SGD $78 per jar, $138 for 2 jars

Upon application (Avoid contact with eye area), it is normal to experience a tingling sensation which will quickly fades away.. The gel will penetration into the skin to draw out impurities… It is also normal to experience a minor outbreak as Cellilux will purge out the dirt and oil embedded in skin.

I have not tried this product yet as it will cause purging!! Anyone wants to try this sample can email me.. 😀

Apivita Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion

The Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion for oily and combination skin gently removes dirt and excess oil while it provides the skin with deep hydration. Containing 98% natural ingredients including propolis, citrus and tea tree essential oils, the natural cleansing agents remove dirt and excess oil without drying the skin. Excludes synthetic ingredients so it refreshes and rejuvenate skin safety.

Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant action. Citrus tones and refreshes skin while juniper oil offers rejuvenation. Lemon and tea tree essential oils regulate oil secretion and offer a matte look

SGD $36, 200ml

Don’t be misled by its name, Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion is actually a toner (not a cleanser)..  Toner is actually part of the cleansing routine as it will remove remaining residues on face after cleanser.. Apply it with a cotton pad over the face and neck avoiding the eye area.. The lotion feels very refreshing on skin and i love the rejuvenating citrus scent! It doesn’t cause any stinging sensation and it is not drying on skin.. After usage, skin feels smooth and soft!!

Apivita Suncare Light texture Face Cream (for oily-combination skin, SPF 30)

For daily protection against harmful UVA and UVB sunrays, it is important to cover up with a trusty sunblock! Introducing Apivita Suncare Light Texture Face Cream for Oily / Combination Skin SPF 30, it offers high sun protection, even skin tone and act as a reliable makeup base. Say hello to a well-protected, healthier, smoother, radiant complexion!

SGD $56, 50ml

The Apivita Suncare Light Texture Face Cream contains 83% natural ingredients (with sea lavender and propolis) and it is suitable for Oily-combination skin. The patented propolis extract will protect skin against photo-ageing and increases cells’ vitality up to 40%. The face cream has a beige tone so it will help to even and brighten up dull skin tone (Moreover, it smells really nice and soothing).. Texture feels very light on skin and it doesn’t leave skin sticky/ Greasy after application… It also doesn’t leave behind a white cast and it offers a matte effect on my oily skin… For people with dry skin, you might wish to apply a more hydrating moisturizer before using this.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe

Keratase presents Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe – its first versatile beautifying oil for all hair types. Enriched with a complex of four precious oils that contains vitamins A, E, F and omegas 3 and 6, it gives Hair with the needed shine, nourishment and vibrancy. With regular use, you get resilient, protected and luxuriously soft and silky tresses in no time!

SGD $62, 125ml

With only 1 application, this product leaves my damaged hair so silky smooth and soft. Awesome product with a light texture and nice scent, a little goes a long way in making hair looks so good!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF30 PA++

Due to hot and humid summer, dehydrated skin will be a norm as we will expose our skin to longer hours in an air-conditioned environment.. Hence, Neutrogena takes hydration to a new level with the new Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30 PA++.

Forumlated with hyaluronic acid and olive extract to effectively rebuild your skin’s moisture shield and prevent moisture loss, this hydrating miracle nourishes dry skin cells with up to 5X more moisture throughout the day for smoother and bouncy skin. With the convenience of hydration and sun protection in one bottle, the lightweight gel texture glides smoothly upon application, leaving no undesirable sticky feel or discomfort.

SGD $25.90, 30ml

Love products with a gel texture as it won’t choke up my pores. Hydro Boost Gel has a nice blue shade and application refreshes my skin.. Although absorption might be a little bit slower, it doesn’t leave a heavy after-feel! This product will be handy during days when i’m lazy to pile too many products.. 😀


touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream

Due to the haze, i will highly recommend you to put on some makeup in order to shield your skin from the pollutants. You can consider trying the BB cream from touch in SOL. In my trove, i have received the  TIS Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream and this BB cream provides long-lasting hydration as its intensive moisturizing properties invigorates and freshens.

SGD $23.90, 35ml

Tempted by the Trove? Just head over to Vanity Trove’s website, subscribe to this journey of beauty discovery and have something to look forward to every month right at your doorstep!


Before i go, I’m interested to share with you a piece of exciting news!

Vanity Trove is bringing you the NYLON X VanityTrove Exclusive Edition!! Featuring prestige brands such as Shu Uemura; Kerastase; YSL, Lancome; Giorgio Armani; Redken; Kiehl’s and Biotherm, this trove filled with NYLON’s editors’ picks is not to be missed!


This special edition box is tried, tested and recommended by the NYLON team! For an affordable S$35, you can expect to receive more than 10 beauty favourites (Even the VT’s Team is raving about how awesome this edition is)!

nylon trove

Sneak Preview of the items you might be getting.. 🙂

Get yours now via this LINK   

Have a good day everyone! 🙂

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