(Sponsored Review) Color Combos – Double Function Mascara

There is a Chinese saying – Good Things Come In Pairs (好事成双)! 

Often in life circumstances, the combination of forces will result in synergy which will bring about benefits such as improved results and better opportunities etc. This saying applies to cosmetics as well as often we will need to use more than 1 product to achieve the desired results.. One example will be mascara as most of the time i will layer on 2 types of mascara to achieve better volume and length.

Last month, SASA has sent me a double function (2-in-1 mascara) for review.. First time I’m seeing one mascara that comes with double wand mechanism!


Color Combos – Double Function Mascara (R.P $17.90 11ml)

Introducing the Color Combos – Double Function Mascara, this mascara is inspired by make-up artists and it has an innovative double wiper (wand) mechanism.. Being a two-In-one mascara, it allows users to create dual effects (Volume and Length) with just one mascara.


2 wands for Volume and Length!

One wand will help volumize lash for greater impression while the other helps to coat each lash evenly to creating long, separated and defined lashes.


First rave will be the casing of the mascara, it is beautifully decorated with Leopard prints on the dusty pink casing! Secondly, the mascara is in black! Personally i will prefer to use mascara in black as the black pigments will define my lashes for a more spectacular look.


Suitable for all, the mascara contains Beeswax (Provides long-lasting action) and Caranauba wax (Give luster to lashes) along with other ingredients:


Direction on how to use the 2 wands :

Wand #1: The wand at the bottom with silver rims

Use this wand to create Volume for a more dramatic look (suitable for clubbing and girls night out)



The wand on top will be wand #2 which will coat each lash evenly to create long, separated and defined lashes. It is suitable to be used solely for more natural day-time-up makeup and for lower lashes …

For 2-in-1 Volumizing + Defining, use #1 first on lashes for volume and then follow-up with #2 for definition.



One sentence that summarizes this mascara – Long lasting black mascara that will gives a gentle, natural look as lashes look more defined, longer and separated!

Texture: This mascara is on the ‘more moisturized’ side so application will be a breeze. Despite being moist, it dries up quickly after coating it on lashes. After application, mascara is non-sticky and does not cause my upper and lower lashes to stick together (like how some mascara do)… Despite putting on 2 layers, it won’t clump and lashes are nicely separated! Rant is that the mascara isn’t jet black enough so it can only create minimal volume.. Normally, i will use only 2 layers of mascara (with #1) but i guess the volumizing effect can be improved if you layer more than 2 layers? Mascara don’t have curling effect but it has a nice lengthening ability.

Brush: Both wands have fine bristle like design on the applicator so it can coat all my lashes easily. Both applicators are of the right size so i can move it around easily. Wand #1 can only create a little volume with 2 layers. Wand #2’s applicator is slightly smaller than Wand #1 and it really helps to separate my lashes which results in more even application. With only one layer using #2, lashes are visibly longer and more defined!

Staying Power:  Excellent as it won’t smudge despite the fact that i have oily eyelids and i did not apply any mascara base prior application. Mascara can be easily removed by any eye-makeup removal despite being so long-lasting! 🙂

Bare lashes

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x 2 & #2 x 1)

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x & x 1)

Lashes at the end of the day

After application of 1 coat of mascara with both wands (lower lashes)

Overall, i find that Color Combos Double Function is good in lengthening and separating my lashes.. As for volumizing, it is pale in comparison as compared to other volumizing mascara that i have come across (My current favorite will be ZA Killer Volume Mascara!). Basically you have to layer it for extra volume but i don’t like to apply too many layers of mascara.I will add points for the consistency of the mascara (not too wet and not too dry) plus it dries really fast and does not clump. The wand also separate my lashes very nicely and will recommend this if you need a mascara to use on a daily basis (whereby you want a natural and subtle look)


Exclusively available at all SaSa SG Stores, Color Combos Double Function Mascara is retailing at $17.90.

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